StandWithUkraine: Awesome Illustrations that Show Solidarity with Ukraine.

#StandWithUkraine: 20 Awesome Illustrations that Show Solidarity with Ukraine

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July 27, 2022 August 2, 2022
Victoriia Cristoff photo Author by: Victoriia Cristoff

For five months, the Ukrainian people have been fighting for freedom on their land. Some of them are fighting with machine guns, bayraktars, and javelins on the battlefield. Others have chosen the way of informаtion to fight the battle. They are constantly cheering up all the Ukrainians and showing the world that this country is strong and victorious. Graphic designers and artists create new amazing #StandWithUkraine art every day. To put the spotlight on their work, we have decided to pick the most awesome artworks to share with all the MasterBundles community.

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20 Inspiring Illustrations to Support Ukrainian Spirit of Resistance

I Stand With Ukraine by Egle Plytnikaite

I Stand With Ukraine by Egle Plytnikaite.

This art is probably the best symbol of world solidarity with Ukraine. The image was created by a Lithuanian illustrator on the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There has always been a friendship between our countries and it only gets tighter every day.

Peace Like a River by @calandcase

Peace Like a River by @calandcase.

The author of this art was inspired by the good poem Peace Like a River, and the illustration itself symbolizes the peace that all of us want to come to our land.

I Stand With Ukraine Images by Emma Jayne &

These colorful illustrations were made by a popular UK illustrator and pattern designer. They depict the beauty of Ukrainian lands saying that they must flourish and not suffer from bullets and bombs.

Peace by Erin Wallace &

These are some nice works made in the national Ukrainian colors that portray support and desire for peace.

Support Ukraine by Myriam Van Neste

Support Ukraine by Myriam Van Neste.

Every Ukrainian prays for all these horrible events to stop as soon as possible. That’s what this illustration by an Austrian artist says.

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The Map by @interventaria

The Map by @interventaria.

“The wounds of a country will also be its scars,” writes a Spanish artist about this collage. And we have nothing to add because it’s true.

Vinok by Rosie Schinners

Vinok by Rosie Schinners.

Rosie created this awesome Ukraine design inspired by a national Ukrainian accessory called ‘vinok’ – a flower crown.

Ukrainian Soldier by Lily

Ukrainian Soldier by Lily.–Stand-With-Ukraine

The art of a UK-based illustrator was made to support all the Ukrainian defenders who are fighting for freedom on the battlefield.

WeWantPeace by Nina Pace

WeWantPeace by Nina Pace.

This is a beautiful floral illustration made in Nana’s original style. While drawing, she used Ukrainian traditional colors to depict solidarity with the brave people that keep fighting for peace on their land.

Not Good Morning by Bogdana Davydiuk

Not Good Morning by Bogdana Davydiuk.

From flowers to horrors. This is quite a scarring work of art among all the Ukraine graphics, not by the image itself, but by the content and sense.

#StandWithUkraine by Dmitry Stolz

#StandWithUkraine by Dmitry Stolz.–Stand-With-Ukraine

Another prominent example of graphic images of Ukraine’s solidarity shows the unbreakable power of its people, their belief, and their desire to protect their homes and dear ones.

Mariupol, 9.03.2022 by Oksana Drachkovska

Mariupol, 9.03.2022 by Oksana Drachkovska.

The illustration by Ukrainian artist, Oksana Drachkovska, is devoted to Mariupol and all the horrors that happened in the Ukrainian city during the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian Madonna by @marinoss_art

Ukrainian Madonna by @marinoss_art.

This is the anthem for all the brave and strong Ukrainian women.

The Light, 2022 by Daria Pavliuk

The Light, 2022 by Daria Pavliuk.

There is always a ray of light on the darkest days. And this beautiful picture reminds everyone about this.

For Ukrainian Heroes by Oksana Bersan

For Ukrainian Heroes by Oksana Bersan.

Other Ukraine graphics worth attention can be found on Oksana Bersan’s Instagram. This work of art is an ode to all the Ukrainian soldiers (male and female) who fight every day for the freedom of their country and is one of the most inspiring images.

Those Who Will Never Fail by Mariia Smorodska

Those Who Will Never Fail by Mariia Smorodska.

The art is devoted to the brave and strong State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations workers who always come to the rescue and save human and animal lives.

Stay Strong by

Stay Strong by

Such a touching and original Ukraine graphic image made by a talented Ukrainian illustrator is all about pain, loss, and becoming stronger through this way.

Mother Ukraine by

Mother Ukraine by

This is an awesome Ukrainian drawing that shouts about the richness and beauty of Ukrainian land.

ARM UKRAINE NOW by Anna Bakhonko

ARM UKRAINE NOW by Anna Bakhonko.

This is a beautiful art project made in a very original style – a flower collage, made by a very talented designer and decorator from Odessa.

Ghost of Kyiv Artwork by @tubikstudio

Ghost of Kyiv Artwork by @tubikstudio.

The illustration was inspired by the famous Ukrainian pilot Ghost of Kyiv. This person became a true symbol of the Ukrainian struggle for freedom.

We hope that Ukrainian brevity inspires you like it inspires us, and teaches you to fight for your happier and brighter future. Stand with Ukraine, feel happy, and share your art with the world, and may the creative force be with you! 🙂

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