55+ Amazing Back-to-School Clipart and Images in 2022: Free and Paid

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Autumn is coming. For many schoolchildren and schoolgirls it means the beginning of a new school term. And for teachers and businessmen, it means the beginning of a new job. Both need a beautiful design for their banners, posts, websites, T-shirts, and so on. This is when you need a good design product, which should be very attractive and multipurpose. In this selection, you will find only high quality and attractive back-to-school clipart products for any purpose.

When we talk about teachers’ design projects it is mostly decoration projects such as printed interior decorations, or book and notebook covers. This is when you need good clipart for your products, Like one of the choices listed below. You can find clipart for younger and older students. It all depends on your imagination on how to use them. They are multipurpose and easy for anyone. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a visual editor. When it comes to business then you also have a lot of options. You can make eye-catching stickers, notebooks, t-shirts, logos, and more. You can also create cool decorations for your store. As a parent, you can make the first day of school a bright experience for your child with a nice sticker or other cute creative ideas.

All listed items are the result of creativity and hard work. Moreover, if you want to play with the design or add some background then you can do it easily with any graphic editor. You can also make a collage with these products. In any case, these products can boost your first school day mood and make it memorable.

Why Is Clipart So Important?

It might seem that clipart is a trifle in comparison with other graphic elements. However, the number of combinations of these elements is tremendous, which opens countless opportunities for creativity. In fact, a good illustration is always more than just a design element. At the very least, it attracts the attention of your target audience, and ideally, it also conveys some subtext.

Among the most common images used in clip art collections are static objects such as cars, flowers, various types of plants, animals, etc. Although those objects carry a certain information load, they are usually quite primitive. At the same time, in some cases, these primitive images are more than enough to complete a project. For example, more than half of the travel agencies’ advertising posters contain the same elements such as palm trees, beaches, and sunsets. This is justified by the fact that those alluring images are very familiar to us as well as associate with vacation and traveling.

Apart from standard clipart illustrations, there are also options that have a short plot. A typical example of such clipart is logos. Of course, while working on a project for large enterprises, relying on clipart is not recommended simply because those customers need an exclusive product. At the same time, you can utilize clipart in the projects for those organizations that are not ready to pay large amounts of money for creating an exclusive logo. Thus, various types of clipart perfectly work for such projects. The most important thing here is to modify clipart you use so it looks unique and one-of-a-kind. Luckily, most of the good clip art allows you to do that. So you basically just take a few illustrations, cut off all the unnecessary details and combine the elements you’ve selected in the final composition. In fact, the combination of fragments taken from different clipart is a very common approach when creating logos as well as other designs.

In addition to that, there is a special type of clipart that includes a group of different fonts, which is called Dingbat fonts. Here, instead of usual letters, you get a certain decorative element, which is associated with a particular letter. Such fonts usually contain characters united by a specific theme, for example, Zapf Dingbat, CommonBullets (a set of figures and icons), WP MathExtended (a collection of mathematical symbols), Webdings (a set of various elements and symbols), Wingdings and many others.

Thus, clipart is a rather important kind of graphics that allows you to create unique logos and various types of advertisement banners way faster and easier.

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How to Create Clipart in Photoshop

If you would like to come up with something truly unique, you can try to create your own clipart. In fact, there are several ways to make clipart in Photoshop, so let us have a brief look at some of them.

Making a clip art using the quick mask

  1. Open a picture you want to use;
  2. Set the gradient from black to transparent;
  3. Activate the Quick Mask tool (its icon has to be red);
  4. Fill the image with a radial gradient from the middle to the angles;
  5. After that, the picture has to turn red. Disable Quick Mask and you’ll see that the area of the picture you worked with is selected. Click on the Delete or Edit and cut it.

Creating clipart using a mask

  1. Open the picture you’re going to use and pick up the mask;
  2. Transfer the mask to the picture and adjust it to the size using free transformation tool;
  3. Turn off the eye on the picture layer and go to the channels;
  4. Active the blue (lowest) channel, right-click on it, and select “Duplicate the channel”;
  5. Click on the “OK” button in the popup window.

