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Bluehost Review 2021: Recommended Hosting For WordPress Since 2005

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December 8, 2020 March 15, 2022 10 min
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Bluehost Review. A website is a tool that helps your business to succeed. According to a Hootsuite Digital report, people spend more than six hours browsing the Internet everyday. That is why having an online source to represent your company is a must-have for your business. With a web page, you are getting more opportunities to find your client, collect the information you can use for promotion, and generate new leads.

When it comes to website creation, business owners face a wide variety of platforms to use. Each platform has its peculiarities and features, so the end-user can choose the one that suits his aims. The WordPress platform stills one of the most used content management systems for many years. It is considered to be easy to manage, flexible, and suitable for both tech-savvy and newbies. Currently, there are more than 455 million websites that are WordPress based. It means that the percentage of web pages based on this platform is nearly 35% of all the websites! About 30% of eCommerce websites use WooCommerce. The statistics are impressive. However, WordPress is an excellent option for informative and eCommerce Internet pages.

But primarily, the hosting choice is an essential step. It should be fast, reliable, and well-supported to provide the correct and stable work for your website. You should keep in mind that any tiny failure in the server’s work leads to losing your search engine ranking. As a result, you will have fewer customers and less profit. It is necessary to choose the hosting service, which has a good reputation and supports all the platform requirements to avoid such a loss. Bluehost is the provider that has stood the test of time and customers.

The History And Overall Features Of Bluehost

Bluehost began its history back in 1996. At that time, it was an ordinary free hosting, which was called The guys offered their services free of charge, which, of course, served to the fact that the provider quickly gained popularity. Of course, the functionality was limited, as were the server’s capabilities, but it was an excellent opportunity for novice developers. They could share their projects with the world freely.

In 2003 the company changed the name to Bluehost and created the first shared hosting plans. The WordPress community was excited, as the provider had all the necessary tools to host it. Moreover, the hosting offered a WordPress engine one-click installation. It allowed the company to develop further since they already had many regular satisfied customers. A little later, the VPS and dedicated hosting plans appeared, as the company set up the CPU usage option.

What Does Bluehost Offer Now?

The main servers of the company are located in the USA (Utah) and Indonesia. All the process of data transfer is automatic due to powerful data centers. Bluehost offers assistance in chat for the customers, so if you have any pre-sales or post-sales questions, you can join the conversation, and the operator will assist you.

Now, the company has gained the trust and love of the customers. They have developed many plans, among which you can find exactly the one that suits you. Among the presented tariffs, now there are the following:

Shared Hosting Plans;
Dedicated Servers.

By registration of any represented plan, you are getting a domain name for free for one year. After that, the price for the domain name will be $15/year. Also, Bluehost has discounted the prices for plans at the moment of registration. It means that you could save a bunch of money by buying a tariff for several years at once. For example, by getting a Basic plan for one year, you will need to pay $59. At the same time, three years’ cost will be $106 only, instead of the minimum $177.

Types Of Hosting Bluehost Provides And Their Benefits

Currently, there are three main types of hosting and separate WordPress Bluehost plans. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Shared Hosting

With this type of hosting, the provider shares the server with multiple website owners. It means that hundreds of users will have their web page’s homes on the same server simultaneously. It is a much cheaper solution than private or dedicated servers, so it is an excellent option for new startups. But at the same time, it has numerous limitations.

To provide a stable work of all the websites that the provider holds on a server, it should have particular restrictions. Usually, hosting cuts the bandwidth and number of visitors, as if one website will be overloaded, the other will slow down. Security is also an issue. There is a risk of getting a virus from the other website that shares the server with yours.

Bluehost offers four options for a shared solution:

Basic – $2.95/month
It is the cheapest package that will be sufficient for one website. You will get 50 GB SSD Storage, the free domain name for one year, five parked domains, and 25 subdomains. Moreover, Bluehost will provide you with free SSL certificates for all the domains and subdomains! You will also have five email accounts, each one with 100 MB storage.

