50+ Best Easter Clipart in 2021

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By: Jim Harding April 11, 2020 11 minutes

What Is Clipart and How to Use It?

Every designer has his or her own clipart library that they use whenever they work on a new project. Usually, everything starts with just one or two pictures and after a year or two, you will be surprised to find out that you already have an entire library with dozens of elements. Well, what exactly is clipart? In simple English, clipart is a set of graphic design elements that a designer uses for creating a holistic graphic design such as banners or logos. Besides, it can be both separate objects and complete images. Clipart can be presented in any graphic format, for example, in such popular ones as vector and raster.

Thus, with the help of clipart one can create wallpapers, collages, and websites. These elements are also used in the design of advertising posters, booklets, calendars, etc. The collection of clip art is a necessary tool for any web designer or web developer, so where do you get high-quality clipart?

Usually, high-quality clipart is a paid option. At the same time, there is also a free distribution of clipart, aimed at attracting customers. In other words, the user not only downloads a temporarily free image but also faces the temptation to buy a premium product. In fact, there is a huge number of marketplaces where you can find both free and premium clipart such as MasterBundles, DepositPhotos, as well as many more. Besides, you can create a one of a kind clipart on your own using such software as Adobe Illustrator, Edraw, SmartsysSoft Label Maker, Greeting Card Builder, or PhoXo.

So clipart is an important design element that can be quite handy in various projects you are currently involved in or will be working on in the future. Apart from that, there is a vast variety of different clipart types, which means that you will surely find something dope that will perfectly fit your project. Well, if you are still asking yourself whether to use clipart or not, I’ll dare to answer this question for you – do not hesitate and use it, you will only win from it.

Top 6 Easter Clipart Products

50+ Best Easter Clipart in 2021
Easter Stock Photos & Images. Photo Deal: 100 Royalty-free Photos & Vectors
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Easter Animals Watercolor Collection: 65 clipart elements
50+ Best Easter Clipart in 2021
Easter Design Bundle
50+ Best Easter Clipart in 2021
Easter Vector Clip Art
Little cuties – Easter edition
103 Sweet Elements Bundle: Think Happy Thoughts

Easter Clipart

Among all the types of clipart, Easter one is perhaps the cutest of them all. This very illustration includes adorable bunnies and lots of sweet elements that make it so incredibly cute. At the same time, such a clipart will not work for any type of website, logo, or advertisement banner. Because it is so sweet and adorable it simply will not fit an Italian restaurant website or an online clothing store.

Happy Easter Postcard.
Lovely bunnies and flowers though will work the best for nurseries, baby clothing and toys stores, adoption agencies, confectioneries or bakeries, etc. Apart from that, Easter clipart, not surprisingly, will be a great solution for advertisements, leaflets, calendars, banners, and various posters dedicated to Easter as well as special deals your company or store has for this spring holiday.

Well, as you can see, the usage of Easter clipart is rather limited, yet it does not mean that it is useless. In fact, having some lovely Easter bunnies in your library is a must since you never know when you might need those. So let us have a look at some of the cutest Easter clipart examples you don’t want to miss.

Easter Egg Clipart

The first variant of the lovely Easter clipart we are going to take a look at is Easter egg one. So without further ado, here are some of the prettiest examples of Easter egg clipart you will surely fall in love with.

1. Collection form MyCuteGraphics

Price: free
A huge collection of free multicolored eggs is the very tool you want to have in your library, so go ahead and download it.

2. Easter Eggs by GoGraph

Price: $3 – $12
A set of unique images to back you up in pretty much every emergency, well, give this baby a chance to prove itself to you.

3. Easter Eggs Set

Price: $3 – $12
A lovely set for those of you who would like to make something truly cute with the help of these lovely cartoonish eggs.

4. Set Easter Eggs

Price: $3 – $12
If you are looking for something truly unconventional, then these black and white eggs is surely the way to go for you.

5. Collection of Easter Egg Clipart

Price: free
Another free yet decent option on our list, so go ahead and check it out.

6. Collections from WebWeaver

Price: free
Do you want to get some unique Easter egg clipart for free? Then do not hesitate and check out what WebWeaver has got for you.

