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Floral Pattern. Even if you live in a desert or big city you are still surrounded by flora. Dry and prickly bushes, trees growing on the sidewalks and in the parks, flowers that your mom or granny keeps on the window sill or balcony – you see those almost every day. The images of nature, animal and floral patterns are the most common pictures for any human being. From the moment people learned to create floral patterns on cloth – they started to use it for lots of things. Clothes, furniture, accessories, house design – people decorated themselves and their surrounding with floral patterns from the beginning of the 14th century. And now, when a great part of our life is spent on the internet, we also use it for the website design.

Clothes, furniture, accessories, house design – people decorated themselves and their surrounding with floral patterns from the beginning of the 14th century. And now, when a great part of our life is spent on the internet, we also use it for the website design.

Floral Pattern Trends in 2020

You might wonder whether the floral pattern is still trendy and relevant in 2020 and my answer is sure it is. In fact, it is a classic pattern that was, is, and will be popular in all types of design and web design is not an exception. That means that having a decent collection of flower patterns in your graphic design elements library is a must for pretty much every self-respecting designer. Moreover, this very collection has to be constantly updated.

Certainly, when it comes to getting new design elements, you want to make sure that the ones you are going to pick are trendy and on point. So what is the main trend for such classic patterns as floral one in 2020? Of course, it is minimalism. Simplicity in everything is a dominant trend of 2020, so even if you are using such a bright and eye-catching element as a flower pattern, you must be very careful and keep everything simple and elegant.

TOP 5 Floral Patterns Bundles

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🌼 Floral Pattern Trends in 2020: PNG, Vector, Vintage, Wallpapers
100+ Amazing Floral Patterns and Elements
🌼 Floral Pattern Trends in 2020: PNG, Vector, Vintage, Wallpapers
99 Autumn Vector Bundle. Monoline Floral Elements
Floral Vintage Vector Illustrations [96 Items, EPS + PNG]
1900+ Best Hand Drawn Flowers And Patterns Bundle 2020
Floral Wedding Invitation Bundle
Sensations Wreath Creator + Pattern Collection
🌼 Floral Pattern Trends in 2020: PNG, Vector, Vintage, Wallpapers
Spring Watercolor Illustrations: Girls + Free Bonus

Luckily, I am always here to have your back and provide you with some fancy up-to-date patterns for all occasions. So today, I would like to show you these absolutely amazing flower patterns that will make your 2020 projects simply breathtaking. Well, get ready, here they come.

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Alicia Mula, from Freepik photo
—Alicia Mula, Graphic Design Manager from Freepik

How to design an eye-catching pattern?

To design an eye-catching floral pattern we must previously create a harmonious color palette with vivid colors. We need to take into account the size of the flowers and leaves and the proportion between them, and the space between elements. It is usually better not to leave many spaces between elements: it is also recommended to create bouquets of flowers and leaves and add some of them loose to complete those gaps so that the pattern looks quite complete.

What should be paid attention to when creating it? What should beginners pay attention to?

We must pay attention to current trends, both graphic design and illustration, as well as to decoration and fashion. Especially this last discipline usually marks the references of prints and
embroidery, both in style and color and concepts, which will be transferred to graphic design later.

Some floral trends that we can already see in the design of patterns, are the 70's style, the Ditsy floral (patterns set with small and colorful flowers) and the tropical one.

When we design a pattern, in addition to the technical issues mentioned above, we must bear in mind that the style and type of flowers we design must be consistent. That is, the drawing style is homogeneous, and the flowers and leaves are not a mixture of winter flowers with other tropical ones, for example.

What trends will be fashionable and in demand in 2020?

As mentioned before, we have to keep an eye on fashion to see what would be on trend. Right now, the trend in floral patterns is for color palettes to be not necessarily realistic, but more expressive. It's time to embrace your creativity!

100+ Amazing Floral Patterns and Elements

Price: $24
A bundle that contains more than 100 unique floral patterns and elements is something every self-respecting graphic designer should have, so do not hesitate and get this with no exaggeration amazing collection.

5 Free Floral Patterns from WowPatterns

Price: free
A freebie that will perfectly work for various types of projects, so what are you waiting for? Follow the link above and download it, it’s completely free.

Floral Tenderness: hand-drawn floral elements

Price: $14
Another elegant, sophisticated, and simply breathtaking collection that you cannot miss. Well, don’t waste your time and check out this very collection now.

Spring Vibes: Hand-drawn Floral Elements

Price: $17
Spring Vibes is a stunning minimalist option that will no doubt be your love at first sight, so make sure to take a good hard look at this one.

Neon Tropic Digital Papers by AquarelloAquarelle

Price: $9
An unconventional, daring, and eye-catching option for those of you who are not afraid of bright colors and experimenting with textures.

