A selection of multicolored mandala designs. An example of how a mandala tattoo looks on a man's shoulder.

Mandala Designs 2021: Illustrations, Patterns, Trends. Mandala Creator Online and Free Simple

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By: Iren Adler May 24, 2020 17 minutes
Article reviewed by Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center
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Article reviewed by Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center
on September 11, 2020

Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center, founder, and CEO at the Training Center Valeriya Dukhopelnykova

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What is Mandala Designs

Mandala Designs. Are you familiar with a kaleidoscope, a funny children’s toy with colorful, intricate patterns which create exciting pictures? The invention of the kaleidoscope belongs to the English physicist David Brewster in 1816. But the very basis of those pictures harks back to Ancient India and the technique of creating mandalas.

Mandala is a complex geometric structure, symbolizing the world order. In fact, it is nothing but a model of the Universe. This symbol came to the world from Eastern religious practices (Buddhism, Hinduism), where it was a sacred image of the world of deities. The word itself is translated from Sanskrit and means a “circle”, “disk”, “center”. This is a sacred diagram, usually round or square, rectangular and even triangular. It is widely used for meditation, it helps to achieve concentration and higher states of consciousness. Moreover, a mandala diagram is a powerful ritual for cleaning the space of any area (sand mandalas) and a source of cleansing and transforming the energy of space.

Simple mandala designs are used in many life areas. It is assumed that the design of the mandala is visually attractive enough to absorb the mind in such a way that annoying thoughts go away. The spiritual essence surrounds the person, which in turn allows him to achieve higher consciousness.

Today, you can meet beautiful mandala designs everywhere from mandala tattoo designs to postcards and fashion apparel.

Top 5 Mandala Design Bundles 2021

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Mandala Coloring Book. Best 24 Coloring Pages in 2021.
Best Mandala Creator in 2021. Bundle Collection – 800+ Patterns.
Mandala Designs 2021: Illustrations, Patterns, Trends. Mandala Creator Online and Free Simple
20+ Mandala Illustration. Bundle Collection
Mandala Designs 2021: Illustrations, Patterns, Trends. Mandala Creator Online and Free Simple
14 Black and White Mandala Patterns
Mandala Designs 2021: Illustrations, Patterns, Trends. Mandala Creator Online and Free Simple
You Can! Motivational Mandala Coloring Postcard

Mandala Design in the Details

First of all, a mandala is a symbol of unity and harmony, a diagram that represents a perfect structure of the world. It is believed that this very magical symbol is capable of:

  • attracting positive energy;
  • bringing order and peace to the life of those who contemplate it;
  • relieving stress and anxiety;
  • healing the mind, body, and spirit;
  • helping get rid of overwhelming emotions and feelings;
  • helping find freedom and express the feelings in a peaceful way;
  • stimulating creative thinking and the ability to cope with stress.

Most mandalas resemble a lotus flower in shape. This very flower is particularly symbolic for oriental culture. It is perceived as a symbol of spiritual purity and beauty, as the birth of a bright and pure in the vicious and imperfect world.

Buddhists often depict the Sahasrara Chakra in the center of the mandala. According to Buddhist teachings, it is the center of spiritual and mental perfection, to which a person goes throughout his or her entire life.

Today, due to the widespread of Buddhism, mandala has become a popular art form. It is used in various areas of fine art and design. Such a mystical element can be utilized in multiple design projects starting with interior design and finishing with websites. With that being said, the mandala is definitely worth your attention.

Create Mandala Design: Mandala Creator Online

Mandala Creator Online

If you are interested in creating such a magical and sacred design element, you might want to check out some of the services that offer this very option. So here are some online tools that you might want to give a shot.

Certainly, the mandala is an excellent design element for various projects of yours. Just like other flower elements, mandala would perfectly work for various blogs, online stores, beauty salon sites, personal websites, as well as advertisement banners, logos, and other design projects. In fact, such a pattern might work for a countless number of projects and you should never be afraid of experimenting with it.

In case you are willing to try something new and utilize mandala design in your current or future project, you might be interested in Mandala Creator Online. It is a tool that will enable you to create a perfect mandala flower easily, quickly, and pain-free. In fact, there are several pretty solid reasons why you need this tool and I will explain them all.

First of all, the mandala flower is rather difficult to create because it has a lot of details and perfect symmetry does matter in this case. So if you are not an artist and you cannot easily draw a perfectly symmetrical flower, you will definitely need a tool that will help you create the very flower you want.

