10 Graphic Design Trends 2023: Our Predictions for the Upcoming Year

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10 Graphic Design Trends 2023: Our Predictions for the Upcoming Year [Audio Version]
10 Graphic Design Trends 2023: Our Predictions for the Upcoming Year [Audio Version]

Trends in graphic design give creators vectors to develop and create their work. This is a set of visual solutions that are relevant to people and resonate with them. Just imagine how boring life would be if design remained the same. That is why this topic is so interesting for the design community, and we are making this selection of 10 graphic design trends 2023.

You can read about the trends in 2022 here and you will be surprised that some also continue their journey with us into 2023.

By the way, we will be very grateful for your feedback. Tell us what you think will be trending or what you would like to see trending. Share with us in the comments.

3D Design Elements

Examples of the web pages with 3d design elements.

These 3D designs are not new trends in graphic design, but it is confidently at the top of the trends and will continue to develop. Volumetric icons and illustrations can be used for different designs: websites, applications, posters, identity elements, etc.

They help make the visual part more exciting for the viewer, immerse them more in the context of the design, and enhance the feeling of realism. 3D helps to create a new reality for brands.

This is the search trend of the 3D elements query in Google Trends over the past 5 years.

People have been actively looking for 3D elements, which means that the trend is growing and is not yet at its peak. 3D icons query have declined, however. Perhaps it happened due to the too frequent use in design.

Natural Patterns and Textures

Examples of the natural patterns.

The ecology problem is becoming increasingly urgent every year and people are thinking more and more about their role in preserving the environment. For confirmation, consider an IBM study on consumer behavior. In 2020, 57% of consumers were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact. In 2022, this figure was already 62%.

So we can assume that the theme of caring for the environment, as well as natural and animal motifs, will be popular for a long time. Let’s see the search results for key queries in Google Trends.

Nature-inspired visuals look great in packaging designs, logos, banners and more.

Diversity and Inclusion

Examples of the Diversity and Inclusion.

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought attention to the topic of discrimination and it really matters. This is one of the current trends in graphic design that emphasizes the individuality and diversity of people. We are all different, but we all deserve to be heard and noticed.

We will see an even greater emphasis on the depiction of people of different nationalities, genders, sexualities, ages, and abilities. And this trend is not only one of the graphic design trends – it is a trend in the development of society.

What does Google Trends tell us about this?

Inclusion illustration trend.

Keep this in mind when designing custom websites, apps, presentations, and other projects. Major global companies support this trend!

Abstract Geometric Shapes and Textures

Abstract Geometric Shapes and Textures.

Remember Google’s icon redesign in 2020? The designers simplified the style and made all the icons using geometric shapes in bright colors.

Google icons begore and after.

Of course, there were many questions about this decision, because the icons are similar. But the most important thing is simplicity, which is associated with accessibility and understandability. People love this.

This is the secret of this trend – simple forms are pleasing to our eyes and everything is clear in them. But don’t think it’s boring. Bright geometric patterns just look hot in brand design and others. Google shows us what’s on top.

Retro Style

Examples of retro styles design.

Fashion is cyclical and we tend to return to popular styles, but this is not about repeating the designs of the 80s-00s. We add a modern look to this trend and adapt it to our projects. How can you recognize that something is a retro style?

  • metal chains and elements
  • neon bright shades and a combination of equal colors
  • grain everywhere
  • hand-drawn fonts

Check out this article to find out more about retro style.

Based on this report, we can be assumed that this trend will gain even more popularity in 2023.

Retro style reqest trend.

Serif Fonts

Retro style reqest trend.

This trend is about how serif fonts evoke warm and pleasant feelings. They are also associated with old books or handwritten fonts. At the same time, they inspire confidence.

Of course, we are not talking about using Times New Roman in all projects, as there are plenty of other cool options that you can find here. If you create fonts, you can become our vendor, upload your products, and get a source of passive income.

Serif fonts add expressiveness to the text but are unsuitable for long letters. For example, it’s great to highlight headings in a serif font on a website, but for body text, it’s better to choose sans serif.

A font like this can make a design stand out – and that’s what we strive for, right?


Examples of Brutalism design trends.

Brutalism is about the lack of rules and challenges for society. It will help to distinguish the design from the rest. It can be assumed that it is becoming one of the 2023 graphic design trends because people are tired of the same old designs.

By the way, this “tiredness and boredom” was the cause of the trend.

In this trend, you can add flashy fonts, boring images, and other β€œfreaky elements” without looking boring and familiar. It makes it possible not to hold back the most daring and unusual decisions, moving forward with progress. A designer can break away from traditional design ideas by adding bold colors and combinations.

Google Trends also says that the trend is growing πŸ™‚

Brutalism design trends in Google.

Experimental Typography

Examples of the Experimental typography.

This trend is a continuation of the previous two current graphic design trends. Non-standard solutions, the destruction of accepted standards, a combination of the incompatible – this is about it. If you see a banner in which all the letters are in different fonts, then this is experimental typography.

This trend is great for getting attention, so it’s great for banners, music covers, logos, accent words, or phrases on the website/presentations.

You have to understand that this is more about design emphasis. So, you should not combine 3 fonts in one paragraph on the site to support the brand.

Bright Non-standard Flat Illustrations

Examples of the Bright Non-standard Flat Illustrations.

I think you all know these illustrations.

Examples of the Flat Illustrations.

They flooded websites, presentations, applications, etc., because they are nice stock illustrations. There is nothing wrong with them, but there are too many of them. At the same time, designers still want to use some flat illustrations and not just 3D images.

Unusual Illustrations trends.

Illustrators come to the aid of web and graphic designers. They create very bright, unusual, non-standard illustrations that will compete with trendy 3D images. These illustrations may distort shapes and proportions, and combine very bright colors. Let’s look at them. Cool, huh?

Metaverses and AI

Examples of illustrations with AI and Metaverses.

Metaverses, NFT, crypto world – this is our new reality. Have you heard about the MidJourney AI that made designers and artists worry about having a job?

NFT is also not far behind in popularity – major brands are collaborating with well-known NFT artists for exclusive collections. We can assume that this is far from the limit.

Examples of toys and shoes in AI style design.

The trend can be called an increase in the number of NFTs, the creation of designs for new universes, the development of unusual characters and objects, space gradients, and the combination of a dark background with neon colors. We can also assume that AI will be integrated into the work of designers.

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2023 Graphic Design Trends in Infographic

Infographic Graphic Trends.

Excellent! We shared with you our hypotheses about graphic design trends 2023. And to keep the balance, we will be glad to hear your feedback. Share with us your opinion. What would you like to see in future trends?

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