Baby Elephant in Peach by DarinaDigital

Price: $6
A simply adorable option for those of you who are currently looking for something sweet and cute.

Watercolor Flowers Graphic Bundle by Ollalya

Price: $30
Another breathtakingly beautiful bundle that will back you up in literally any situation. So go ahead and get these lovely watercolor flowers for your library.

The Vintage Flowers & More Bundle by Vector Hut

Price: $29
One more elegant bundle, which will no doubt help you bring your project to the top. Well, stop hesitating and just get it, you will not regret this decision, I promise.

Colorful Floral Pattern

Price: $1.50
A mesmerizing option for quite an affordable price, so there is no valid reason against following the link above and getting it.

Roses Digital Download Floral Pattern

Price: $2.75
Another beautiful and rather affordable option for you, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Digital Paper | Floral Patterns | 30 backgrounds

Price: $4.99
A decent collection that will back you up in various situations and emergencies, so make sure to take a closer look at this lovely collection.

Watercolor Floral Digital Paper, Seamless Floral Pattern

Price: $2.95
A bright and colorful option that has that almost magical power to make any project eye-catching and one-of-a-kind.

Watercolor Roses Digital Scrapbook Paper

Price: $3.25
Another mesmerizing watercolor option for those of you who appreciate true elegance and sophisticated beauty. Well, if you are in an active search for something like that, go ahead and take a look at this very classy collection.

Seamless Floral Pattern in Vector

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
Designed in dark colors, this very elegant pattern will simply take your breath away, so why don’t you give it a try? It’s certainly worth it.

Beach Cheerful Seamless Pattern Wallpaper

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A playful and colorful tropical option that will add some summer vibes to your project, so go ahead and get it, it’s worth a shot.

Dogwood Flowers Seamless Pattern on Pink Background

Price: free
This one is an adorable freebie that will perfectly work for various types of projects, so just follow the link above to download it because it’s something you want to have in your collection.

Beautiful Vintage Pink And Red Roses Textile Vector Background

Price: available within Vecteezy subscription
An old-fashioned option, which can turn any ordinary project into a stunning one.

Floral Seamless Pattern of Magnolia and Orchid Flowers Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik subscription
Another elegant and simply breathtaking pattern on our list, so without further ado just follow the link above and check this cutie out.

Natural Background with Colorful Painted Flowers Free Vector

Price: free
One more gorgeous freebie for those of you who want to get a great product for free.

Watercolor Floral Seamless Pattern

Price: free
A free option that looks as great as a premium one, so make sure do download it.

A short history of floral pattern

It could be surprising and a little funny but the global history of flower pattern evolves through some concrete flower images. In different countries grow different plants but the secret of painting flowers on the cloth was a treasure. So, till the end of 17th-century European nobles used the fabrics made in India or China, which used some certain flower patterns. Only after the Industrial Revolution, a fabric with floral patterns became cheap enough to widely use it not only for the expensive dresses but also for wallpaper, furniture, and house accessories. But let’s take a brief look at the “evolution road” of floral pattern.

Peonies Floral Pattern

Solar Light Peonies PNG Watercolor Set

The first people who started to paint flowers on the silk were Chinese. And of course, they preferred to do peonies, which were stated as the “emperors of flowers”. Painted silk was extremely popular in 600-900 AD in China and merchants brought it to Europe. That is also a Japanese floral pattern they took from Chinese who were their closest neighbor. Before that time peonies were known only in China, so in this case, the floral pattern helped to make a flower widely known in Europe.

Tulips and pomegranates Floral Pattern

Wildflower Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set

The next ones to dictate the fashion trends in Europe were Persians. They created heavy velvet fabric with tulips and pomegranate floral patterns which was actively bought by Italians in the 17th century. Trade contracts between the Ottoman Empire and Italy filled the markets of Europe with beautiful fabric and that affected the way nobles’ appearance. Not only women changed their look but also men (yeah, guys want to look marvelous and trendy too).

Revolution in floral patterns: chintz

It is an exception in “flower evolution” of floral patterns. Indian chintz brought by England and Dutch merchants in the 18-19th century didn’t show some single specific flower. It was brightly decorated with dozens of different flowers instead. Local merchandisers had no idea how do Indians paint that fabric. The secret was broken in 1759 and after the automation of the process that fabric became affordable for and middle class, not only for the rich ones.

Daisies, carnations, and roses

In 18th-century precious silk brocades and printed cotton was decorated with the floral patterns of daisies, carnations, and roses. In 1780th bright colored fabrics were very popular and the images of flowers were made big and colorful. However, during the next decade, small flowers on the light background came to popularity.


In the time of Queen Victoria reign poet and artist William Morris made a simple and common flower a popular pattern. Sunflower started to appear on fabrics, wallpaper and fireplace tiles, jewelry and home accessories like napkins and tablecloth. Despite its simple form and common look sunflower is a very elegant flower that could decorate anything. That Victorian floral pattern is sometimes used even nowadays.