Sometimes the peephole on the previous channel might not be closed, so you need to close it and open it on the lowest channel, which is the copy. Press Ctrl and click on the channel icon, get the selection and go to the layers. Here, turn off the peephole on the mask, make the layer active picture (blue), go to Selection > cut. Press Delete and cut it.

Making clipart with a brush

  1. Open a picture and create a new layer;
  2. Select the brush tool and set the foreground color to black;
  3. Choose a soft brush of the appropriate size;
  4. Reduce the transparency of the brush as needed;
  5. Draw a brush over the transparent layer as you need, choosing the places that you want to be in the clip art;
  6. Holding Ctrl, click on the icon of the layer where the brush was drawn in order to get the selection;
  7. Go to the picture layer and turn off the eye on the layer you were drawing on;
  8. Head to Selection > Inversion and press Delete.

This method is good because it allows you to work with little details.

Making clipart using the straight lasso tool

  1. Circle the object with a straight lasso and get a selection;
  2. Click Refine the edge of the selected area in the upper panel;
  3. Set the settings in the popup window and click OK;
  4. Without removing the selection, go to Layers > New > Copy to a new layer;
  5. Close the eye at the bottom layer.

As you can see, creating clipart by yourself is not a big deal and you certainly can do that on your own. In case you need more directions, here is a video guide for you. Apart from that, you can also use such online services as Fotojet or Edraw. So feel free to experiment in order to create one-of-a-kind graphics.

School Cartoon Doodle Big Pack:

Smart deal
Cool print on a school theme.

School Cartoon Doodle Big Pack


60 Best Back-to-School Clipart Products in 2022

School Cartoon Doodle Big Pack

Collage of hand-drawn colorful elements on the theme of the school.

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Here is a huge set with more than 260 elements for school and university projects. Work with any of the handy files (EPS, JPG, PNG, PSD) and edit the objects in any program you choose. Create extraordinary posters, presentations, decorations, business cards, and other works with this offer.

Back to School SVG Bundle

Colorful words with pencil and apple in text.

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Just look at this wonderful bundle, which consists of six beautiful school inscriptions. It would look great when used for photo design, cards, scrapbooking, and more. Files will be available in 4 formats at once, namely SVG, DXF, JPG, and PNG.

Back to School and Stationery

Collage of photos of t-shirts, pillows and sheets with patterns.

button for more details.

It’s a good time to check out these great, high-quality back-to-school images. This set contains as many as 74 files which include school supplies pictures and background images.

20 Back To School and Cute Bus Illustrations

Collage of painted images of schools, school bus and schoolchildren.

button for more details.

This is a quality clipart of school buses. The illustrations are fully editable and very easy to use. If you need something unusual for school-related design work, this product is a great solution for you..

21 Online Virtual Graduation Students Celebrating Illustrations

Collage of drawn images of schoolchildren, students and books.

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It’s a good time to take a look at this cool pack, which contains 21 illustrations on the theme of graduation. It’s also fully and easily editable and contains 5 color schemes, which is very handy.

Online Education Illustrations

Collage of drawn images of parents and children on online learning.

button for more details.

This is an illustration pack with interchangeable funny cartoon characters. Make your projects more colorful with icons, illustrations, and characters. They will be perfect not only for an educational theme, but also for many other projects.

School Bus SVG Bundle

A collage of painted images of a school bus from different angles.

button for more details.

It can be very hard to find school bus images that will look beautiful in your custom work. We did the work of searching for you and picked up some quality SVG images of buses. Use them together with your other clipart or textures to create a beautiful design.

Book SVG Designs

Collage of drawn images of open and closed books.

button for more details.

Such simple vector images perfectly complement various design projects on school themes. The product is offered in PNG and SVG format and is ideal for scrapbooking, stickers, and much more.

Graduation Squad SVG Designs

Collage of black and white silhouettes of students on graduation day.

button for more details.

High-quality SVG images are always a pleasure to work with. This is just one of those moments when all you have to do is buy and create designs with this product. It’s a great option for posters, banners, and can even be used for website design.

Graduation Cap SVG Designs

Collage of Graduation Cap images in drawn and vector style.

button for more details.

