Hottest Graphic Design News: What Happened in the Creative World in Summer 2022?

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Hottest Graphic Design News: What Happened in the Creative World in Summer 2022? [Audio Version]
Hottest Graphic Design News: What Happened in the Creative World in Summer 2022? [Audio Version]

Hello, creative soul! Let’s get straight to the point – we’ve put together some interesting graphic design news to keep you up to date. This is a new format and we will be very happy if you support it. Then, our designer and copywriter Lera will monitor and collect actual news for you more often. Leave your comments, so we know that you like it. Or not ๐Ÿ™‚

Artificial Intelligence MidJourney AI Art

MidJourney AI Art by David Holtz can generate an image from any author’s text. This project appeared in February 2022, but it completely conquered the art community this summer.

The pictures of this neural network are very dynamic and stylish โ€“ this excited artists and designers. The fact that robots can replace humans sounds scary though, doesn’t it?

Collage of images from MidJourney AI Art.

But the neural network is unlikely to take work from designers because it does not generate its ideas. AI learns and improves its skills at the request of users and, based on the work of other people, gives its result. If you look at the paintings longer, you will see that they are similar to each other and they have a lot of visual problems. So pump your creativity and then everything will be ok with work!

Do you think artificial intelligence will replace designers? Letโ€™s discuss it in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Collage of images showing artificial intelligence search results.

Bugattiโ€™s New Branding Identity

Another news in graphic design was a new Bugatti visual concept. As global trends change, the brand plans to expand beyond luxury cars and expand its business. To do this, a new corporate identity was created, which will be suitable for other products.

The new bright blue color references the French origins and the logo with the iconic initials of Ettore Buggati. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, the Bugatti designers were clearly inspired by the brutalist style.

Image collage with photos of Bugatti cars.

Microsoft Releases Its Emojis to the Public

Microsoft icons are now available for anyone to download and edit on GitHub and Figma. They are available in 4 formats: PNG, color, flat and one-color options in SVG.

Icons are available under the MIT license and have no restrictions on their use.

Visually, the icons look cool, quite voluminous, and cute. But the opinions of users are ambiguous โ€“ there are still many iOS emoji lovers. And which side are you on? ๐Ÿ™‚

Microsoft emoji image on white background.

New Retro Identity for Furniture Brand Symbol

Our selection of web design news includes the new visual concept of Symbol. It is a brand of storage systems and Hi-Fi furniture aimed at vinyl lovers. However, they decided to add modern concepts to their visual style.

In the new visual image, the brand’s connection with the musical space only intensifies. This is indicated by the letter “S”, which resembles a turntable. The geometric design reflects Symbol’s modular design philosophy. It’s a cool case of visual and production synergy.

According to the studio, the 50s – 70s provided a rich source of inspiration for the new identity. This means that the retro style is relevant, so use it in your designs.

Photo collage in retro style.

Concept space for L’Orรฉal

One of the latest graphic design news is the creation of the universal Design Studio space for L’Orรฉal. The design team was inspired by the ocean and wanted to show that cosmetics should be made with respect for the water.

Through a combination of digital and physical, the L’Orรฉal team wanted to help brand representatives and consumers better understand beauty products.

The space turned out to be very futuristic and seems to immerse you in the marine world thanks to the blue glow, the shapes of the furniture, and the location in the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco.

A collage of photographs of rooms illuminated by blue light and with round objects.

Figma’s New Goodies

Figma is a very user-friendly software for web and graphic designers. It deservedly takes place in graphic design news articles.

Let’s quickly go through the latest updates:

  • Pencil strokes are no longer cut off and do not break automatic compositing in frames.
  • Now you can organize gradients faster. You need to double-click the gradient points to distribute them evenly.
  • If a top-level frame is selected, Figma will now select all subsequent registered top-level frames.
  • Hurray, now you can quickly align objects without unnecessary grouping / ungrouping. You just need to select the objects and click on the alignment buttons while holding the Shift key.
  • You can now preserve formatting, including bullets and text styles, when pasting between text nodes.
  • Text alignment shortcuts also work when you apply them inside a text field.
  • You can follow the links in the comments without interrupting the interstitial ad.

We hope you enjoyed our digest! If we missed some hot news, share it in the comments!

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