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Pastel Color Palette: 10+ Best Atmospheric Color Combinations [Audio version]
Pastel Color Palette: 10+ Best Atmospheric Color Combinations [Audio version]

Color plays an important role in creating a design. Thanks to it, you can visually convey to people the brand’s concept, ideas, mission, and positioning and evoke the necessary associations or emotions among consumers. If you need to produce a feeling of calmness, tenderness, freshness, naturalness, etc., then it is better to use the pastel color palette in your design.

I have prepared for you a selection of exciting color combinations that you can use for children’s stores, beauty areas, candles, women’s clothing, and accessories stores.

How Can You Use Palettes?

Using ready-made palettes is convenient and simple. You take a screenshot or save the option you like. Then add it to your project and use the eyedropper to get the color for your design. A couple of actions and colors for the project are ready.

I recommend using ready-made products to save time. For example, if you have the order to create a pattern, then instead of creating it yourself, you can find cool patterns on MasterBundles. So you get a complete design in 5 minutes, and you can spend the saved 2-10 hours on yourself, other orders, or on relaxing. Such decisions are especially saving if you need to do it urgently!

Pastel Green Color Palette

In the carousel, you can find 3 examples of bed greens combined with others. At the very end of each carousel, you can use an example for your inspiration.

You can use these cute pastel color palettes to create branding for baby stores. In particular, the combination of pastel green with pink shades evokes a feeling of grace and childhood.

I chose aesthetic and calm shades of green, which are also great for handmade soap shops, flower boutiques, jewelry, dentistry, private hospital, pharmacies, etc.

Greenery Watercolor Illustration

Image of a round frame made of green branches.

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This incredibly aesthetic set of 12 images will complement the design of printed products, websites, banners, and handicrafts. All colors are editable, so you can replace the colors from the pastel green color palette above with people. Very cool!

Floral Seamless Patterns – Green

Collage of stripes patterns with green, gray and white color.

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This is a very delicate set of 24 seamless patterns for every taste: with leaves, flowers, and in different colors. Universal is in use, because suitable for wedding invitations, postcards, photo albums, banners, business cards, certificates, textile designs, etc.

Patterns With Crocodiles

Collage of patterns with green animals.

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These cute crocodiles are simply made for the design of a children’s goods brand, postcards, baby albums, and birthday invitations. They are fully editable so you can easily change colors and sizes.

Pastel Pink Color Palette

This aesthetic pastel pink color palette pack is perfect for creating branding for a cosmetics and women’s clothing store, baby products for girls, candles, jewelry, diaries, and more.

These color schemes can work for minimalist coffee shops and cafes. So through visual techniques, you can convey the romantic mood that visitors to these establishments will receive.

Not suitable for companies with a male target audience.

Dating UI Kits Bundle

A collage of pink dating app screenshots.

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This is just a mega product that will save a lot of your time! Here you will find 10 dating UI design templates and others in pink, purple, and orange colors. They are made very professionally and modern – you should definitely look at the page πŸ˜‰

Watercolor Baby Shower Clipart

A collage of images of children's items in pink and yellow and a plush giraffe.

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Check out this cutest set of 23 hand-drawn watercolor elements of children’s illustrations. Includes safety pin, rattle, pacifier, and more.

22 Wildflowers & Herbs SVG Line Art

Photo of envelope, postcard and sheet with painted plants.

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This pack of wildflowers and grass will pair beautifully with the flowers from the pastel-pink color palette. Especially if you make illustrations in white! The illustration set is suitable for invitation cards, greeting cards, logo design, branding, posters, printing, wallpapers, wrapping paper, etc.

Pastel Blue Color Palette

Pay attention to the selection of pastel colors if the target audience for your design is men and women.

The combination of blue with shades of orange will help create a bright, energetic, and positive design for various areas: organization of holidays, a gift and balloon shop, a pizzeria, a bakery, a water brand, etc.

The second and third palettes are made in more calm and deep pastel shades of blue. This solution will look great on the website of a store for men’s clothing and accessories, backpacks, and real estate. If you need to evoke a sense of calm and stability, keep this collection for yourself.

Infographic Powerpoint Presentation

A collage of images of various infographic uses.

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This presentation template is very easy to use. It will help make your presentation understandable, readable, and interesting. Pastel colors blend well with each other and create a pleasant viewing experience.

12 Little Mermaid Patterns

Collage of images of paintings with drawings of little mermaids.

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These cute underwater creatures are great for t-shirts, mugs, frames, decorations, toys, cards, invitations, and more for kids. And the blue color from the pastel blue color palette above will help convey the marine atmosphere πŸ™‚

Cute Christmas Gnome Gift Tags Bundle

Sticker collage with six different gnomes.

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Here you will find 6 individual gift tags PNG, EPS. You will be able to change all the colors and use the colors from the palettes above for your design. These illustrations will decorate your gift wrapping, postcards, certificates, tags, business cards, etc. for children’s goods stores.

