30+ Cute Christmas Wallpapers to Spice up Your Designs with a Magical Atmosphere

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There is probably no such person who does not associate winter with a festive atmosphere. Everyone is waiting for Christmas and the New Year and is actively preparing accordingly, creating an atmosphere using any means. But what should people who spend a lot of time at the computer working or studying do at this time of year? Cute Christmas wallpapers can help. They will not let you forget about this beautiful time of the year. We have prepared for you a special listicle with the best cute Christmas aesthetic wallpapers.

Let’s take a minute to consider each option in detail.

100 High Resolution Christmas Stock Photos:

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100 High Resolution Christmas Stock Photos – $50


Banner for Christmas backgrounds.

Cute Christmas Wallpapers 2023

3 In One Christmas Background Design Only In $3

Image of green fir branches, Christmas decorations on a red and gold background.

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Here’s a very inexpensive and cool option. You get three different templates with a Christmas theme, namely: light bulb, colorful balls, tree branches, and ornamental wreath. There is an option to customize and add text if you need it.

32 Christmas Backgrounds 2022

Collage of soft images with Christmas garlands.

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Although you see the number 2022 in the title, don’t let that stop you. All wallpapers are still relevant and universal because the year is not indicated anywhere. They are best suited for minimalists who want to diversify the atmosphere but are not ready to take risks with bright colors.

Christmas Frames: Snowflake Clipart Bundle

A collage of images of frames made of snowflakes.

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A large set of New Year’s graphic elements. Everything is done in calming colors. This guarantees that you will like them for a long time. Products are available in editable PNG and JPG formats.

Merry & Bright Classic Christmas

Collage of painted images of Christmas trees, flowers, Christmas decorations.

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This set can be used for more than wallpaper because it also contains styles of interesting elements in the theme of the Christmas holidays. These are Christmas cards, monoline text, tags, patterns, wreaths, and elements.

130+ Christmas and New Year Stock

Collage of photos of winter landscapes and Santa Claus.

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A huge collection of warm Christmas and New Year photos is waiting for you in this bundle. You’ll find inside: photos of couples, winter photos, Christmas trees, toys, decorations, Santa, and so on. Since there are many photos, you can change the Christmas background wallpaper every day for a new look.

Christmas Illustration Bundle

Collage of images of Christmas patterns with patterns, lines and snowflakes.

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Cute images in bold but pleasant colors. It is great for adults and children, because of universal elements that are used, which is actively preparing for the New Year holidays. This collection includes more than 330 elements available in high-resolution 300 dpi PNG and JPG.

Christmas Spirit Watercolour Collection

Collage of images of Christmas animals on the background of twigs and flowers.

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This collection creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. Collection Christmas spirit includes 80 individual high-quality elements 600 DPI PNG and JPG, 20 seamless patterns 300 DPI PNG and JPG, and 20 unique compositions 600 DPI PNG and JPG.

Cute Christmas Wallpapers for Computer

Snowflakes Clipart & Backgrounds

Collage of images of white snowflakes on a blue background.

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This is a great choice for those who want to create a winter atmosphere even on their computer. In addition to backgrounds, this set also includes cliparts in the form of interesting snowflakes and decorations. In total, you get 28 snowflake cliparts, 26 illustrations, and 12 frames. Everything to create a festive atmosphere can be found in these cute Christmas desktop wallpapers.

Christmas Photography: Amazing Holiday Photos

Collage of photos of Christmas trees.

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If you do not like monotony, then it is better to choose not one wallpaper, but a full set all at once. This option is exactly about that because you get as many as 30 different photos that you can change every day depending on your mood and not worry about getting bored of them.

Shiny Rhinestone Snowflakes Pattern Pack

Images of white snowflakes on a multi-colored background.

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How else to dilute the gray weekdays, if not with bright wallpapers for the computer? Pink, green, blue, and yellow – choose the one you like the most. And snowflakes will add a holiday vibe.

Christmas Trees Set

Collage of original images of Christmas trees.

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If a Christmas tree is an integral attribute of your winter holidays, then review this item. There are options for both the classic green color and more interesting ones. Also, all these options may be used as cute Christmas wallpapers for your laptop.

Winter Pattern Collection

Collage of patterns with Christmas trees and snowflakes.

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Patterns that you will need throughout the winter holidays for many purposes are in this collection. Just look at the snowman. He is very cute. If you have any questions, the graphic designer will be happy to answer them.

Winter Holidays Watercolor Illustrations

Collage of painted images of Santa Clauses, socks, Christmas trees, snowmen, mittens.

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A large set of “Winter Holidays” watercolors on the theme of Christmas and New Year holidays. It contains all the necessary elements to create a beautiful composition. Also in the set, you will find beautiful landscapes such as winter forests, mountains, and lots of snow. As a bonus, the set includes Christmas wreaths.