You might also say that you can just find a free pre-made mandala pattern on the internet and utilize it in your project. However, most free design elements cannot be used in commercial projects, which means that you will have to make a choice between purchasing a premium product or making one by yourself. Well, if you are on a shoestring budget, the choice is pretty much obvious to you.

Finally, creating mandala flowers with this very tool is so much fun, which means that it is a great way to spend your free time. So why don’t you pause what you are doing right now and give Mandala Creator Online a try? It’s free and it’s so much fun, so do not hesitate and test it out now.

Video About Mandala Creator Online in 2020

As it turned out, a mandala is a sacred circle, which has many positive aspects that affect a person. Drawing mandalas is useful for absolutely all people of any age. This creative activity is especially ideal for those who wish to calm and enlighten the mind.

The main thing in the concept of the mandala is the center of the mandala, from which concentric circles radiate around. Go to the water and throw a pebble into it. This means you have just created the simplest and most natural mandala. If you are willing to experiment with shapes and colors, start drawing your own mandala. No specific drawing skills are required. You can either grab some paper and a few colorful pencils or get acquainted with a free mandala drawing tool that will help you make the most beautiful mandalas.

The tool is extremely simple and intuitive. No prior knowledge or specific skills are necessary. It allows to draw your own mandala by adjusting the number of sectors in the circle, choosing the appropriate background, brush colors, and line width. This Mandala Creator itself does not draw; you draw while specifying the certain parameters.

article review image
Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center, founder, and CEO at the Training Center Valeriya Dukhopelnykova

The goals of drawing mandalas, reasons and motives can be very different.

Here are a few options of the most common descriptions:

1. A mandala is an image in a circle. But the "circle" can be any polygon.
2. Mandalas are not necessarily images. A mandala is a scheme, description, model of the world. Such a description may also be a text or a verse, a hymn.

The goals of creating a mandala can also be different – from decorative and design hand-made hobbies, through expressive therapeutic art, to spiritual meditative, contemplative. Herewith, the degree of freedom of expression, arbitrariness and spontaneity in the performance of the mandala, what the author is guided by, also changes.

One of the most versatile instructions for creating a mandala is: draw a circle and put a dot in the center. The circle is the world around, the point is I...the self, self-awareness, I am.

In fact, any perception of the world and yourself in it is mandala.

I propose to meditate on the nature of mandala by throwing a stone in the water and observing circles on the water, or listening to the echo of your voice…

Mandalas help refocus attention, returning it to the original source – you.

- Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center

Pull up the background color choice to choose the best one for your mandala. Experiment with colors to express your creativity. Choose the brush color for the inner lines of your mandala. Move the scroller to set up the number of sectors. Except for the brush color, you can adjust the line width – move the locator from the left to the right to increase thickness. Enable mirror setting to get keep your drawing mirrored symmetrically.

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of saving the pattern that you draw. Click the floppy disk icon to get your mandala saved on the computer. You will find ‘Undo’ arrow and ‘Trash bin’ icon to perform the actions accordingly. And that is it – simple and easy!

Drawing mandalas online is a great way to focus attention, establish some ‘space’ in the mind and spirit, and meditate. Listen to the relaxing music and bring a sense of harmony and creativity into your life with mandalas!

Some examples of mandalas designed with our Mandala creator:

Mandala Creator

Mandala Creator.

Color Mandala

Color Mandala.

This is an online tool that will allow you to color pre-made mandala patterns for fun or for some creative projects you are involved in.

Mandala Gaba

Mandala Gaba.

This one is another free online service for creating your own unique designs, so go ahead and give it a try.

Mandala Maker Online

Mandala Maker Online.

Last, but not least, Mandala Maker. This very tool will help you create and color the flower of life that will live up to your expectations, which means that it’s definitely worth a shot.

Disclosure: MasterBundles website page may contain advertising materials that may lead to us receiving a commission fee if you purchase a product. However, this does not affect our opinion of the product in any way and we do not receive any bonuses for positive or negative ratings.

Mandala Flower Designs

Mandala Flower Designs.

Sometimes we lack something light, calm, and beautiful. There are artists who use flower petals, buds and seeds of plants to create improvised mandalas. Various leaves, stones, cones, shells, and other objects of the plant world can be used. Of course, they do not lay claim to religious significance, but still pleasing to the eye with beauty and harmony.

Designers do not stay aside and use magnificent mandala flower designs in their projects. I am sure you have already seen colorful mandala designs in various types and forms. They might be created using either one flower or a collection of different ones.