Pastel Purple Color Palette

You look at these colors and immediately hear notes of lavender, don’t you? πŸ™‚

Logically, such an aesthetic pastel color palette is suitable for cosmetics, lavender products, candles, soaps, baby products, hygiene products, a bookstore, coffee shops, and yoga products.

Purple is associated with mystery, melancholy, sensitivity, and magic. Therefore, they are good to use for design for astrologers, tarologists, and other esotericists.

Tip: When choosing colors, consider their meaning, associations, and the emotions and feelings they evoke. Make a design with meaning, not an empty picture. Then your work will be effective and expensive!

8 Stylish Woman Lingerie Illustration

A collage of images of a painted girl in different outfits.

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This pastel collection of stylish women’s lingerie is perfect for a lingerie shop, a handmade lingerie brand, and more. The files are fully editable, so you can choose the color you want for the item.

Voice Chat App UI

Messenger screenshots collage.

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A ready-made UI kit in beautiful purple shades is waiting for you. 10 app screens in Figma that you can edit and change as you want. Although it is possible that you do not want to change anything because the design is made with high quality.

Lavender Lace Patterns

Computer photo with examples of purple patterns.

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A collection of 12 delicate lace patterns in pastel lavender and white tones. Everything is available in editing format. They will be very nice to combine with the colors from the pastel purple color palette. You can use this graphic for gift wrapping, blogging, and web design for women’s stores, children’s stores, floristry, and more.

Pastel Autumn Color Palette

Such a ready-made pastel warm color palette can save a designer when creating packaging designs for cosmetics, tea, coffee, creams, sweets, garlands, jewelry and accessories, books, candles, home accessories, knitwear, boho style icons, etc.

These colors are associated with beautiful and atmospheric autumn. They evoke a feeling of home, warmth, kindness, care, tranquility, and comfort. You can definitely create a cozy and atmospheric design using these colors.

Not suitable for brands that position themselves boldly, energetically, and catchy. Consider this.

Autumn Pattern (Set Of 5) Only 9$

Collage of patterns with drawings of mushrooms, twigs and leaves.

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These pastel patterns will help convey the atmosphere of comfort and warmth of autumn. And the design should evoke the associations you need. So grab this set for cards, etiquettes, invitations, and more.

3 Autumn Illustrations With Cute Girls

Collage of painted girls in a scarf and coat and with tea at the table.

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Looking for a character for your cozy and gentle design? Then you might like these illustrations. The images are perfect for postcards, invitations, bag designs, backpacks, pillows, or t-shirts.

Baby Watercolor Clip Arts

Collage of drawn elements of dresses, prams, butterflies, hearts and other children's elements.

button for more details.

A pastel warm color palette of examples and these illustrations together can convey an atmosphere of tenderness, tranquility, pleasure, and parental love. If you often work with children’s shops or other services for children, take a closer look at this aesthetic set. It takes a very long time to draw. Such a cool result can be got in 5 minutes on MasterBundles!

Neutral Pastel Color Palette

Nature. Calm. Environmental friendliness. Such associations should be caused by such an aesthetic pastel color palette. I tried to make just such a selection for you.

Now the trend is the preservation of nature and the use of natural motifs in design. Therefore, more and more brands want to reflect their sustainable stance in design. These are the colors you can make, so keep yourself so as not to lose πŸ™‚

What areas is this pastel color palette suitable for? For eco-cosmetics, recyclables, eco-products, saving the planet and nature, pet supplies, flower shops, eco-furniture, etc. These colors are perfect for minimalist wedding invitations.

Papeda – Serif Display Typeface

Image with an example of using a font on a dark background.

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If you want to make a trendy design, take this retro-style font, colors, and nature theme. Boom and your design look cool! Such a font can be used when creating a logo, website, posters, etc.

Herbal Seamless Pattern Collection PNG

Photo of a gift wrapped in white paper with green leaves on it.

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These patterns and colors are simply the height of aesthetics! The main colors of the collection are neutral pastel color palettes: white, beige, khaki, and dark. Suitable for various business areas and types of design. Very stylish, pleasing to the eye, and look expensive, so they are suitable for premium segments.

Vintage Butterflies & Cosmos Flowers

Collage of images of butterflies on green leaves.

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Here you will find a collection of hand-drawn illustrations of flowers, butterflies, and leaves. These 27 images will brighten up your designs for templates, product packaging, certificates, cards, wallpapers, branding, social media, posters, and more.

The theme of nature is relevant. So you can create a cool design by combining colors from the neutral pastel color palette and these illustrations!

By the way, you can use these pastel color palettes for any design, because I described only some of the examples. If you are an illustrator, these pastel colors will help create atmospheric images.

If you didn’t find examples for inspiration, then go over the article again and look at the 4th picture in the gallery. There I collected ideas for inspiration and showed how these palettes are used in the design.

I hope the article was useful for you. If yes, I would be grateful for the like and comment on it. It’s even cooler if you share this article with other designers. So you will help me understand how interesting the content is for you.

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