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By: Jim Harding November 28, 2018 17 minutes
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Is a Postcard Still Alive?

Content outline:

  1. The Importance of Postcards
  2. Popular Marketplaces to Buy a Postcard Online
  3. Create Your Own Design of a Postcard
  4. Free Postcard Templates
  5. Postcards with delivery option
  6. Conclusion
  7. The Importance of Postcards

    Paper cards with messages had been created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services. Originally, it was one of the means of postal communication. Now the functions of the postcard have changed a little, and today it is more an attribute of care, celebration, and congratulation.

    Someone will say that in the era of the Internet, and mobile phones it seems that such a wonderful tradition of sending postcards sunk into oblivion. However, postcards are still a romantic and fun way to keep in touch with the ones you love. Surely, it will put a smile on anyone’s face as a postcard is more eloquent than any words. The properly chosen text of the card along with its design will express all the emotions you are trying to deliver.

    You may come across the following postcard types:

    + an advertising postcard is a great marketing tool to deliver promotional messages to potential clients;
    + a business postcard is a necessary attribute of a modern business culture, it is a great unobtrusive advertising of your own company to develop further corporate relationship;
    + an invitation postcard is not just a reminder of the upcoming event but also its silent characteristics and announcement;
    + a congratulation postcard reminds that there is always a reason for congratulations: from a banal holiday to a sure way to improve your mood;
    + a travel postcard is a wonderful memory from the places you visit with a short friendly text ‘Wish you were here’ for the one you love.

    So, there are no excuses not to send a postcard. Brighten someone’s day and send him a postcard!

    Popular Marketplaces to Buy a Postcard Online

    Nowadays there are numerous places where you can buy a creative postcard. Postcards are usually offered in post offices, museum shops, bookstores, newspaper kiosks, supermarkets, tourist locations, and etc.

    If you prefer online resources, I would like to highlight a few popular ones.


    Amazon is one of the first Internet services focused on the sale of real goods, the largest company in the world in terms of turnover, selling a variety of goods and services via the Internet. Certainly, Amazon can boast of some good deals in postcard sets and boxes.

    The website itself is very easy to navigate. At the right, you can use the category menu and all the filtering options. For example, you can select a postcard occasion, recipient, feature keywords, feature brands, average customer review, condition, price, availability, and etc. The product page shows more details about the item – description, price, shipping information, availability. When shipping within the contiguous U.S., your order will arrive within 4-5 business days if your choice was a standard shipping.


    Etsy is another online platform that allows people from all over the world selling their goods online. In addition, this resource allows people to earn on their hobbies. If it is handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it is on Etsy.

    The project was launched in 2005, and today it is already a huge online market with several million sellers and countless products. Sellers at Etsy are usually people of art – artists, photographers, designers of clothing and jewelry, illustrators, and etc. Etsy accepts payment by credit card, debit card, Etsy gift card, Etsy Credit, some bank transfer services, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

    Millions of handmade and vintage postcards are available on the world’s most imaginative marketplace. Product details page shows a product overview, price, shipping status, shipping, and returns policies, and other information.


    eBay is the world’s most popular online trading platform with a huge number of sellers and with an even larger selection of products. eBay offers absolutely different product categories, ranging from collectible items of antiquity and ending with everyday goods. No need to say, you can find a great choice of beautiful postcards there.

    eBay interface is rather clear and convenient. At the right, you can choose any filtering options, like occasion, gender, brand, card recipient, theme, type, condition, price range, and etc. Browse the best collection of the postcards for your most imaginative friends and family members.

    The estimated delivery date is based on the seller’s handling time, the shipping service selected, and when the seller receives cleared payment. The product page will display all the necessary information including shipping, delivery, payments, returns, and guarantee terms.


    Zazzle is the world’s leading platform for quality custom products. The mission of the company is to give people the power to make anything imaginable. You need to visit Zazzle to make sure everything they do is an expression of love.

    Here you can choose a product category, price, orientation, event and occasions, add filtering and sorting. Their products include everything from apparel and paper goods to fabric and food, and of course, they are offering the highest quality custom products in the world.

    A huge collection of postcards is waiting for you at Zazzle. Moreover, you can personalize any option you like. Whether it is a thank you postcard to your loved ones, a vintage travel postcard, or the one announcing your special date, Zazzle marketplace has something perfect to get the message across.


    Bonanza is another online marketplace with an awesome choice of different creative items. Here you can find everything but the ordinary. In 2016, Bonanza was voted “Most Recommended Marketplace” over eBay, Amazon, Etsy and all other contenders by over 50,000 sellers in the largest seller survey online.

    Along with other creative things, beautiful postcards are offered at Bonanza. On the left pane, you are welcome to choose a category, color, condition, type, postage condition, price, and etc. The website accepts different types of payment, and the orders are usually shipped within 3 business days.

    Artfire is a marketplace, craft and maker community where people from around the world come together to buy, sell and interact. Visit this resource to find unique items and handmade gifts for special occasions, your home, family, and friends. You can make purchases not only by standard categories but also filter them by color and occasion.

    If you have not been able to find what you need, the site offers ‘Wanted’. So, just write what you dream about. Talented designers will quickly turn your idea into a finished object.
    Artfire postcards are divided into handmade and vintage ones. Payment methods depend on a seller and his preferences. Sellers can also accept payments via PayPal or Amazon. You can include a note to the seller about your order. If you need to specify any custom details or options, you can definitely do that.

    Create Your Own Design of a Postcard

    Whether you wish to promote your business, inform the world about your event, or just create a fun and personal way to share your artwork, start with an awesome postcard. Postcard builders are a perfect choice to create something special to attract your target audience. Isn’t it cool to be a designer of your custom postcard?

    Numerous services over the Internet offer to create your own brilliant postcard to match your style and preferences. Let’s have a look at a few of them.


    Canva is a free online postcard maker. It will not take more than 5 minutes to craft your custom postcard.

    Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark makes it easy to make your own postcards for free. No design skills needed.


    Design your own postcard in three steps – choose a template, customize your design, and print your ready postcard.

    My Creative Shop

    It is the easiest and fastest way to design online. Nothing can capture your recipient’s attention better than a creatively designed and well-written postcard.


    You can now design your advertising message online and have it mailed. This is a perfect solution for effective advertising messages and private purposes.


    It is a great tool if you need to create unique cards that are ready to mail. Publish your design online, order prints or send via direct mail.


    Crello is a free online postcard maker, and it lets you work with more than 3 500 free design elements.


    A DIY postcard maker to design postcards. Choose from loads of templates.


    Make it special, make it personal with FunkyPigeon.


    Create eye-catching and customizable postcards for free with Fotor’s postcard maker to spread your own feelings and messages for all occasions effectively.

    Free Postcard Templates

    It is not always necessary to buy a fancy postcard if you wish to market your business or develop personal relationships.

    Pinterest is a social service on the Internet; photo hosting, which allows users to place images in thematic collections online and share them with others. It is an ideal place for inspiration and free printable postcards.
    There are a lot of postcard templates available out there but I would like to familiarize you with a few ones that met my eyes.

    Here you go.

    Harry Potter Valentine’s Day

    Merry Christmas


    Postcard to Santa

    Happy Valentines Day

    On The Road



    Happy Birthday

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards

    Postcards with delivery option


    Since ancient times, people present postcards to express their feelings or show sympathy towards a certain person. Today there is a huge number of various cards for any occasions. These cards can be either added to the gift or sent separately. You can definitely use a postcard to promote your business, service, or event. A postcard will never be out of fashion. Show your friends, colleagues, and loved ones you care!

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