Best 15+ Xerox Textures in 2021: Free and Premium

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Author Liza Koenhoven

Xerox Textures. Xerox art emerged shortly after the first copiers were created. They are often used in collage, mail, and book art projects. The publication of collaborative postal art in small print runs of Xerox and book art for postal orders was the aim of the International Society of Copier Artists. Even at that time, people were interested in how simple products could be applied in unusual ways.

Today, the designer’s key goal is to create an extraordinary and attractive visual appearance in the finished projects to induce the audience to take a certain action.

So, if you are looking for an interesting way to express yourself, then the question is, what could be more unique than a Xerox texture?

Working with such items it is necessary to understand it is not just a soulless machine. Have you wanted to try something out of the ordinary? We have selected the best Xerox image textures just for you. Use them at your own discretion, change the saturation and layout to customize them, and create outstanding products that will catch the audience’s eye and portray you as a professional. Apply our Xerox textures and stand out from the rest.

Best Premium Xerox Textures

Photocopy Texture

White background combed black paint background.

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Photocopied Stripes Texture

Wavy black lines on a white background.

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Grunge Photocopy Textures

Beautiful matte texture in white-black colors.

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A Texture of a Grunge-style Photocopy

Matte gray surface with black reflections.

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Close-up of Abstract Xerox Paper or Photocopy Paper Texture

Brown-white texture.

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Photocopy Textures

The gnarly gritty textures that come out of misused scanners and photocopiers are delicious.

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Abstract Grunge Photocopy Texture

Abstract grunge photocopy texture background.

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Abstract Photocopy Texture

The texture is created in the style of cubism.

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Best Free Xerox Textures

Xerox Texture

A little gray interspersed texture.

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Photocopy Texture

The texture looks like a bad copy.

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Abstract Texture Noise Photocopy

Abstract texture noise photocopy.

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Xerox Paper Error Texture

Black texture with soft white spots.

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Dark Grunge Dirty Photocopy Grey Paper Texture

Shabby grayish background.

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