Flower Power of 20th century

Floral patterns became especially popular in America in the 20th century. I bet everyone has seen that “granny” sofas or armchairs covered with light fabric with little flowers. However, floral patterns were used for wallpapers, bathroom tiles, and rugs too. Those patterns were bright and usually combined with similarly bright geometry patterns.

Actually, as you can see, the floral pattern was used during the whole human history – in painted, embroidered or printed form. And thus there’s nothing to be surprised of, that it is now used not only for the physical objects but for the virtual too.

What could you use a floral pattern for?

It could be obvious but it is never bad to repeat some obvious things. Sometimes the facts that are obvious for you will be a surprise for another person. In website design, you can use the floral pattern not only for the background (yep, I know it is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about using floral patterns for web design). I will list the ways you can use it and who knows – maybe this will give you insight?

Floral pattern background

Floral Tenderness: hand-drawn floral elements

Even now flowers are used in interior design for wallpapers or wall paintings. The website we create is our little “home” on the internet, so there’s nothing strange that we want to decorate it with the floral pattern too. Flowers or leaves won’t suit for every type of website but nature gives us so many forms that you don’t need to use, literally, flowers. Patterns inspired by the leaf veins or tree bark could also look very cool.

Floral pattern vector icons

To decorate the page and replace the dull “dots” in a bulleted list with more interesting and attractive pictures. It is very important not to overdo. If there will be a huge bunch of different pictures the design will look messy and overcrowded.

Vector floral pattern logo

Trio of Duos: 3 Wreath Creators and 3 tandem bicycles
The situation is the same as with the icons here. The logo is one of the faces of your company and it is important that it looks laconic and makes the viewer understand what do you do. Floral patterns, in this case, could help to express some emotion or idea.

Floral pattern font

Plants inspire artist for creation for a very long time. Web artists are no exception. That’s why there are lots of floral pattern fonts where creators use flowers and leaves as a decoration for letters. And once again – don’t overdo. A beautiful header typed with flower font will be quite enough, there’s no need to use it for all the text on the page.

Floral pattern website design examples

When you want to create something it is much easier to start when you saw how the other people did it. I’m not telling about stealing someone’s idea but about going through the examples to work out your own solution. Of course, there are lots of websites which use floral patterns in their design. I’m going to show you a few of them so you could understand in what way to apply floral patterns to your website’s look to make it stylish and up to date.

This company creates flower compositions for weddings and beautifully decorated with floral patterns header perfectly presents the essence of their work. The flowers on the picture are added from photos, but they are customized in the way they start looking as hand-painted images. Such a variant of floral pattern usage creates an elegant and sophisticated appearance which is just what a florist firm needs.
Café Frida

That is my favorite way of using floral patterns. Hand-dawn flowers spread without concrete order over the field – beautiful like hand-painted fabric. That background makes this Canadian café website look cozy and trendy at the same time. Smooth animation effects added by the developer add some dynamics and the feeling of motion.
Church Street Flowers

On this website, floral patterns are used only on a logo and as a photo background but still, those are flower images. The design of the site is minimalistic but thanks to the flower photos it looks bright. I like websites like that – there’s nothing redundant, only the information you need for making a decision or ordering service.

This is a personal portfolio website of a designer and it is decorated with not only floral patter but also with a hand-drawn nature picture. However, there are trees and flowers on that image so it could be considered as a floral pattern. The picture is drawn in a modern minimalistic way which is extremely popular nowadays. And in general, the website looks very modern.
Angie Makes

The artist who owns this website uses watercolor floral patterns she painted to highlight her works and make the pages look special. She draws marvelous fonts and for each of them and creates a stunning cover for each of them. You can also use some nice pictures to decorate the tiles and windows.

How to create your own repeating floral pattern in Photoshop?

If you want to place a custom floral pattern wallpaper to the background of your website, you can create it by yourself without any problems. The process is very simple, I’ll show it to you in details, step by step. Go to your Photoshop and click File > Open to open the image you want to transform into a pattern. That could be either a little icon or a bigger picture a part of which you would like to cut off.

If you have a big picture, mark the piece you would like to use as a pattern with Rectangular Marquee Tool. If you have a little icon click Select > All and it will mark the whole picture area as selected.

Now open Edit > Define pattern. When a pattern creation window will appear – name the pattern and hit the “OK” button. Congrats, you have your pattern saved!

Open a new file. The size doesn’t matter – you can always crop the image to fit the required for your site height and width. Go to Edit > Fill, in the opened window choose “Pattern” in the Contents drop-down menu and choose a saved pattern in the Custom Pattern drop-down. Leave the opacity on 100%.