7. Easter Eggs from Pinterest

Price: free
Pinterest is the very place to find the coolest clipart options, so take a good hard look at these cuties.

8. Broken Eggs by Shutterstock

Price: free within subscription
If you would like to get something truly one of a kind, then these cuties are definitely for you.

9. Easter Eggs Seamless Pattern

Price: free within subscription
One more adorable option on this list is this pretty pattern, so why don’t you give it a shot?

10. Seamless Pattern by Shutterstock

Price: free within subscription
Cute multicolored Easter eggs, what else do you need for your projects?

11. Vector Retro Paper Card with Striped Easter Eggs and Red Ribbon

Price: free within subscription
If you are fascinated with the retro style, then you simply cannot miss this one.

12. Vector Easter Egg Collection

Price: free within subscription
Another cool black and white collection that will be super handy in every design emergency.

13. Flat Chocolate Easter Egg Greeting Card Design

Price: free within subscription
For all of you who have a sweet tooth, I’d like to offer this lovely chocolate egg.

14. Easter Eggs Background

Price: free within subscription
Do you need an adorable Easter egg background? Well, stop looking for it because this cute baby is already here.

15. Easter Egg Clipart from Clipart Panda

Price: free
This one is another huge free collection, so you definitely want to take a look at it.

Easter Bunny Clipart

If you think that adorable bunnies have the superpower to make any project sweet and eye-catching, then you are right. So let us have a look at the lovely Easter bunny clipart that I’ve found for you.

16. Collection of Images of Easter Bunny

Price: free
Cute bunnies that will help you out in various projects you’ll ever work on.

17. Easter Bunny Illustration

Price: $3 – $12
Minimalistic bunny illustration that will work great for different types of projects.

18. Easter Bunny Hiding Eggs

Price: $3 – $12
This one is a super adorable pink bunny that has the magic power to make pretty much anything marvelous.

19. Easter Bunny Jumping Out of Egg

Price: $3 – $12
Another cutie to make anything you work on simply mesmerizing, so go ahead and take a closer look at this one.

20. Clipart Collection by WebWeaver

Price: free
A wide collection of beautiful pastel bunnies is definitely worth your attention.

21. Pinterest Bunnies

Price: free
Certainly, Pinterest as well has a lot to offer, so why don’t you check out some of the Easter bunny collections there?

22. Spring Bunny with Purple Ears

Price: free
A minimalistic cutie that will definitely win your heart.

23. Easter Egg Bunny

Price: free
Well, this one is a combination of an Easter egg and a bunny, which means that you simply must check it out.

24. Cartoon Bunny

Price: free
If you are looking for something really funny, then this one is no doubt the way to go for you.

25. Spring Bunnies Clipart by Etsy

Price: $7.35
A truly flawless collection of watercolor bunnies that will mesmerize you with its absolute beauty.

26. Watercolor Bunny from Etsy

Price: $7.83
Another stunning watercolor rabbits collection from Etsy, so do not hesitate and take a closer look at this beauty.

27. Spring Rabbit Watercolor Clipart

Price: $8
Well, more cute watercolor rabbits just because they are so adorable.

28. Bunnies from Free Vectors

Price: free
Some elegant old-fashioned bunnies for those of you who would like to create something special indeed.

29. Funny Easter Bunny Clipart from Clipart Queen

Price: free
This one is for those who has a nice sense of humor.

30. Easter Bunny Clipart by Etsy

Price: $7
Finally, some charming bunnies that will melt anyone’s heart.

Happy Easter Clipart

Well, if eggs or bunnies is something you no longer want to use in your projects, then let us check out some delightful happy Easter clipart. Shall we?

31. Happy Easter by GoGraph

Price: $3 – $12
A simple yet lovely clipart that will surely work for you.

32. GoGraph Happy Easter

Price: $3 – $12
Another decent option that will no doubt work out in pretty much every situation.

33. Happy Easter Card

Price: $3 – $12
Are you thinking about making a pretty card? Well, in this case, this cutie is the way to go for you.

34. Collection of Free Happy Easter Clipart

Price: free
If you would like to get some clipart but don’t want to spend money on it, this free collection will be perfect for you.

35. Easter Card with Square Frame

Price: $10
Do you want something fancy? Well, here you go.