What do they all mean? Such mandala flower designs are all about hope, empathy, love, development, and passion. You can easily discover this type of design in artwork, publications, E-media, and etc. Moreover, it is a popular design for clothing, leather accessories, kitchenware, tattoos, and other decorative needs.

Mandala Creator Collection includes over 800 patterns to create your own unique mandalas. Whether you like lotus mandala designs or any other type – you will find a great choice of possible patterns. Do not limit yourself and feel free to use these mandala designs for whatever you want to discover endless possibilities. Besides 800 patterns with unlimited combinations, you will get the detailed video tutorials for your convenience. No need to spend too much time to start everything from scratch – combine these graphic components, modify them, and construct an exclusive design to your taste.

Mandala Creator Collection.

Mandala flowers look simply fascinating and mesmerizing, which makes them a great choice for any type of design from interior to web. In spite of mandala’s stunning beauty and extensive use is design, very few people know the actual meanings this lovely flower gives to their end-products.

As a matter of fact, the flower of life can signify a vast variety of emotions and things such as love, empathy, hope, passion, and development. Certainly, the meaning depends on a particular flower depicted on a mandala. Therefore, white rose symbolizes love and spiritual awakening, pink dahlia stands for self-love, white lily is a symbol of the options and right decisions, blue morning splendor signifies elegance, orange marigold represents timing, red begonia stands for equilibrium in one’s life, daffodil is a symbol of hope, dandelion means nerve and belief, and lotus implies development and enlightenment.

The most interesting thing about the meaning of the mandala flowers is the fact that quite often they do not coincide with the meanings that same flowers have in Western culture, which leads to misinterpretation of these sacred symbols.

Best 30+ Mandala Patterns in 2021

Mesmerizing mandala patterns perfectly work for various types of websites as well as multiple other design projects, which means that every self-respecting web developer or graphic designer has to have at least some of these gorgeous patterns and vectors in their elements collection. So in case you still do not have these breathtakingly beautiful elements or maybe you just want to add some new elements to your library, here are some lovely mandala patterns that you simply cannot miss.

8 Simple Mandala Images in 2021

First of all, let us start with simple mandala designs that will suit a vast variety of projects. So without further ado, let us dive in.

75 Circle Mandala by TSV Creative

Price: $18
A mystical option that will turn any of your projects into a true masterpiece, so do not waste your time any longer and try it.

300 Vector Mandala Ornaments by Pixaroma

Price: $29
A huge collection that will no doubt back you up in various situations. Well, if you are looking for something that will truly work for all occasions, then this one is definitely for you.

Mandala Collection [630 Elements] by Julia Dreams

Price: $23
An even bigger collection of unique minimalist mandala elements for all your current and future projects, so take a good hard look.

100 Mandalas Vector Set by Noree

Price: $4
Another lovely set that will add some magic to your projects.

Mandalas collection by Gulnara Sabirova

Price: $9
This one is a little collection that has the magic power to make all your dreams come true, so make sure to check it out.

9 Tribal Mandalas, Frames, Patterns by Marish

Price: $14
A minimalist option that will simply take your breath away. Well, if you are looking for something elegant and delicate, then this one is no doubt the way to go for you.

Watercolor & Gold Hand Drawn Mandala by Papatongartist

Price: $28
Well, a truly mesmerizing watercolor option for all the aesthetes out there, so follow the link above and take a closer look at this very elaborate beauty.

100 Vector Mandala Ornaments by Pixaroma

Price: $7
A classic collection, which will work for a vast variety of projects, so make sure to check this one out.

Awesome 10 Flower Mandala in 2021

If you are one of those people who want to concentrate on the mandala flower itself, here are some gorgeous examples that you might be interested in.

Circular Pattern in Form of Mandala with Lotus Flower

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
A truly stunning flower on the black background will no doubt hypnotize you with its minimalist yet elaborate beauty.

Mehndi Flower Pattern for Henna Drawing and Tattoo

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
A slightly unconventional option for those of you who would like to experiment a little bit.

Set of Round Gradient Mandala on White Isolated Background

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
This one is a colorful option for those of you who dare to use bright colors.

Mehndi Lotus Flower Pattern for Henna Drawing and Tattoo

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
Another mesmerizing lotus, which has this magical power to turn something ordinary into something breathtaking.

A Set of Four Mandalas with a Gradient Fill

Price: available within Premium Freepik License
One more colorful option for you, so do not hesitate and take a closer look at it.

