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Provence: Lemons and Lavender Clipart – $14

Date of Creation September 2 2019
Author Plants and Stuff Art
Price $14
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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They Trust Us


sold bundles

Have a question?

It’s watercolor Provence clipart with lemons, slices of lemons and flowers and leaves of lavender. In this set you will find watercolor illustrations: lemons, slices of lemons, flowers and leaves of lavender, wreaths and frames with lemons and lavender.

Now this set include:

7 JPG files – watercolor lavender illustrations on white background
7 PNG files – watercolor lavender illustrations on transparent background
5 JPG files – watercolor lemons and slices of lemons illustrations on white background
5 PNG files – watercolor lemons and slices of lemons on transparent background
2 JPG files and 2 PSD – watercolor wreaths with lemons and lavender
2 PNG files – watercolor wreaths with lemons and lavender on transparent background
2 JPG files and 2 PSD – watercolor frames with lemons and lavender
2 PNG files – watercolor frames with lemons and lavender on transparent background

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