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Best Gun Metal Texture Images in 2021: Free and Premium

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June 1, 2021 March 12, 2022 4 min
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Gun Metal Texture. Before we bring texture into a design, let’s first differentiate between patterns and textures. These words are often used as synonyms. Patterns are usually small, repetitive graphical objects, while textures tend to be much larger images and not usually repetitive.

Textures are good elements because they can highlight individual elements such as headers, icons, and buttons. They draw attention to the main points and encourage action. This is probably the best way to go in graphic design, as textures are slowly coming into fashion. When you use textures minimally, it separates the content from the rest of the site, as well as directs the user’s eye straight to the target. It can also be a great way to highlight key branding elements.

Now it is time to look at the collection of the best gun metal texture images we found and choose the ones you like the most to create your new outstanding design project 🙂

Top 2 Best Gun Metal Texture Images

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
2000+ Textures Background Bundle
1200+ Artistic Backgrounds & Textures

Best Premium Gun Metal Texture Images

Gun Metal PBR Texture

Gun Metal PBR Texture.

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Price: $9

This seamless gunmetal texture which comes in 2 resolutions – 8192x8192px and 4096x4096px – will perfectly suit your designing purposes.


  • eight maps: albedo/diffuse, reflection, glossiness, height/displacement, roughness, metalness, ambient occlusion, and normal map.

Bullet Holes in Metal

Bullet Holes in Metal.

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Price: available with Dreamstime monthly subscription – $25

High-resolution texture represented in high resolution helps to create the most outstanding designs.


  • resolution – 5091x5091px.

Gunmetal Brand Aluminum

Gunmetal Brand Aluminum.

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Price: available with DepositPhotos monthly subscription – $99, or $49 for 10 images.

This high-quality image perfectly reflects real gunmetal aluminum texture.


  • resolution – 10200 × 10200 px.

10 Gun Metal Black Gradients

10 Gun Metal Black Gradients.

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Price: $4

A very useful pack of 10 awesome gunmetal texture gradients will be of great help in your creative activity.


  • gradient swatches for Illustrator;
  • PNG file for each gradient.

Gunmetal Brushed Aluminum

Gunmetal Brushed Aluminum.

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Brushed Metal Texture Free Vector

Brushed Metal Texture Free Vector.

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Price: available with Vecteezy monthly subscription – $19

Fresh and awesome stainless steel texture for your designs.


  • vector image.

Best Free Gun Metal Texture Images

High Definition Metallic and Textured Background. Metal Foil Sheet

High Definition Metallic and Textured Background. Metal Foil Sheet.

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Price: Free

This cool metallic texture image is absolutely free. You just need to download it and start creating your amazing designs.


  • resolution – 10236 × 6825 px.

Dirty Dark Metal Texture Free

Dirty Dark Metal Texture Free.

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Price: Free

A good hi-res picture of dirty metal texture will definitely bring notes of creativeness to your design project.

Metal Texture 5 by Wojtar-stock

Metal Texture 5 by Wojtar-stock.

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Price: Free

Nice and simple metal texture image that you can use in your designing projects of any kind.

Gun Metal Scratched Texture

Free Gunmetal Black Texture.

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Price: Free

This awesome seamless black gunmetal texture has a 4k resolution that is convenient when you work with hi-res projects.


  • includes the following maps: diffuse, normal, metalness, roughness, ambient occlusion.

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