Here is a fresh offer available in SVG & PNG formats and different colors. These products will be a great supplement to presentations, websites, banners, posters, logos, and business cards.

Back To School Clipart

A collage of images of drawn female students with a notebook and a pencil in their hands.

button for more details.

This is a very bright and stylish clipart available in PNG format. It is suitable for entertaining educational projects. Use it for online and offline works.

Welcome Back to School Clipart

Collage of images of drawn female students and school supplies.

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Do you want to diversify your presentation? Add bright accents to your printed projects? Then pick this product. The set includes extra files for three skin tones and four hair colors.

School Clipart, Teacher’s Clipart

A collage of images of a teacher and schoolchildren from the back.

button for more details.

Try any of these 161 PNG and PSD files that impress with their design and allow you to fully edit them. Use these for prints, banners, presentations, announcements, websites, and other online and offline projects.

Back To School Vector Clipart

Collage of drawn images of schoolchildren and school elements.

button for more details.

Enjoy this eye-catching and impressive product available in 4 colors. You can work in AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG file formats, so your customizations are unlimited. The set contains 28 schoolkids, 69 school objects, and 4 wordings.

Happy Kids, Primary School Clipart

Collage of painted images of happy elementary school students.

button for more details.

This high-quality hand-painted cute school clipart is perfect for your posters, paper designs, stickers, web design, scrapbooking, greeting cards, etc. You can print these clipart elements on any surface or object, such as paper, t-shirts, baby clothes, linens, mugs, etc.

Monkey Students Illustration Pack

Collage of painted images of monkeys in the form of schoolchildren.

button for more details.

The Monkey student kit includes over 18 design elements and is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, product design, tags, labels, and more. If you’ve been wanting to try something unusual and interesting in your design work, this is perfect for you.

Book Club, I Love Books

Collage of images of books of different shapes, colors and sizes.

button for more details.

Of course, books are an indispensable part of any study. This school supplies clipart will be great for scrapbooking, posters, and banners, as well as for social and web design.

Back To School Clipart, Fashion

Collage of images of a female student, a globe, a calculator and school supplies.

button for more details.

This is a set of hand-drawn school images clip art that you can use to create your own artwork, posters, invitations, planner stickers, cards, tags, and more. This pack contains 42 high-quality separate PNG images.

Back To School – Hand Drawn Icons

Collage with School Hand Drawn Icons.

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Looking for a set of quality icons for school design projects? This product will best meet all your needs. In addition to being icons, there are also SVG format files that you can stretch to full pictures if you want.

Back to School Doodles Clipart

Collage with drawn school doodle cliparts.

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This is an interesting and high-quality pack of back-to-school doodle clipart that will make your work playfully cute with new colors. It contains 42 unique illustrations that are hand-drawn and perfect for scrapbooking, greeting cards, and even logo design.

Back to School Watercolor Clipart

Collage of watercolored school cliparts.

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Check out this watercolor clipart set with pens, pencils, crayons, backpack, pen box, books, clips, and pins. Use this for school posters, invitations, logo designs, photos, and more. You’ll get high-quality watercolor images in 50 divisions with transparent backgrounds.

School Supplies Clipart

Collage with a lot of drawn school supplies.

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If you want to use only bright, rich, and cool products in your work, then this one is perfect for you. Back to school clipart is suitable for planner stickers, paper crafts, organizer covers, scrapbooking, stationery designs, mugs, etc.

School Clipart Bundle

Collage with images of school supplies.

button for more details.

This is a whole bundle of different colorful and high quality pictures that are great for design work. This set is just what you need to create flyers, educational materials, postcards, party invitations, and gifts for family and friends.

Hand Drawn School Clipart

Collage with a hand-drawn aesthetic style school supplies.

button for more details.

This clipart set is in a hand-drawn aesthetic style that’s perfect for your back-to-school projects. Use it to design stationery, merchandise, scrapbooks, planners, social media materials, and more!

Back to School College Clipart

Collage with images of objects on the school theme.