Luxury Mandala Free Vector

Price: free
A luxurious freebie that will definitely win your heart at the very first sight. Well, why don’t you follow the link above and get it? It’s totally free.

Mandala Designs Collection Free Vector

Price: free
Another lovely freebie for those of you who are on a budget.

Flower Mandala Vector Image

Price: $14.99
One-of-a-kind black and white option that will back you up in any situation.

Mandala Floral Flower Oriental Circle Vector Image

Price: $14.99
One more mesmerizing and eye-catching option that will be a perfect tool for the creation of your masterpieces.

Mandala Sacred Geometry Vector Image

Price: $14.99
Another sophisticated flower on our list, so leave all your doubts behind and get it now.

TOP 7 Mandala Elephant 2021

In case you feel like you need something more than just a flower, then you are definitely going to be interested in these fabulous mandala elephants.

Hand Drawn Elephant Head on Mandala Background Vector Image

Price: $14.99
Mesmerizing and magical, this very vector is definitely something you want to have in your design elements collection.

Elephant Head Colored Vector Image

Price: $14.99
A colorful and hypnotizing option for those of you who want to add some bright colors to their projects.

Color Decorated Indian Elephant Vector Image

Price: $14.99
A little bit more playful option that will bring some fun vibes to your projects.

Dancing Ganesha Icon

Price: available within Vecteezy subscription
This one is a more traditional option that will add some ethnic vibes to your design.

Ganesha With Ornate Mandala

Price: available within Vecteezy subscription
One more traditional variant for your eye-catching designs.

Elephant Mandala SVG

Price: $3.43
A cute baby elephant that will simply melt your heart.

Elephant Mandala SVG

Price: $1.88
Simple yet still beautiful, this very little elephant is the way to go for you.

5 SVG Mandala Pictures


Price: free
A lovely freebie for all occasions.

Mandala Monogram SVG

Price: $3
An elegant and affordable option that you want to have a closer look at.

Sunflower SVG

Price: $3.74
Another hypnotizing option that has to be in your design elements collection.

Mandala SVG

Price: $1.20
Elegant and minimalist option for literally all occasions.

Mandala, SVG

Price: $3.43
The one that will fit pretty much any project.

Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards and Books

Another use of mandala designs is a postcard that you can paint, give to friends, be inspired, and inspire others. Usually, such a card has an original mandala to color on one side, and an inspirational quotation on the other.

Coloring mandala designs help to look inside yourself and your feelings, to understand yourself, to be able to focus on something truly important and not to miss the details. Mandalas help to understand and realize the most essential things. The ultramodern activity of coloring all kinds of mandalas is not just a tribute to the symbols of Buddhist mythology, but a tool for the development of thinking for children and relaxation for adults.

It is desirable to get mandala designs colored in 4 colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Of course, you can use other colors if you wish. By default, the picture is black and white, and any part of it can be left unpainted.

According to ancient legends, any man who starts coloring the mandala goes on a journey. By default, mandala drawing is considered perfect and therefore does not require any sort of corrections. You need to dive into the picture, paint the parts that you want, in any order or disorder, completely or partially.

Adults and children collect the full albums of colored mandala designs in the form of a postcard or a coloring book.

As an example, pay attention to a beautiful Mandala Coloring Book which is available at the discounted price now. You can easily download this book and get 12 EPS10 outline mandalas, 12 EPS10 colored mandalas, and 12 EPS10 quote pages. From easy mandala designs to more complicated ones – absolutely different mandala patterns are included in the package. It is still a great solution if you are looking for easy mandala designs to draw. The web is full of various tutorials and guides on how to draw mandala designs.

Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala coloring book is a tool for the work on your inner world when only the process itself is important. Not need to set any expectations, it is better to enjoy the process, and you will find much more than what you expect.

14 Black White Mandala Seamless Patterns

14 Black White Mandala Seamless Patterns.

Mandala Illustration Collection

10 Awesome Black&White Mandala Patterns

Black & White Mandala Patterns Collection

Black & White Mandala Patterns Collection

Free Simple Mandala Designs

Such an elaborate and sophisticated pattern as mandala seems to be extremely challenging to create especially for those who don’t have artistic skills. Yet nobody says it’s impossible and you can totally learn how to create simple mandala designs on your own. So if you are interested in that, you might want to check out this video guide or use some of the online tools that I have already mentioned above.

Well, in order to inspire you for using the flower of life in your current and future projects, here is a showcase of simple mandala designs.

How to draw a mandala in the fastest possible way?

