Halloween Color Palette: 7 Interesting Combinations For Your Scary Designs

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Halloween Color Palette: 7 Interesting Combinations For Your Scary Designs [Audio Version]
Halloween Color Palette: 7 Interesting Combinations For Your Scary Designs [Audio Version]

Everyone is already getting ready for Halloween and adapting the design of their brands to the spooky holiday theme. To create a special atmosphere, designers choose colors that will immediately revoke the necessary associations. Usually, Halloween color palettes consist of shades of orange, purple, and black.

Here, we will offer you 7 interesting color combinations – purple, yellow, green, and blue shades along with the standard orange and black ones. These combinations are perfect for postcards, promotional banners, gift certificates, social networks, and other projects. You can save these Halloween color palettes and use them in your designs!

How to Use Palettes

The premade palettes are very easy to use. Proceed according to the algorithm:

  1. Choose your favorite spooky Halloween color palette.
  2. Take a screenshot/save the image for yourself.
  3. Open the program to work (Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, etc.).
  4. Put a palette in there.
  5. Choose colors with an eyedropper or save a color code.


Such palettes greatly simplify the designer’s work. If you want to simplify your project even more, visit MasterBundles. We have 5 categories and 25+ subcategories, so you’re sure to find something!

Red Color Palette

Scary red pumpkin with fire from the hands over the cemetery.

This deep autumn palette is suitable for bright, bold, and neon designs. I recommend using these colors for dark backgrounds so that the contrast is noticeable. You can also add red blurry elements to enhance the neon style.

We’ve matched products to each spooky color palette so you can quickly put together your Halloween design. I hope you enjoy this collection!

Scary Halloween Ghost Pumpkins And Skulls Vector Seamless Patterns

An open black umbrella with a white handle depicting ghosts and orange pumpkin eyes on it.

button for more details.

This set of 4 Halloween drawings with seamless patterns come in AI, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats that you can edit as you like. It will be cool to make the main elements in the colors of the palette.

EyeBall Halloween Themed PowerPoint Template

Two eyes with red pupils on a red background with cobwebs and bats.

button for more details.

Wow, this is a Halloween-themed presentation in red! You will get handy editable PowerPoint files. In design, eyeballs are used as unusual accent elements. They cause fear – just what you need for the creepy atmosphere!

Plop Liquid Font

White blurred letters on a pink background with green leaves.

button for more details.

You can use this font in the palette colors to create a blood-splatter effect. This way you will make your design more atmospheric and unusually spooky for Halloween. Splashes on both sides are available for all letters, including multilingual characters.

Neon Color Palette

Black pumpkins on pink, orange and blue backgrounds.

This bright combination of purple, orange, and green just blows up the mind. These colors will look cool in brutalist designs and other creative projects. Use them as accent colors to create an eye-catching holiday design!

Also make Halloween elements in green, blue, and orange colors and place them on a bright purple background. But be careful not to be too colorful.

What elements can be combined with these colors? See below.

Bright Halloween Instagram Editable Templates

Collage of Instagram post templates with pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons.

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These minimalistic illustrations will go great with such vibrant backgrounds. The dancing skeletons are especially cool here!

Halloween Funny Black Cat, Cat Clip Art

A collage of images of a black cat with orange eyes on a gradient background.

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This black cat will decorate a card or gift certificate in bright Halloween colors. You can choose a bright color from the neon palette, add this illustration to the center, add a cheerful congratulatory phrase on top, and the design is ready.

Halloween Dance Vector Graphics

Collage of images of people in orange and black clothes for postcards on the background of a basket of pumpkins.

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These dancing people will brighten up your bright Halloween design. The illustrations are made in an interesting style and are available in a format for editing.

Vintage Halloween Color Palette

A guy in a black sweater with a big pumpkin instead of a head and purple smoke around.

This warm autumn color palette stands out because its colors are muted tones of purple and orange. It evokes the necessary associations with the holiday, but with a hint of retro style.

Such color combinations are suitable for creating any design, especially if your style does not match with bright colors. It’s cool to add a grainy and worn effect to enhance the retro feel.

What can be combined with these colors?

Vintage Halloween Clipart

Collage of black and white Halloween clipart in the style of newspaper images of the last century.

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This is a set of 47 vintage spooky and Halloween graphic elements perfect for your creative design. Cats, bats, skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, spiders, and other spooky illustrations make this set complete for Halloween!

Halloween Linocut Clipart

Collage of black and orange images of pumpkins, ghosts, bones, bats and cats.

button for more details.

There are 13 different elements, 4 Halloween quotes, and 5 seamless patterns to make it easy to create Halloween projects and designs. It’s perfect for greeting cards, flyers, posters, textiles, books, scrapbooking projects, logos, web designs, planners, inspirational quotes, and other printed materials. These illustrations will look great with the colors from the retro palette.

Retro Cute Fall Halloween Sublimation Designs Bundle

A collage of images of pumpkins and inscriptions for Halloween in a cute format.

button for more details.

These are very stylish retro illustrations of pumpkins for design. For implementation, the authors chose a pleasant autumn color palette. It’s cool that the design is editable so you can easily change the colors.

