15+ Best Gradients for 2021: Free and Premium Gradients

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Author Liza Koenhoven

Gradients. Gradients are popular effects in which one color, shade, or level of brightness merges with another. Being secondary elements within the composition, they are applied in different directions and integrated into illustrations to add depth, make an accent, and evoke interest. The energy of these amazing color transitions makes them stand out and helps them elevate any design project. This is why they are widely used in web and graphic development. When it comes to your personal projects, you can manipulate various gradient effects to demonstrate your own style.

The variety of gradients is immense. Some of them include a simple change from one color to another, while others involve multiple colors combined in different patterns. Color trends change constantly, so it’s nice to have multiple gradients available to keep your projects visually relevant at all times.

Unlike other trends from the 90s, it seems that gradients are here to stay. Of course, you can try to create your own color transition, but if you don’t know how to do it or you simply have no time for this, you can choose a ready-made gradient on the web. We’ve shortlisted some free and premium gradients below. You can use any of these for different types of design projects.

Best Premium Gradients

Vibrant Colorful Gradients Swatches Set

Gradient of different colors.

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Abstract Background with Abstract Smooth Lines Pantone Color

Abstract background with abstract smooth lines in pantone color.

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Copper Metallic Premium Gradients Set

Copper metallic premium gradients.

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Collection of Premium Vintage Gradients Stock

Collection of premium vintage gradients.

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1600 Gradients Graphic Styles Bundle

Give a modern look to your artwork with no effort, just click and find your favourite color scheme in our gradients graphic styles collection.

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Abstract Colorful Background Collection

A variety of color schemes and linear gradients are great background options.

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Autumn Gradients

Autumn colors are conveyed through a gradient.

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Premium Golden Gradients Swatches Set Vector

Golden gradients on the metal texture.

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Brilliant Blurred Center on Sky Blue

Gradient radial blur design.

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Best Free Gradients

300 Gradient Pack

Pastel and calm colors are presented through a gradient.

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Dark Purple to Red to Orange Gradient

Dark purple to red to orange gradient.

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40 Free Gradients for Photoshop

The gradients are smooth and come handy in a variety of your design needs.

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Light Blue to Dark Blue Gradient

A blue gradient that seems to symbolize a calm sky and a stormy one.

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Purple Paradise Gradient

Another version of the sky only at sunset.

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Free Gradients Collection

Creative gradient for creative people.

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24 Vibrant Gradients for Photoshop

Create visually stunning and eye-popping designs using the gradients created with bright hues.

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