If you don’t want to use our tool to create your first beautiful and totally symmetrical mandala, but want to try it on paper with pencils or felt-tip pens, we have prepared a quick 8-step instruction for you.

Step 1. Get your layout ready.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 1.

The base mandala consists of 6 main rays and several levels of drawings placed on these rays and between them. From the center you need to put points on each of the rays. The distance between the points increases twice with each next time.

Step 2. Fill in the center

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 2.

The easiest step in which you fill the center with symmetrical parts.

Step 3. Go on to drawing on the main lines.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 3.

When applying the first repeated drawings to the main lines, take into account how you will further fill the space between these lines.

Step 4. The drawing expands to the level of the second point on the lines.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 4.

Step 5. Close the first circuit.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 5.

In our case it is a wavy line consisting of two parts: green and blue sections. And we immediately fill in a new level of symmetrical elements, after closing the first level.

Step 6. Closing the second circuit.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 6.

Similar to the previous step, only slightly different drawing and closing the mandala on the second point on the lines.

Step 7 and 8. Final elements and closing the third circuit.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 7.

How to Draw a Mandala. Step 8.

Add final symmetrical elements and close the last mandala circuit.

Congratulations, your first ever mandala is ready.

If you suddenly decide not to waste time on creation, but just paint beautiful and professionally created mandalas, then pay attention to our product:

Mandala Coloring Book: 30 Printable Coloring Pages.

There are 30 different professional print-ready mandalas inside, which can be printed and painted to your liking.

Here is a video of how it looks:

Mandala Printable Coloring Pages

Get a few minutes of relaxation and color this mandala…

Amazing, would you say? Order it quickly 🙂

Mandala Design Trend. Where To Use?

Designers could not but react to the increasing popularity of mandala. Now you can come across a huge number of sophisticated mandala designs everywhere.

Mandala Creator Online

Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala Tattoo Designs. Man.

Mandala Tattoo Designs. Women.

Mandala tattoo or mandala henna designs are a sacred symbol. It is a popular symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism, which makes it religious by nature. There are various designs that represent the Sun, the Universe, and the Stars.

Henna mandala designs are not only about beauty and mystery, but it is also a magical talisman and magnet for good energy. That is why many tattoo lovers tend to decorate their body with this symbol, similar to the map of space.

The tattoo has a form of a complex geometric symbol. It is often an outer circle, which is inscribed in a square, which includes the second circle — the inner one. The square is oriented to the cardinal points, and in the center of the inner circle the main sacred symbol is displayed. It can be a God, an animal, a flower, or some writing.

Mandala designs and meanings can be adjusted to each person individually. You can hide a maze, zodiac circle, or dial-plate in the wheel of the world in the small mandala designs. Basically, the mandala is built of patterns and symbols that each person chooses according to his taste and preferences. Everyone adds a piece of his soul and his own meaning to this intricate drawing. The main idea of cool mandala designs is to protect the inner world of a man. This talisman helps to preserve the integrity of the soul and find peace.

Pinterest Collection by MasterBundles

Pinterest Collection by MasterBundles

Line 25 Free Mandala Vectors

Line 25 Free Mandala Vectors.

Espacio de Imagenes y Palabras

Espacio de Imagenes y Palabras.

Simple Mandala Pinterest Community

Simple Mandala Pinterest Community.

Freepik Vectors

Freepik Vectors.

Mandala Tattoo History

For more than 2000 years, people have decorated their bodies with elaborate mandalas of various shapes and forms. Perhaps the most popular ones are Tibetan drawings since they have been (and still are) used in spiritual practices. According to the Tibetan sages, such patterns emit weak frequencies and have a particular energy that helps to comprehend your inner self during meditations as well as to connect with the spirits of the nature or of those who passed away. Nowadays, mandala in a tattoo is believed to be some sort of an amulet that is supposed to help one find the right way in this life.

In fact, mandalas have been known since ancient times as images that help to achieve the wisdom of consciousness. According to Buddhists, these drawings can even carry a therapeutic effect. Thus, one just has to take a look at that image, consider all its symbols and consequently this very practice will help get rid of stress or a somatic disease. Moreover, this kind of treatment is valid for both children and adults.

The forms and shapes of mandalas differ from one nationality or tribe to another, but the most popular ones are circle, square, polygon, and even labyrinths. What is even more interesting about this very talisman is the fact that the Indians, the Celts, the Slavs, as well as many other peoples all around the globe have their variations and interpretations of a mandala, but they mean pretty much the same in all these cultures – the integrity of the universe and its basic laws.

