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Best 35+ Apple Watch Faces in 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Liza Koenhoven May 25, 2021 17 minutes

Apple Watch Faces. A watch is an essential daily accessory for nearly every person. Therefore, it should be concise, simple, and easy to use for the owner. A watch is more than just a piece of jewelry. Apple Watch is a modern accessory, which not only helps you keep track of time, but also shows blood oxygen levels, measures your pulse, activity, sleep quality and much more.
Now that Apple watches have become a must-have everyday accessory, it is clear that you want something to diversify their look.

World fashion trends strive for brevity and simplicity. It is embodied in all areas of human activity from smooth design for interfaces to geometric minimalism in wristwatch style.

Simplicity does not mean lack of unique elements or boring design, because even with such ordinary accessories you may express yourself and be unique. We offer you a collection of eye-catching and impressive best Apple Watch faces. You can download them for free, or buy them for a small cost. A huge plus is that the products are of high quality and diverse in styles.

The Apple Watch is very easy to set up and with our collection of outstanding designs, you have the ability to change the watch faces and complete your outfits with such a small but trendy accessory. So, check out this sought-after selection and be extraordinary!

Best Free Apple Watch Faces

Unity Apple Watch Face

An original watch with a double dial.

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Harry Potter

A classic model with the inscription Harry Potter printed on the dial.

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G Lock with a Thin Blue Line

Simple and uncluttered model with a blue line in place of the time and date.

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Rolex Apple Watch Face

The original model in which the time is shown not only in digital form, but also in the usual one with an hour hand.

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Dial with anime cat.
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Daisy Chain – Apple Watch Face

Spring dial with daisies on a black background.

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South Park Eric Cartman

For all South Park fans. Dial with the main character of the cartoon.

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This is a watch face for those who love playstation and virtual combat.

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Cartmann Butt

Cartmann Butt.

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Tiger Print – Apple Watch Face

Tiger print dial.

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La Taqueria

Dial with a Mexican symbol that wards off evil spirits.

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Peter Griffin

Your watch face can be decorated with Peter Griffin.

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Ploop Apple Watch Face

Screen with Audrey Hepburn.

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Cow Print

Animal print in the form of a cow.

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Couple on Moon

Two lovers on the background of the moon.

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Black and White

This is a business dial format with a chart.

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Lemons Watch Face

Lemons Watch Face.

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Wonderful Time

Dial with motivating phrase.

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Star Wars Lightsaber

Dial with two swords from Star Wars.

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Pink Pool Wheel

Pool with two circles on the background.

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Avocado – Apple Watch Face

For fans of a healthy lifestyle, this is the perfect watch face - with an avocado.

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New Feels

Beautiful background with a leaf in deep green.

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Best Premium Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch Fall Face

A large collection of backgrounds with different prints.

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Kaleidoscope: Theta

Kaleidoscope on the background of the clock.

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Boho Bundle Apple Watch Faces

Beautiful thin lines and soft images on the dial.

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GRR | Crazy Love

An emoticon on the background to cheer up.

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Boho Apple Watch Face

A laconic and soothing backdrop for your watch.

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Flowers Apple Watch Wallpaper Face

Flowers on the background of a clock in the style of Dolce and Gabbana.

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Star Trek Pride – Discovery

Dial with the flag of the LGBT community depicted.

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Apple Watch Face Design 4 in 1

This background is about higher matter and constellations.

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Apple Watch Face

Spring bloom on your watch.

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It’s Spring!

Black background and a very delicate wreath of pink flowers.

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Green Glitter Apple Watch Face

Tiffany and sequins background.

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Set of 2 Summer Beach Apple Watch Faces

If you want to bring your vacation closer, then set the background of your watch with this sand and beach template.

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Audubon’s Birds

This watch face background was created for all bird lovers.

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4 Sets of Apple Watch Faces

Hares in their natural habitat.

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Author: Liza Koenhoven

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