Interview with Painter, Illustrator and 3D Modeler – Lilia

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By: Liza Koenhoven December 18, 2018 4 minutes
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Today we are happy to introduce you a talented artist from Yugoslavia, a top vendor at MasterBundles, painter, illustrator and 3D modeler Lilia also known as ArtPlanet.

The Shop of Vendor Art Planet

Let’s start!

I think that we are all successful as long as we don’t stop doing what we love.

– What originally made you want to become an


It’s not something you want it’s something that just happens to you.
My passion for art has always been present. The art makes me feel happy and fulfilled.
It makes me feel alive. A world without art would be an empty and dark abyss.

– Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?

I think there’s no creative process in art. I just follow my imagination. Then the rest follows of its own accord.

– How do you keep up on current design trends?

In my opinion the Internet is the main source of information today. I don’t limit myself to follow the trends.
I try to combine different elements and create something new. I try to express my own vision of art.


– Who have been major influences in your career?

I’ve always been fascinated by Salvador Dalì and the Surrealist movement. I’ve also been inspired
by Impressionism and distinctive Impressionist colors, warm lights against cold ones, especially by Claude Monet.

– What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

I admire Walt Disney and Dreamworks. I think that all their projects are amazing.
In my opinion, their techniques, animations, and characters have considerably improved over the last years.
I think that we should constantly strive to improve ourselves. We don’t need to accept our limitations.
We need and we can always try to become a better version of ourselves.

– Tell me about your experience working remotely. What do you feel is important to make sure the work gets done efficiently?

I don’t think in terms of efficiency. I think that passion, energy and imagination are ingredients to success. I do what I love. I try to learn something new every day. I constantly try to improve myself and become better.


– How do you measure the success of your designs?

I think that we are all successful as long as we don’t stop doing what we love. Doing what I do makes me happy. My happiness defines my success.

– What would you say is your strongest skill?

Passion, discipline, and determination. In my opinion, these are the main ingredients to make the impossible possible.

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