Сreate a Christmas Color Palette: 15+ Festive Color Schemes for Your Designs

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The primary Christmas color palette, with which this holiday is associated, consists of red, green, and gold. This can be attributed to associations of the first order. There are a lot of such designs and it is difficult to stand out among them.

We’ll take a look at both classic and fresh color palettes to help make your design stand out.

I picked up interesting Сhristmas color combinations and products that will speed up your work. You can use them for everything – websites, postcards, social media designs, posters, promotional banners, wrapping paper, etc.

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How to Use the Christmas Color Palette in Design

Ready-made color solutions save time because you do not have to spend hours matching the right shades to each other.

You can use them in many ways – choose the most convenient. You can take screenshots of the solutions you like and paste them into your workspace, then grab the colors with the eyedropper tool.

You can also save your collections to a separate folder and create a gallery for different projects. Take note of this idea 🙂

I also recommend using ready-made illustrations, T-shirt templates, patterns, and other ready-made goodies to create a cool Christmas design. You can save a lot of time. This is especially true now when many brands have stepped up and want to get a cool Christmas design urgently.

Nightmare Before Christmas Color Palette

This Christmas card palette color set is inspired by Tim Burton’s animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas. This cartoon is gloomy, like all of Burton’s work. But most importantly, it is very different from the New Year’s films we are used to. This is what inspires us!

Such dark Christmas colors will be unusual for your design. You can play around with this and create something new for this area.

An ideal option for youth brands that love such cartoons, movie connoisseurs, women’s and men’s luxury perfumes, men’s goods stores, gothic jewelry, etc.

Muted Christmas Color Palette

These pleasant Christmas color schemes create a sense of calm and relaxation. See what awaits you on New Year’s holidays, with family, in the mountains, in a snowy forest.

Such combinations are just a godsend when the customer wants less bright and saturated colors, but a New Year’s decoration.

What areas can be used? An excellent solution for premium children’s clothing stores, women’s stores, perfumery, hand-made, needlework, flower boutiques, beauty salons, premium sweets, bento cakes, etc. Such colors are not conspicuous and therefore add visual value to the design.

Bright Christmas Color Palette

Well, I could not leave this collection without a bright addition. This series of modern Christmas color palettes will not leave anyone indifferent. And if you use them when creating a trendy geometric New Year’s pattern – it will be just amazing!

Be careful not to mix too many bright colors. If you use such a palette, then it is better to take 1-2 accent colors and mix them with monochrome colors.

Such bold combinations will be ideal for food, youth dynamic brands, sporting goods, digital agencies, or creative brands and people.

Gold Christmas Color Palette

The golden color is one of the main Christmas colors. Gold decorations on the Christmas tree, stars, candles, and sparkles add a sense of celebration.

Tip: It’s hard to achieve the bright golden sheen on prints, so if you need bright gold for your project, ask your print shop to add some gold foil for you.

I picked up several combinations with shades reminiscent of gold. You can use them for children’s brands, holiday decorations, premium perfumes, jewelry, auto products, accessories, women’s and men’s clothing stores, candles, candlesticks, home decorations, and more. All in all, this is a pretty versatile Christmas color theme.

Pastel Christmas Color Palette

Just look at these pretty Christmas colors! They are very gentle, cozy, and pleasant, while not boring. Such colors are very beautifully combined with minimalist patterns and illustrations.

Check out any of these aesthetic Christmas color palettes for baby store designs, the beauty industry, flower boutiques, jewelry, accessories, personal brand design, architecture offices, home and eco sweets, eco products, and more.

Blue Christmas Color Palette

Snowy forests, mountain peaks, and ice pushed me to create these Christmas color palette ideas.

These pleasant colors are universal for use in different areas, as they are restrained and calm. I do not recommend using them if you need to evoke a clear feeling of home warmth or comfort in the viewer.

An excellent solution for men’s and children’s products, various corporate gifts, educational institutions, legal services, and everything related to ice and cold (refrigerators, skates, skating rinks, ice castles, etc.).

Don`t forget that I am only suggesting color palette uses for a variety of spheres. This does not mean that they cannot be used for any other areas. You can adapt these best Christmas colors for any of your creative ideas in your projects. By the way, if you want to share your cool Christmas designs and get paid for it, be sure to visit our marketplace. We have created a very easy Sell Your Deal form so you can upload your design in 5 minutes:)


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Christmas color palette

What is the theme color for Christmas?

The classic Christmas color palette consists of green, gold, and red. But these are not the only colors that can be used in holiday designs. You can choose shades of blue, turquoise, orange, and purple for your projects.

What are the top 3 Christmas colors?

The main colors associated with Christmas are red, gold, and green. Use different shades of these for an interesting design.

For example, you can use pastel shades of these colors to create a more relaxed and minimalist design.

What is the most Christmassy color?

The traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. This is the color of the fir trees and the Santa suit. But you can also use shades of blue, purple, turquoise, orange, or brown to implement your creative ideas.

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