Jobs for Designers and Developers Affected by The War in Ukraine Example.

Jobs for Designers and Developers Affected by The War in Ukraine

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April 20, 2022 May 20, 2022 6 min
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At the end of winter, Russian troops attacked the borders of sovereign Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, millions of people have lost the opportunity to work, including designers and developers with extensive experience. However, the world didn`t stand idle, and in addition to huge humanitarian and militaristic assistance, organizations from many countries created strategies to support Ukrainian workers.

Our marketplace MasterBundles decided to join the initiative to help all designers who have lost a stable income. If you are a talented specialist who wants to seamlessly sell your works— welcome! We operate in a standard mode, regardless of any situations, including political and economic factors. So, information about assistance for designers from Ukraine with the help of our platform and other projects is presented below!

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“Jobs for Designers and Developers Affected by The War in Ukraine [Audio Version]”

By the way, here is information about the state of the Ukrainian labor market as of April 2022 and its changes after the Russian invansion.

Information about the state of the Ukrainian labor market.

Infographic made by MasterBundles

Job Opportunities

Designers United for Ukraine

Designers United for Ukraine.

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This creative team decided to help all the designers who suffered during the war. The organization provides its services in more than 25 countries and cooperates with 170+ companies. Thanks to the platform, specialists can add themselves to the list for communication with managers and later, they can work both in Ukraine and from abroad, which is important for refugees.

Create with Ukraine

Create with Ukraine.

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This platform also simplifies communication between the employer and the Ukrainian specialist. For example, a brand or startup publishes information about a creative brief. Then the Create with Ukraine team selects the best employee from those registered in the database and recommends it to the requester. All new specialists just need to create a profile with up-to-date information and specifications, and then add a portfolio with examples of their work.

Hiring for Peace

Hiring for Peace.

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After the start of the war in Ukraine, the Finnish Volunteer Association launched a startup that called for collecting available vacancies in the field of illustrator jobs, web design, and other similar ones. These offers are presented to specialists who have suffered from military aggression and have lost their source of income in their native country. The startup allows people to not only to find a remote job, but also to have get the opportunity to move to Finland in the future.

Modular Automation & WarDucks

Modular Automation & WarDucks.

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These are two Irish technology firms that have also identified an initiative to help Ukrainian developers who have lost their jobs. On their sites, workers can find various advertisements about offers for 3D artists and Web3 specialists.

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Remote Ukraine

Remote Ukraine.

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Remote Ukraine is a resource that is designed to collect all current remote work vacancies for Ukrainian refugees. At the moment, it has already posted more than 500 different offers from around the world. The bulk of employers are from Europe, and approximately 20% of brands include American and Canadian firms. The platform collects front-end, 3D illustrations, web designer jobs, and more.

Tropical Summer Palm Patterns & Elements

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Tropical Summer Palm Patterns & Elements cover.

Tropical Summer Palm Patterns & Elements

by Ira Dvilyukin Graphics




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The British company Cutover, based in London, said that seeing Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, they are opening “fast-track” engineering vacancies. The main specialization of the company is the outsourcing development of applications for enterprises. Any Ukrainian developer who lost theira job after February 24 can apply for this vacancy.

UA Talents

UA Talents.

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This platform is a great startup to advertise open vacancies to those people who lost their Web design jobs or developer jobs in Ukraine because of after the war. The use of the portal is very simple: a potential employee only needs to fill out a questionnaire, after which the service will automatically select the best options and send the specialist`s contacts to the employer. Users can also explore the database and send CC directly to the company.

Fuzzboard Ukraine

Fuzzboard Ukraine.

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The portal offers various technical jobs to all professionals who had to leave Ukraine. The vacancies are remote, and most of the applications are left by European companies (from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands).

All available job offers can be filtered by specialization. For example, development, marketing, web design, product management, business development, or other areas. If there is no suitable option in the presented offers, the Ukrainian specialist can leave a request and updates will be sent to the specified e-mail.



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Workeer is one of the largest refugee job search portals based in Germany. Here people can find not only vacancies for 3D artists or remote web designer jobs but also other (non-technological) specialties. The process of connecting to the system is simple: a refugee needs to register and provide up-to-date contacts for future communication with potential employers.

Other Initiatives



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Finally, let’s talk about our platform—the MasterBundles marketplace offers the most convenient conditions for graphic designers around the world. Thanks to MasterBundles, every artist can easily find a consumer and increase their popularity. Do what you like and get a decent income for it!

Our main privileges include the huge network of 6M+ members, the ability to set your own prices, and apply convenient banking methods. Also, at MasterBundles you have no need to wait too long for the approval of each product!

Another advantage for Ukrainian vendors is that until June we pay a 100% commission for every product uploaded to our marketplace in March 2022 and later and sold until June 2022. So that means Ukrainian designers will receive 100% of the earnings.

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Projector Institute with the support of Diia.Business

Projector Institute with the support of Diia.Business.

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Projector Institute together with the Ministry of Ukraine is creating a fund that will help women master creative and tech professions to find new jobs. About 5,000 Ukrainian women will be able to undergo online training in various areas:

  • UI / UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • CG Art
  • Python
  • Front-End
  • Motion Design
  • SEO & Targeting

After the training, the foundation also provides access to a database of vacancies, consultations on writing a CV, and passing an interview. If refugees want to get a skill and are interested in UX designer jobs and other indicated areas, applications are accepted until April 26th.

To crown it all, there are quite a few opportunities for designers and developers who have lost their jobs because of the war. So, check out our MasterBundles website, upload your unique products and find a customer within a short time! See you there!

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