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Massive Font Bundle – 197 fonts | 97% off

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Get 52 typefaces including 197 fonts + tons of graphics and logo templates for just $38, saving you 97%! 

Value of this bundle is $1163. Now you can get this collection for $38, saving you 97%!

This bundle comes with a regular license that grants you to:

  • Use for Commercial Use
  • Use in Unlimited Number of Projects
  • Create Unlimited End Products For Sale

Typefaces included –

  • Golden Bird 
  • Fonatik 
  • Sugar Spice 
  • Signature VP
  • Hashtag Moderna
  • Dark Heart 
  • Highway 
  • Ravenside 
  • Georgia 
  • Malancholy 
  • Mad House 
  • Horizon 
  • Desislava 
  • Knowhere 
  • Fancy 
  • Opinio 
  • Summer 
  • Elena 
  • Rhino 
  • Varna 
  • Rimini 
  • Alexandria 
  • Just Because 
  • Pinchik 
  • Aria 
  • BluPurpl 
  • Echo 
  • Elephant 
  • Kalpazan 
  • Maria 
  • Young Rebel 
  • Irina 
  • Cvetanoff 
  • Pandora 
  • Good Wish 
  • Kocka 
  • Vovchik 
  • Komorebi 
  • Spring Vibe 
  • Splendor 
  • April 
  • Jane Doe 
  • Gentleman 
  • Golden Age 
  • RoseGold 
  • Godlike 
  • Delicious Yellow 
  • Selfish 
  • Nova 
  • Emanuela 
  • Mikaela 
  • Octopus

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you! Enjoy!

What Are Fonts and Why Are They Important?

Font is a graphic representation of written text. We could also define it as a design pattern of a set of letters and characters. With various shapes, point sizes, weight, and shade, fonts in many instances determine the style of overall design. The pricing on a font range between $7 to $100 depending on the marketplace and author.

What Are The Types of Fonts?

There are 5 major types of fonts. Serifs are more traditional, they can be easily recognized by small lines attached to letters. Sans-Serifs are a newer type, and characters are without tiny lines on their ends. Slab-serifs are massive and blocky, these fonts contribute substance to the design. Scripts mimic hand writing and also have interconnected letters. Stencil fonts have round edges and narrow strokes, rely on them to make an artistic headline.

How Can Fonts Impact Impression of the Product or Company?

In the case of setting up banner ads, one needs to take the selection of font rather seriously. Ad banner designers should opt for those styles of web fonts that will correspond to the atmosphere of their advertisement.

The web font itself does not simply bring details in a form of text but also fills it on an emotional level, provided one is applied appropriately. Normally, the advertising text shows the reader an idea of the brand’s product/service, which suggests a properly-chosen font will only help with the desired aesthetic effect.

What Exactly Are Font Kits and What Is Their Price?

A web font package is basically a range of various two to fifteen web fonts available at more affordable price. One of the benefits of purchasing packages is that they cost a little bit more than one web font does, provided they are on discount. The regular value of a font set on our website is only $2-20. But hurry up: the life cycle of each bundle goes on for less than five days.

I Have Not Found Any Desirable Fonts in This Package. What to Do?

No worries ! MasterBundles.com features hundreds of various bundle options for different events and designs. Just check out our site and you’ll surely find something to your preference and requirements.

What Other Web Bundles Do You Offer on MasterBundles.com?

Aside from font packages, we have plenty of useful web design & development kits to provide. Those can have an incredible influence on your performance if you are a UX/UI designer or illustrator. Those are pre-made sets with premium infographic elements, vector illustrations, WordPress templates, and in general, graphic sets with numerous products combined. All those kits are super cost-effective throughout the promo period, so you better keep an eye on those discounts before time runs out!

TOP 5 Font Bundles 2018

Title Bundle Provider Numer of Fonts Price
Amazing Handwritten Fonts Bundle Kelly Reed 3 $9
10 Versatile Simple Clean Fonts DesignStudio 10 $9
29 Fonts for Commercial Use DesignStudio 29 $10
Premium HandMade Fonts Bundle DesignStudio 10 $9
TypeFaith Grunge Bundle LeonHulst 18 $9

What’s MasterBundles.com?

MasterBundles.com is an online marketplace. On our resource, professional designers sell their creations at the best prices. We offer the very best design bundles out there, and our bundles are well reviewed by clients. Check out our blog, it is full of useful and motivating information for successful designers. Additionally, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out about our special discounts. There are always discount codes and promotional codes offered to cut the prices to a minimum.

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