If you will leave “Script” option unmarked, you will have something like that:

You can also choose a script and try to mix a pattern layout you like. After a few minutes of playing I created this floral pattern:

As you can see – there’s nothing complicated here. You can create a vivid background for your website really quickly.

Ready-made floral patterns

Despite creating a wallpaper is not a complicated task, a professionally designed floral pattern could make your website look really solid. Buying floral pattern PNG’s separately on the stock photo websites will be, obviously, too expensive. However, there’s a trick all experienced web designers use in their work to save some money – they buy bundles.

The bundle is a collection of items packed into a “box” and sold as one. Usually, you don’t need all the products placed into bundle but they could come in handy in future projects, so that is quite profitable. A cost of a bundle is sufficiently lower than the combined price of all the items in it. If you want to act like a professional designer – go take a look at the MasterBundles library of floral pattern bundles. They contain beautiful and elegant elements you can use to decorate your website. Here are a few examples:
Floral Vintage Vector Illustrations

Vintage floral patterns are very popular and they fit perfectly for café websites, photo studios or wedding portals. You can also create posters, invitations or interior design elements with it. The bundle contains 96 .eps and 96 .png files so you can work with them both on Illustrator and Photoshop. This bundle is also versatile; every floral vector pattern could be used endlessly for different purposes.
Autumn Splendor

These are exceptionally sophisticated and elegant watercolor floral patterns. I love that bundle very much, that style is my favorite one and it is a top trend of 2019. The bundle contains 129 .png files in high resolution. There are 5 A3 backgrounds and 4 A4 backgrounds that will suit perfectly for the included grey and red floral patterns. Thanks to the included templates you will be able to quickly create a business card, flyer, invitation or Thanksgiving postcard.
Collection of Floristic Cliparts

Watercolor design is one of the most frequently used for the websites created in 2018 and 2019. That’s why a watercolor floral pattern collection would be an excellent purchase that could help you to build lots of marvelous projects. The bundle includes 88 floral patterns, 20 big wreaths, corners, frames and compositions, and even 25 watercolor backgrounds.


Floral patterns could help you to create a trendy and fashionable look on your website even if you prefer a minimalistic look. Lots of business niches allow web developers to use flowers and leaves in their background or other elements. I’m sure that almost any website will shine if you use a floral pattern in its design but it is only up to you. Good luck!

Floral Pattern FAQ

🌺 Is floral pattern still relevant in 2020?

Yes, it is. Furthermore, it is a classic pattern that is going to be relevant in design and fashion pretty much forever. So if you are still hesitating whether you need some of these patterns or not, just leave all your doubts behind and get them because you will definitely need those.

🌻 Where can I purchase decent floral patterns?

Many modern marketplaces offer a vast variety of patterns, including floral ones. Thus, make sure to check out what such marketplaces as MasterBundles, Creative Market, Freepik, or Etsy have got to offer you.

🌹 How much does a flower pattern cost?

On average, the prices vary from $1.5 to $30. However, expensive options are usually collections or bundles, which means that getting an expensive one is actually more profitable.

🌷 Can I make this pattern on my own?

Of course, you can. Head to the “How to create your own repeating floral pattern in Photoshop?” section in order to find out all the details.

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review image
Article reviewed by Alicia Mula, from Freepik
on May 15, 2020

Graphic Design Manager from Freepik

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Floral Pattern Lover
Floral Pattern Lover

I open the article and the first floral pattern in the heart. How I love all these things of yours.

The client asks to make a summer design of paper cups for coffee and cocktails in one style. Nothing better than delicate flowers, I can not think of. Yes, it seems to me and do not need to invent.

Tina Z
Tina Z

A very detailed article with cool examples. But even this is not its main value. And it’s just that here you can take it yourself and clearly follow the instructions to make your floral pattern in Photoshop. This is a direct magical feeling when you take it yourself and make a cool pattern out of nothing. Thank you for that!

Kseniya G.
Kseniya G.

I really liked this product of yours: https://masterbundles.com/downloads/collection-of-floristic-cliparts/ about which you write at the very end of the article. This is not only a floral pattern, but also cool backgrounds.

I have only one question. Why so cheap? Only $ 12 for such a huge bundle, which costs 130. That is, you have written that 130, and I think that it’s actually more expensive.

What’s the catch? You do not fool?

Kseniya G.
Kseniya G.

So, I did not wait for your answer and went to buy πŸ™‚

I thought that everything would be complicated, but the checkout procedure is really quite simple. And most importantly, the entire archive with the clipart and backgrounds came to the mail almost immediately.

In vain I only worried and thought badly of you. Sorry for that πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a cool site where you can save a ton of money.

So that later you have the money and spend on something else beautiful πŸ™‚


Nice color combinations and Floral Patterns, thanks for the suggestions, I really wish I could select something about my working bundles that are needed!

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