What Is the Meaning of a Mandala Tattoo

As I have already mentioned, the meaning of such a tattoo is the connection with the universe, yet it slightly differs in various cultures. Thus, a Buddhist mandala tattoo for Tibetans is more than just an image of the universe since they believe that each little detail of the pattern is a tantra text encrypted with graphic symbols. That is why a mandala tattoo can be used for attracting luck, love, happiness, health, and other secular benefits that humans seek. However, only a person who understands the symbols can decipher the scheme, so one should take the choice of a sketch for such a tattoo very seriously.

For Hindus, a mandala tattoo represents spirit and being. Just like in other nations, geometric figures mean the basic principles of the universe. Mandala can also protect against hostile influence and symbolize the center of the spirit and strength of a person.


In Buddhism and Judaism, mandalas meant a lot — they were the object of worship, symbolizing the Universe. Ancient people painted them, embroidered on clothes, made patterns of sand, used mandalas for meditation and all other kinds of rituals.

Today mandalas are very popular. They are used in interior design, “art therapy”, and help to get closer to the fulfillment of desires. Thus, while coloring a geometric mandala pattern, a person meditates and get his consciousness to a positive wave.

Play with your favorite mandala designs, use them for any life sphere, or just take colored pencils and go on a journey full of creativity and serenity!

Video About Mandala Designs Post

Mandala art has become widely used in design. Mandala is a complex geometric structure, symbolizing the world order. In fact, it is nothing but a model of the Universe. In the post “Mandala Designs 2020: Tattoo, Flowers, Mandala Creator Online and Free Simple”…

Mandala Designs FAQ

❄ Is it better to create a mandala design by myself or to buy it?

Of course, you can create such a design by yourself as it’s described in the article. But if you don’t want to waste your time on creating, download some great ones made especially by designers who can make them professionally.

❄ Can I have some discounts on MasterBundle?

Yes, it’s totally possible because MasterBundles often offers discounts. To know about them first, visit the main page quite regularly and subscribe to the newsletter below the page.

❄ Is it better to purchase mandala designs or use free ones?

It depends on your taste and budget. If you can afford, buy them. But if you’ve found one that you really like, and it’s free, download this one.

❄ Are mandala elements still relevant in 2020?

Well, hell yeah! All jokes aside, such a pattern is definitely still relevant and will be trendy for a while in the future. The most important thing here is not to overdo it and keep it simple since minimalism is the dominant trend now.

❄ What types of websites will benefit from this design element?

Mandala is a floral pattern, which means that it is a great solution for blogs, fashion and jewelry stores, and personal websites.

❄ Where can I find premium mandala vectors and patterns?

You can find those at MusterBundles, so you might want to check out 14 Black and White Mandala Patterns or 20+ Mandala Illustration Bundle Collection.

Mandala Creator Online

Please take a moment to pin this post to Pinterest

A selection of mandalas in the Pinterest format.
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This article is inspired by and relies on the following references:

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Article reviewed by Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center
review image
Article reviewed by Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center
on September 11, 2020

Valeriya Dukhopelnykova, founder of Mandala Art Coach Center, founder, and CEO at the Training Center Valeriya Dukhopelnykova

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1 year ago

How do all the same fascinate mandala designs. You can just take and stick on such an article for an hour. Because in order to carefully consider each mandala I need 10-15 minutes and all the time I find there something new in the pattern for myself. Incredible simplicity and beauty in symmetry.

1 year ago

I decided! So you know that it is because of you that I’ll go and get a tattoo for myself. I have long wanted to fill my own mandala but did not find a suitable design. And then you saw the Mandala Creator Collection and disappeared. I was able to do myself what I want and now I can’t imagine how I can live without her. I will do it – I will definitely send a photo 🙂

1 year ago

Mandala Designs 2019

Very weird headline. You might think that the design of the mandala in 2019 will be something very different from 2018 and 2017? This is not a new fashion trend – it is a drawing through time and space. Thousands more years will pass, and the mandala will still be relevant and popular, and its pattern is unlikely to change much, so that you have to make a separate selection with the year

Oh yes, do not forget to do more Mandala Designs 2020 🙂

1 year ago

May I ask? And why in the collection in this article you did not include postcards with a mandala from your vendor: https://masterbundles.com/vendor/best-postcards-shop/

Here there is absolutely amazing work and very beautiful. I found it by chance and bought almost all of them. Articles like write good, but do not show your work in them.

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