Plus – $5.45/month
This package will be right for hosting several websites, as there are no limits on the number of domains. You can set the unlimited number of parked domains, email accounts, use the unmetered bandwidth and storage. Moreover, you will get one free Microsoft email account for 30 days and a $200 deposit for marketing services. They will be available right after spending the first $25 of the PPC campaign or Google Ads.

Choice Plus – $5.45/month
The package includes all the Plus plan benefits, but the advantage is that you can get the automatic backups for one year. In comparison to Basic and Plus, they have only manual free backups. With Choice Plus, you will have a domain privacy service, which will hide your info as the domain owner and replace it with the general contact information.

Pro – $13.95/month
This option will suit developers. Here you will get all the Choice Plus plan’s benefits and much more, as optimized CPU resources and dedicated IP address.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server gives you the piece of the server that is located on one physical machine. At the same time, provide can share the server with other users. The main benefit is installing any necessary security software according to the operating system you use. The main advantage is that there are sources allocated for your website. For example, if your website has a significant customer flow, you can borrow the power that other websites on your server don’t use.

Also, it allows you in-depth editing of the source features of the server. So you can install any extra software required for the correct work of your website or application. Bluehost offers three different options for VPS hosting:

Standard – $18.99/month
With this tariff, you will have two cores, one dedicated IP address, 30 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, and one TB bandwidth. It will be suitable for hosting one middle-business website or a simple app.

Enhanced – $$29.99/month
This plan provides you with two cores, 60 GB of storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 4 GB of RAM, and two dedicated IP addresses. The option will be suitable for several websites or one application.

Ultimate – $59.99/month
You will get four cores, three TB of bandwidth, two dedicated IP addresses, 120 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM. It will suit a big store or website with a traffic surge. You can be sure there will be no issues with the overloading.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting might be the most expensive but the most secure and private solution. Dedicated means that there will be a space and sources allocated especially for your needs, and others cannot borrow or use them. That is why this type will be the most suitable one for big companies or businesses that require high protection and visits capacity. Bluehost offers three plans:

Standard – $79.99/month
You will get four cores at 2.3 GHz, five TB bandwidth, 500 GB storage, 4 GB of RAM, and three dedicated IP addresses.

Enhanced – $99.99/month
This plan gives you four cores at 2.5 GHz, 1 TB storage, 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB bandwidth, and four IP addresses.

Premium – $119.99/month
You will have four cores at 3.3 GHz, 1 TB of storage, 15 TB of bandwidth, five dedicated IP addresses,16 GB of RAM.

WordPress plans

WordPress plans have several options. The first one is the shared tariff, which has the same characteristics as Bluehost’s general shared hosting plans. But also, the company offers managing WP plans and different options for eCommerce. These plans are relatively more expensive than the usual share plans, but they have more features. The main benefits are:

20 000 – 200 000 unique website visits monthly;
1 WP Website;
20 – 40 GB of storage;
free SSL for all the domains and subdomains;
staging environment – to let your website be developed directly in hosting service without a need to transfer it later;
JetPack – additional tools for security and website performance management;
Daily and Unlimited scheduled backups;
domain name privacy and protection;
additional tools integration with Grow and Scale plans (SEO, PayPal, Miscrosoft email account).

Domain Names Extensions Bluehost Provides

Choosing a domain name is very important for your branding. It should be unique and represent the central beliefs of your company. It might be your company name or the type of services you provide. The extension is what your client will see after the domain. The most popular ones are the .com, .org, and .net ones. The most important fact is that the extension doesn’t affect your website functionality and does not influence your search engines’ ranks. Some users decide to choose the extensions that represent the origin country of the company. For example, .es one is devoted to Spain, .ru to Russia, and .za -to South Africa.

Also, there are such popular options that represent the type of business you have. If you are the owner of an online store, you can do the .shop extension. Some providers also offer custom ones or even funny options, as .ninja, .monkeys, etc.

