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Created by est1987co
Date of Creation February 12 2019
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vintage botanical illustrations – Dried Flowers, Petals, Shoots

Here comes another pack of vector illustrations, now they are gathered under the topic dried flowers, shoots, and leaves.

Following illustration will fit perfectly interior design elements including printing on fabric, custom wallpapers design, iPhone cases for women, you name it.

The archive includes following files:

  • 140 .EPS files
  • 140 .PNG files (1500×1500 px)

You won’t believe it, but this pack was inspired by one of the bar jokes.

A panda walks into a bar and orders some food, after he’s done eating he shoots the bartender and starts leaving.

Hey, you can’t do that!” said someone else in the bar

Yes I can, I’m a panda bear it’s what I do, look it up,” says the panda bear.

Later he looks up “panda bear” and sure enough it says: “Panda Bear; Eats shoots and leaves.”

Enjoy the pack 🙂

P.S. To check out more vector packs visit my Instagram profile @est1987co.

Field plants on a pastel background.

Lots of wildflowers in the sun that cast shadows.

Stem of wildflowers close up.

A weed entangled by stems.
Abundant wildflowers. Beautiful in the simple.

Tall grass that has become a natural fence.

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