Snowflakes Digital Paper Set

Collage of snowflakes on blue backgrounds.

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The design perfectly conveys the snowy weather, when snowflakes are falling around and the wind is blowing. This design can be used for so many purposes, go ahead and see for yourself.

Cute Christmas wallpapers for Chromebook

100 High-Resolution Christmas Stock Photos – $50

Collage of photos of gifts with red bows.

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Chromebooks are something you often see during the day, especially if you work on a computer and even there you want to see something related to Christmas and New Year’s. High-quality Christmas photos taken by professional photographers are ideal. With such a large number of them, you will find something suitable for you.

Christmas Cover Photo: 24 Christmas Gift Mock-Up Files

Collage of bright photos of gift boxes with red bows.

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24 Christmas Gift Mock-Up files in JPG format. Where would you go for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays without gifts? In anticipation of giving joy to other people and receiving desired things from others, you can set a thematic photo on your screensaver and it will already make your mood better.

Christmas Clipart Vector and PNG Kit

Collage of images of Christmas symbols on pink, red and green backgrounds.

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This set is multifunctional because, in addition to using the png format as a Chromebook screen saver, you can also simply print out the mockups and enjoy the bright New Year atmosphere.

Merry Christmas Backgrounds

Collage of blue, black, and rose gold backgrounds with Christmas lights.

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These backgrounds are made in three main colors: blue, black, and rose gold. Choose what you like the most. By the way, this product has received many positive reviews, so you can trust the quality.

Christmas Photos Set Featuring Winter, Background, and Collection

Collage of photos of golden gift boxes and white Christmas trees.

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For lovers of the classics, this version of studio photos is perfect. For example, such wallpapers can be installed in the office on employees’ computers. Everything remains within the business style, but the mood is immediately more festive.

If you know how to create cool graphic elements and want to sell them, our marketplace is happy to sell them for you. Become our vendor and download your works using our Sell Your Deal form. It only takes a few minutes and we’re not kidding!

Winter Watercolour Christmas Set

Collage of images with floral patterns.

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If you like plant motifs even in winter, then this choice is perfect for you. The zip file contains 14 PNG transparent image watercolor elements, 7 PNG transparent image watercolor cards, and 5 PNG transparent image watercolor seamless patterns.

Aesthetic Christmas wallpaper

Photo of gold Christmas toys on a beige background.

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Sparkling bright Christmas balls and wavy ribbon on a beige tabletop. Aesthetically, it is simply exquisite. Everything is made in pleasant colors.

Cute aesthetic Christmas wallpapers

Photo of snow-covered trees against a blue sky.

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Background in a blue palette. Frozen winter forest with snow covered trees. Perfect for those who like monochromatic elements. You can buy this stock photo and download it in high resolution up to 4608×3072.

Free Christmas wallpapers

Free Family Christmas Wallpaper iPhone Images

Collage of iPhone images with Christmas pictures as wallpaper.

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This set includes 10 very atmospheric and cute Christmas iPhone wallpapers. You get wonderful photos in a winter holiday theme free of charge. There are both light and dark options. You can set the same screensaver together with your friends or family. They will definitely like this idea.

10 Free Merry Christmas Images

Photo collage of Christmas scenes.

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When you look at these photos, you want to make yourself some tea, lie down under a warm blanket, and enjoy the winter atmosphere. The photos are taken by professionals, so don’t worry about the quality. The photo format allows you to use them as wallpaper.

Cute wallpapers for Christmas

Collage of photos of Christmas scenes with Grinch coffee and mugs.

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If it is difficult for you to decide which wallpaper you like the most, you can simply download a collage with all the elements that you associate with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. One of the options is the Christmas tree wallpaper. There are also cookies, cocoa, and movies. It’s the perfect recipe for a winter evening.

Cute wallpapers for Christmas

Photo of red and gold Christmas decorations.

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A simple and elegant option that perfectly describes the winter holidays. It will be versatile for many years.

Π‘ute Christmas iPhone wallpapers

Photo of a Christmas tree with bright garlands.

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Very minimalistic and simple design that perfectly conveys the winter atmosphere. Perfect for a phone screen saver, because the photo was taken in muted colors.

Free Christmas wallpaper

Photo of Santa Clauses on bicycles on the road in the city.

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Wallpaper is very interesting and creative. Santa Claus is depicted in a somewhat unusual situation for us because here he is riding a bicycle around the city. For those who like unique and atypical options, we recommend you take a look.

Π‘hristmas background wallpaper

Photo of Santa Claus in red sunglasses.

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If you want to cheer yourself up every time you look at your wallpaper, then this is the option for you. This cool Santa will cope with this task and give you an unforgettable holiday experience.

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