Unfortunately, if you aim to obtain an unusual domain extension, it will not be possible to buy it from Bluehost. However, if you already own it, you can transfer it to your new hosting. There will be no issues with usage, as Bluehost supports such extensions, just don’t provide them.
You will have an option to get a free domain name or free domain name transfer when buying any Bluehost plan. You will see the registration step where it is necessary to insert your website’s name. If it is a new one, just write it and choose one of the 15 following extensions:


If you would like to transfer the domain you already have, you need to paste it to the right column and register. The other advantage is that the registration process is fast and simple, so you can complete it in a few minutes only and get everything ready to set up your website.

Bluehost VS Other Popular WordPress Hosting Providers

Here we are going to compare the most popular hosting service provider with the Bluehost. First of all, it is essential to define why users choose one provider and refuse another. The most crucial features people pay attention to are:

secure connection (SSL, SSD)
visits amount
disc space
official recommendations
how many websites that you can host.

According to these criteria, we can see that the most popular hosting providers for WordPress are GoDaddy, HostPapa, SiteGround, Hostgator, Ionos, Inmotion, and hosting. Let’s see the pros and cons of the most popular shared plans of each one.

Bluehost VS GoDaddy

Users consider GoDaddy to be one of the most popular providers worldwide. It has a good reputation and flexibility in the choice of the domain names for a reasonable price. In comparison to Bluehost, GoDaddy offers both Linux and Windows hostings. It also has a shared, VPS, dedicated plans, and unique WordPress tariffs. Moreover, the provider sells different types of SSL certificates for the websites, so you will choose the one you need. The price for the shared hosting for one website starts at $5.99/month.


Linux and Windows hosting;
domains and extensions variety;
versatile SSL options;
more significant capability for the most economical plan (100GB in comparison to 50GB with Bluehost);


price – Basic plan with Bluehost is $2.95/month;
only more expensive options offer free SSL certificates; Bluehost includes them in the cheaper packages;

So if you need hosting for a single web page or a personal blog, Bluehost will be more complex and less expensive.

Bluehost VS HostPapa

HostPapa is located in Canada. Provider positions itself as the optimal solution for small sites, thereby not claiming to compete with other hosting giants. However, HostPapa offers both Sherd and VPS hosting plans. The price starts from $3.99/month for the most economical shared hosting plan, including a free domain name, 24/7 support, SSL certificate, and a possibility to host two websites at once.


online website builder included in the plan;
unmetered bandwidth;
100 GB storage;


more expensive than Bluehost Basic plan

Bluehost VS SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most potent hosting providers. It has more than 194 data centers worldwide, which guarantees your website’s fast and correct work wherever your clients will browse it. Unfortunately, recently they have limited the list of countries served and increased the shared hosting plans’ price. The domain name costs $14-$19, but the benefit is that there are more extension options. The domain name transfer from another source costs $15.


fast due to the numerous data centers;
stable and reliable provider;
24/7 tech support via chat, email, and phone (Bluehost provides via chat and emails only);
support in Spanish and Italian is available;


price – the cheapest shared hosting plan price starts at $6.99/month;
limited in location.

Bluehost VS Ionos

Ionos is a hosting company based in Germany. It has flexible hosting plans for different CMS and aims to be one of the fastest providers. The shared hosting plans are affordable in price. The package for one website starts at $4/month. But at the same time, Ionos offers only 10 GB of storage and 512 MB of Ram for this plan.


affordable price;
Ten email accounts (Bluehost offers five accounts with the Basic plan)
additional services for SEO and marketing for an extra fee;


Bluehost basic plan offers more storage and RAM;

Bluehost VS is a hosting that is provided officially by WP CMS. They offer generous technical support, as well as maintenance services for all the plans they offer. But be careful when signing up for it – not all the templates available in top marketplaces are compatible with it. The only Business plan allows using external themes for WordPress. The reason is that is hosting for closed-source templates, and the majority of designs that stores sell are open-source ones. The Business plan is relatively more expensive than the Basic Bluehost plan: the price starts at $25/month, which is almost half-a-price of a year with Bluehost Basic.


website maintenance;
useful tools for SEO;
website builder.


the central part of templates are compatible with a Business plan only;

If you want to create a simple informative website or an online store, it would be cheaper and better to start with Bluehost shared hosting. It has basic security options, a free domain name, and good RAM and storage that will be sufficient for your business at the primary steps. When your business grows, you can consider choosing a Basic package to another with more opportunities or migrate to another provider.

