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25+ Best Apple Watch Faces in 2022

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By: Liza Koenhoven December 28, 2021 17 minutes

Apple Watch Faces. A watch is an essential accessory for nearly every person. Therefore, it should be concise, simple, and easy to use. A watch is more than just a piece of jewelry. Apple Watch’s are commonly being replaced for traditional watches as it helps keep track of time and also shows blood oxygen levels, measures your pulse, activity, sleep quality, and keeps you updated with social media.

Now that Apple Watches have become a must-have everyday accessory, it is clear that you would want a wallpaper to diversify each of your looks.

The Apple Watch is very easy to set up, and with our collection of outstanding designs, you can change the watch faces and complete your outfits with such a small and trendy accessory. So, check out this sought-after selection and be extraordinary with us!

How do faces work on the Apple Watch?

In a nutshell, a .watchface is a file that contains a template with data. In particular, about base dial, set of colors, and complications that are used in the design of the custom dial. It’s also worth noting that personal user data is not contained in the watch face template.

For example, the watch face with activity rings and calendar does not retain information about schedules of different events, but displays them. It will show the relevant data only after installation on the specific Apple Watch.

The Best Apple Watch Faces 2022

Cool Apple Watch Faces

Star Trek Animated Apple Watch Face

Apple watch with Star Trek fonts.

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This apple watch face design will get you into the space mood. If you enjoyed this amazing fantasy movie, then you will surely like this product.

Price: $7

Anime Apple Watch Wallpaper

Apple watch with Pink background and anime girl.

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Many teens like anime. It has become trendy to have merch connected to this popular Asian genre and this cute apple watch face was designed for anime lovers. 🙂

Price: Free

Star Wars Apple Watch Face

Apple wath face with Star Wars stormtrooper.

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Star Wars is a franchise that captivated the hearts of many! Now, it is available as a background for your apple watch.

Price: Free

Harry Potter Apple Watch Face

Black background with white sign'Harry Potter'.

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It would be quite unbelievable if you say that you haven’t watched the magical story at Hogwarts, yet! If you are a true fan, grab this popular apple watch face image and feel unique.

Price: Free

Gucci apple watch face

Black bacground with gold Gucci logo.

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Recently there was the release of an entertaining film, titled, “House of Gucci.” This face is for those who love Gucci or simply those who are into fashion!

Price: Free

Stranger Things Logo

Black bacground with red sign'Stranger things'.

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Well, this series is great. So are their popular apple watch faces.

Price: Free

Elegant Apple Watch Faces

Pastel Animal Print Apple Watch Faces

Pink background with different colors stripes.

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This aesthetic apple watch wallpaper looks very stylish and elegant.

Price: $2

Sunset Apple Watch Face

Stylized as mountain and sun painted on papyrus.

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This chic apple watch background will add on notes of elegance to your look.

Price: $1.10

Black White Apple Watch Simple Wallpaper

Apple watch with gradient black to white face.

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What can be simpler and stylish than the usual monochrome? This apple watch face image looks truly elegant.

Price: $1.80

Minimal Abstract Mountain Face

Apple watch with abstract mountains on the face.

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Are you looking for something unusual? We’ve found something for you!

Price: $2.39

Jing face

Apple watch with half round clock face.

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This one is for the gentlemen who want to look stylish and formal.

Price: Free

Nike Apple Watch Face

Black backround with white Nike logo.

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Nike apple watch face design is suitable for its minimalistic and modern look.

Price: Free

White Apple Watch Face Wallpaper

Ligt grey background with white cassette tape.

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Again, minimalism is not wrong. The same rule can be used when choosing the best apple watch wallpapers.

Price: $Free

Christmas Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch Wallpaper Merry Christmas

Apple watch with red Marry Christmas face.

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Christmas time is around. Do you feel this festive spirit? If not, try this background for your apple watch 😉

Price: $2.57

Retro Santa Apple Watch Face

Apple watch with retro Santa on black bacground face.

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Here comes Santa Claus… Let’s sing together and introduce the Christmas spirit with your new holiday iwatch face.

Price: $2.62

Merry Christmas Apple Watch Face

Red background with Santa's face and Merry Christmas sign.

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Take this cheerful face, share it with your best friend, and enjoy the holidays.

Price: Free

Halloween Apple Watch Faces

Spooky Ghosts Apple Watch Faces

Apple watch with white ghosts on black background.