Boho Color Palette

Photo of a fireplace in which there are different colors and size of pumpkin, candles, wicker baskets.

Boho style is based on two other styles ā€“ gypsy and hippie. Later, ethnic motifs, a little gothic, and grunge were added to it. Designers appreciate this direction for the complete absence of stylistic norms and requirements. Individuality and comfort are its main criteria.

The colors in this style are as natural as possible. It is a symbiosis of nature and design. That’s why we created this aesthetic Halloween color palette for your design.

Such colors will work well with single-line style illustrations and watercolors.

Watercolor Illustrations and Seamless Patterns with Halloween Mood

Hand drawn and colored houses, ghosts, bowlers, bottles, snakes, brooms.

button for more details.

Here you will find sets of brooms, seamless patterns, borders, painted pictures with cute houses, and individual elements for creating your compositions. All illustrations are hand drawn and colored. Perfect for greeting cards, wrapping paper, posters, and many more of your custom designs!

ANASTAS ā€“ Cute Halloween PowerPoint Template

Collage of presentation pages with potion bottles, cauldrons, pumpkins, tombstones, ghosts.

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This charming and aesthetic presentation would look great with the colors in this earth-tone color palette! It is also very convenient because you do not need to create a presentation first.

Pastel Pink Pumpkins Bundle Clipart

Collage of images of pumpkins and flowers in pastel colors.

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These pastel pumpkin designs are a godsend if you want to create an aesthetic and delicate design for Halloween. They have a very nice combination of pumpkins and plants ā€“ just what you need for boho.

Warm Color Palette

Photo of orange lamps in the form of pumpkins.

Do you want to make a design for Halloween in nice warm colors? Then save yourself this orange color palette. It is very versatile for creating a holiday atmosphere at 100%.

Fat Cat Creepy Halloween Printable Stickers. PNG, JPG

A collage of images of funny fat cats in different situations and costumes.

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These Halloween cats are perfect for baby niches, teen stores, and just about any creepy-cute designs. They will help you create a unique character for your project!

Rare Halloween Graphic Bundle ā€“ Anthropomorphic Halloween Graphics

Collage of images of funny characters in the form of pumpkin men.

button for more details.

This is an incredible pack with 175 Halloween graphic design elements to help you take your projects to the next level. Just look at this voluminous offering at such a low price!

Halloween Party Cute Animals Clipart

Collage of images of funny animals in Halloween costumes.

button for more details.

Not only pumpkins can be in Halloween designs, right? This pack will make your design stand out with cool images of animals in Halloween costumes. Great for postcards, certificates, and social media brands for kids or events.

Gothic Halloween Color Palette

Photo of a couple in Greek dress and make-up against the backdrop of an installation of pumpkins, candles and flowers.

Halloween is a celebration of the night, so we decided to prepare a dark color palette for your design. Can be used in combination with neon elements.

These colors will help create a mysterious festive atmosphere.

Happy Halloween Neon Icons

Collage of icons on the theme of Halloween in neon colors.

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This pack consists of glowing electrical symbols in retro style. A good choice for use on websites, prints, posters, apps, and infographics.

Halloween Stickers Clipart

A collage of stickers on the theme of Halloween on colorful balloons.

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These very stylish stickers, together with the colors from the palette, will create an interesting festive atmosphere. They can only be used as silhouette clipart, along with colored clipart and with a white silhouette as stickers.

Luxury Witchcraft: 109 Graphic Elements ā€“ $12

Collage of stickers on the theme of Halloween on in gray and pink colors.

button for more details.

This collection is full of various hand-drawn magical illustrations. The strict and classic black-and-white style blends perfectly with any other color combinations and luxurious textures. An ideal choice for stylish Halloween designs for high-end brands, bars, and restaurants.

Brown Color Palette

Photo of a pumpkin with a carved face on a road of yellow leaves.

This is another palette of nice warm, not-so-bright colors – versatile for different projects. Especially suitable for those options where the client does not want to use bright purple and orange.

56 Halloween Theme Clipart PNG

Collage of drawn broom, goblet, crow, pumpkins, potion bottles and witch dress.

button for more details.

Perfect sparkling illustrations in a gold Halloween theme. They will go well with the colors of their brown palette and are suitable for most areas of business.

Halloween Doodle Clipart PNG Vector

Collage of drawn pumpkins, cats, skulls, brooms, ghosts, snakes for Halloween.

button for more details.

Here is a set of cute and spooky Halloween drawings for your creative projects. The set includes 125 images in black, white, and orange. They will pair perfectly with colors from any palette above!

Cute Happy Halloween Stickers Bundle

Collage of colorful stickers with cute pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, cobwebs.

button for more details.

Set of cartoon stickers with cute Halloween, funny ghosts with candles, jack-o-lantern pumpkin, bat, mushrooms, etc. You can use them as a web design element or as holiday gift prints!

Hurray! That’s all 7 Halloween color palettes. We hope you liked our choices and use these combinations for your spooky holiday designs. We have also selected products for each palette that will help decorate your project. These products are editable, look cool, and save you time.

If you need more, check out our products page. And if you have something to show to someone in the world, become our vendor. Sign up to sell your products and get 50% of the sales!

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