36. Hand Written Happy Easter Lettering with Cute Cartoon Rabbit Ears

Price: $10
Well, if you one of those people who love minimalism, then you might want to look closer at this card.

37. Hand Drawn Vector Abstract Graphic Scandinavian Collage

Price: $10
It’s not a clipart set. It is a masterpiece.

38. Happy Easter Lettering Logo Decorated by Rabbit Ears

Price $9.99
Another minimalistic option for an Easter card.

39. Happy Easter Eggs Frame with Text

Price: $9.99
Bright and eye-catching, this very clipart will no doubt will make fall in love with it at first sight.

40. Easter Card with Egg Frame

Price: $9.99
Well, another cool Easter card option that you have to check out.

41. Text Happy Easter with Eggs and Floral Elements

Price: $9.99
Elaborate and elegant, this one is surely the way to go for those of you who like everything fancy.

42. Watercolor Happy Easter Clipart

Price: $12.80
Another watercolor masterpiece on our list, so do not hesitate and get this beauty.

43. Easter Animals – Spring Watercolor Set

Price: $5.10
If you would like to liven up your projects with some cute animals, then you simply cannot dare not to purchase this set.

44. Happy Easter Purple Design

Price: $3
Are currently looking for a decent Easter clipart with some floral elements? Well, you can stop your search now because this lovely set has everything you might dream of.

45. Happy Easter! Floral Frame

Price: $10
And last, but not least, a minimalistic floral frame that will no doubt add some glow to your project.

Religious Easter Clipart

Lastly, let us look at some mesmerizing religious Easter clipart.

46. Collection of Spiritual Easter Cliparts

Price: free
A wide choice of religious clipart that can be used in various projects.

47. Collection of Church Easter Cliparts

Price: free
Another free option for those of you who lack some church Easter clipart in their libraries.

48. Christian Cross in Brown and Beige with Easter Lilies

Price: $3 – $12
Traditional Christian cross and white lilies will be a decent choice for a variety of projects.

49. Religious Crosses Set

Price: $3 – $12
A set of religious crosses that will add some mysterious glow to your projects.

50. Easter Wings Frame Vector Drawing

Price: free
Old-fashioned and classy vector is surely a must in your library.

51. Easter Angel Postcard Vector Illustration

Price: free
One more old-fashioned and simply magical option on our list.

52. Religious Easter Clipart from Get Drawings

Price: free
A vast collection of religious clipart.

53. Religious Clipart Collection from Pinterest

Price: free
Certainly, Pinterest as well is among the platforms where you can find a huge variety of religious Easter clipart.

54. Clipart Email Collection

Price: free
One more decent option on our long list.

55. Easter Bundle from ShareFaith

Price: free
Finally, a huge bundle with dozens of clipart options for all occasions.

Final Word

Clipart is the very tool every self-respecting web designer must-have. Moreover, your clipart library has to be wide and contain as many different elements as possible. Easter clipart is among those must-have elements a decent designer should have. So if you still don’t have any of those lovely bunnies or multicolored Easter eggs in your library or maybe you have those but your collection is rather small, go ahead and get some clipart from our list. Most of it is free, so do not hesitate and download the ones you like the most in order to make your future projects truly extraordinary and one of a kind.

Do you think that Easter clipart is a must for every web designer? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Q&A to Remember

🐣 Premium or free?

When it comes to choosing between a premium and free clipart, many designers get confused, however, this choice is pretty easy and actually quite obvious. As you can see, premium clipart are more elaborate and one of a kind than free ones, so if your goal is to find something truly unique, premium clipart is the way to go for you. At the same time, free options are great for those who are on a budget.

🐣 Where can I find a decent clipart?

Thre is a huge amount of platforms to find clipart bundles for literally all occasions, just check out such marketplaces as MasterBundles, iStock, or Shutterstock.

🐣 Is Easter clipart still relevant in 2021?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Easter clipart is classic, which means that it will be popular forever.

🐣 Can I create clipart on my own?

You sure can! All you need is your desire, a little bit of time, and software like Edraw, SmartsysSoft Label Maker, or Greeting Card Builder. Besides, you can even sell your creations and make some money, just check out MasterBundles Sell Your Deal section.

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