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If you’re worried about other holidays, try out our Spooky Ghosts for the Spooky Halloween night!

Price: $2.62

Halloween Cemetery Apple Watch Face

Apple watch with Halloween cemetry on face.

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If you like something gothic,feel comfortable with cemetery pictures, and art on your apple watch background, check this one out.

Price: $2.94

Spider Halloween Apple Watch

Apple watch with little spider and web on face.

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Don’t like ghosts and cemeteries? Maybe this cute little spider will do? 😉

Price: $1.19

Funny Apple Watch Faces

Christmas Nosy Deer

Apple watch with funny deer on the face.

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So we get to the cute apple watch backgrounds. This one is also suitable for Christmas.

Price: $2.57

Apple Watch Face Cat

Apple watch with funny gray cat in a garland.

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If you are into cats like we are, don’t hesitate to add another cute kitty into your life 🙂

Price: $2.34

Fitness Watch Faces

Crimson Tide Apple Watch Face

Apple watch with symbols of Alabama Crimson team.

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This apple watch face design was created for true football fans. So, if you are one of them, try them on!

Price: $3.99

Yoga Apple Watch

Apple watch face with a person in asana.

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Are you a yoga enthusiast? Then, why isnt this apple watch face added to your collection?

Price: $2.34

Gym Companion (Built-in applications only)

Black background with different colors information.

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This face is not only beautiful, but also a very useful tool!

Price: Free

Nike Workout

Black background with digits in Nike's style.

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Another design for Nike lovers. Just clean, simple, and modern.

Price: Free

How do I add faces to my Apple Watch?

Starting with iOS 11, there is a new option in the Photos application called “Share”, which allows you to create your own faces from photos. This works as follows:

  1. Open the photo you want and select “Create a watch face” from the Share menu.
  2. Select Photo or Kaleidoscope mode 3. Set up the watch face and select the Add button.

How do I share an Apple Watch face?

With the release of watchOS 7, users now have the ability to download Apple Watch watch faces, and share them with friends. However, this is only possible within the Apple ecosystem.
There are several ways to share watch faces, which increases the choices.

Apple Watch

The easiest way is to send your favorite watch faces directly from the watch, which is done as follows:

  1. Tap on the Apple Watch screen and hold until the dial selection window appears.
  2. Tap the “Share” icon next to the “Edit” button.
  3. Enter the name of the contact you want to send the face to.
  4. Press “Send.”


Apple gives you the ability to share watch faces on your iPhone in the Watch application, which requires you to:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Select a watch face in “My Faces,” and tap the “Share” icon at the top right
  3. Choose where to send the watch face

Social Networks

The methods described above concern the transfer of watch faces between users of Apple devices. For those who want to share watch faces, for example, on social media, you will need to get the .watchface file from your iPhone to send it:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select a watch face
  2. Tap the “Share” button
  3. Find the “Save to files” section in the share menu
  4. Choose a location for the .watchface file and click “Save”

How to Change Your Apple Watch Face

Selecting a watch face directly on the Apple Watch is possible by doing the following:

  1. Click on the title screen, where a face is selected
  2. Wait until the press causes a “drop” in the menu with graphic settings
  3. Swipe the screen to the right or left several times until you find a suitable option from the choices provided.

Need some inspiration? Update your watch with our diverse selection of apple watch backgrounds. Everyone wants their Apple Watch to look its best, and cool faces and sophistication are the easiest means to achieve that goal!

Some useful videos about Apple Watch faces

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How To Install Custom Apple Watch Faces | Clockology Tutorial | Hermès, Casio, Rolex, Omega, IWC… watch faces for Apple Watch

Apple Watch: 3 Watch Faces You NEED To Use!

With the thousands of possible Apple Watch watch faces combinations, I’m sharing what I think are the BEST watch faces for the Apple Watch and what I think are the best Apple Watch clock faces that you should use! With the new Apple Watch watch faces comes a lot more features readily available on your wrist.

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Does Apple support third party watch faces?

At this moment, no. But you can find several applications that will help you install any of your own faces.

How do I download more faces on Apple Watch?

  1. Open the Photos application and select up to 10 appropriate photos on the iPhone.
  2. In the Share menu, tap Create a watch face.
  3. Select Photo or Kaleidoscope mode.
  4. Change the clock’s location and add additional data to the face.
  5. Press “Add” and install the created watch face on the Apple Watch.

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