What makes good hosting different from bad?

In 2020 one obvious feature has become more important than ever. Yes, we are talking about your website speed. It’s about how quickly your customers can get information from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

If you have a minute and you are seriously worried about the speed of your site, we will describe the situation here in two words. If your site is slow or poorly opened from a mobile phone, then you can forget about the traffic from Google in 2020. Most likely, you can forget about it further. Besides smooth traffic, a slow site is the loss of real customers who have come to you but have not waited until they can upload a page and see the price or make an order.

That is why we here at MasterBundles made this tool:

Website SSL & Speed Test
Input url
Invalid url
Certified Verification Technologies
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Something went wrong. Please, try again
Input url
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Website SSL & Speed Test
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Test SSL
Mobile clients check
Bluehost Review 2021: Recommended Hosting For WordPress Since 2005
Desktop clients check
Bluehost Review 2021: Recommended Hosting For WordPress Since 2005
Hosting speed test
Bluehost Review 2021: Recommended Hosting For WordPress Since 2005
To make a website lovely you need
If you came up to redesign, we've picked up wonderful templates for you:
Good luck to you and your projects!
Check one more website
Checking SSL...
Checking mobile clients...
Checking desktop clients...
Checking hosting speed...

Just enter the address of your website or a separate page here and in a few seconds you will receive answers to your questions:

1. Is there an SSL certificate on your site? The thing without which no site on earth can exist today.

2. Is your site speed good enough when downloading it from the desktop?

3. Does it open quickly when downloading from a mobile phone?

4. The total quality of your current hosting.

If the analysis results are not good, you can use our advice to find out what to do next. And if everything is okay with speed, then this is an extra reason to be happy for yourself, for your project and make it a little more attractive – pick up new photos, fonts, patterns, all kinds of graphic elements. Where to find the cheapest variants you already know, but if not – look below the results of analysis of your website speed:)

BlueHost Hosting with 63% OFF + Free Domain and Theme Installation

Our Final Thoughts

Today we have observed the Bluehost hosting service. Initially, it has everything that the end-user requires and is sufficient for small websites. By paying only $59/year, you are getting a package of services to help your website become a successful project and make a profit for you.
Of course, plans with VPS and dedicated hosting are quite expensive, and Bluehost’s price for such tariffs is by no means the most attractive. If you need robust servers and characteristics, you will have to pay a considerable sum for good service. Besides, if you need special certificates or permissions for information storage channels, you can purchase them separately by contacting Bluehost’s technical support. But such additional functions are only available to owners of dedicated plans.

If you are a beginner and want to try yourself in website development, this option will be the best solution, as it is one of the cheapest popular providers on the market. Join the Bluehost family and make your website quick and easy with quality hosting services!

Q&A Session To Sum Up

⚙ Why is Bluehost good for a start?

Bluehost shared hosting is good for a start and small projects, as it is a money-saving solution with the necessary basic features. You will have the capacity to cover your needs, SSL for a secure connection, domain name, and high loading speed.

⚙ Can I install other CMS on Bluehost?

Although Bluehost has special plans only for WordPress CMS, the server characteristic allows you to install Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and other popular engines. If you want to make sure that your template will be compatible with Bluehost hosting, you can join the pre-sales chat and double-check the requirements.

⚙ Who can help me if I need help with my Bluehost account?

You will get 24/7 tech support in chat, tickets, and email. So in case you meet any issues or need help with your website, the support agents will gladly help you solve your doubts in the shortest terms possible.

⚙ Can I upgrade from one Bluehost plan to another if I need more features?

Of course! Business grows, and everything goes well, so you need some better characteristics to hold your traffic. That is why you can contact the support team and ask to upgrade from your plan to another by paying a difference between your current one and the tariff you want to obtain.

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