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Here’s another cool school-themed clipart pack that will work for many projects. Use it for stationery design, scrapbooking, or stickers. It is also ideal for digital projects: website design, blogs, digital planners, etc.

Study Bright Clipart

Collage with images of school supplies in muted colors.

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Choose this clipart if you want to add colorful elements to your online projects. There are 69 separate hi-res PNG files that are easily editable in Adobe Photoshop. This is also one of the best products where you can create cool school background images.

Doodle School Clipart

Collage of wrapping paper with school doodles.

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Try this unique offering with 65 impressive objects. Edit them in a handy program and create vibrant prints on stationery, backpacks, presentations, advertisements, and posters.

Back to School Hand Drawn Clipart Bundle

Collage with images of schoolgirls, notebooks, backpacks and hoodies.

button for more details.

This wonderful back-to-school hand-drawn clipart bundle is totally suitable for any school theme design. Create stickers, posters, postcards, wall posters, and more with it. It contains several dozen high-quality files and is easy to edit.

School Clip Art – Teacher Clip Art

Collage with drawn notebooks, pencils, pens, notebooks.

button for more details.

This bundle contains versatile doodle images that you can use for many different occasions. This first day of school clipart is best for cover design, scrapbooking, posters, and calendar projects.

School Supplies Clipart

Collage with hand-drawn school icons.

button for more details.

This is a clipart set for school and office supplies that will be great for decorating. This set contains 17 isolated illustrations on separate mounting areas in AI, EPS, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats.

500 Back to School Patterns

Collage with images of colorful patterns on the theme of the school.

button for more details.

This is a huge pack that consists of as many as 500 interesting illustrations. These patterns are also great in design as textures for various school-related projects.

Promotional Photos Bundle – Back to School

Collage of photos of a guy and a girl with funny faces.

button for more details.

Just take a look at this interesting pack of stock photos. These are no longer just pictures, but high-quality products that will fit perfectly into various designs.

School Bundle by Bubert Art

Collage of funny images of children and parents on a school theme.

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This is a whole collection of interesting illustrations with students, teachers, school things, patterns, backgrounds, etc. The vector files are scalable to any size and changing colors is possible. A great solution for labels or stickers, invitations and postcards, and banners.

School doodles + patterns by Redchocolate

Collage of images of different patterns with school doodles.

button for more details.

A colorful assemblage of school doodles, as well as some interesting and fun seamless patterns. All vector elements are easy to edit and customize to your taste.

Chalkboard School Clip Art by Digital Curio

A collage of school-themed images drawn with crayons.

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If you need a multipurpose set of different clipart, this pack is perfect for that. It contains as many as 26 interesting images such as notebooks, books, globes, stationery, and more. This is the perfect solution for creative projects that have to do with school.

Chalkboard School Clip Art by Digital Curio

Crayons, scissors and school supplies drawn with colored crayons.

button for more details.

Another colorful clipart set that already contains as many as 83 individual images, including notebooks, backpacks, books, calculators, art supplies, and so on. Also, don’t forget that you get three digital papers with chalkboard texture in JPG format.

155 Colored Chalk School Elements by Captured and Created

Collage of school supplies drawn by Colored Chalk.

button for more details.

This is a pretty big pack of fun and cool cliparts that are styled with chalkboard pictures written on a chalkboard background. Using these elements with your photos is a great way to capture your child’s memories and adventures of the school year.

School Supplies School Clipart Color Vector Image

Collage of drawn bicycles, backpacks and school supplies.

button for more details.

This is a small, but very interesting pack with 10 different pictures on school themes. It will be great to use in the design of postcards, stationery, tags, labels, stickers, gift wrap, and much more.

Set of Back to School Items Objects and Vector Image

Collage of drawn cartoon school supplies.

button for more details.

It’s a good time to fill your projects with school themes before the start of the school year. A great set of different vector pictures, which we specially picked up for this interesting case, can help you with that.

School Subjects Black Glyph Icons Set Vector Image

Black and white icons on the theme of the school.

button for more details.

It is very common to find quality and suitable icons for design projects related to learning. We understand this, so we picked up one of the best products in this regard. It includes as many as 20 different interesting icons that symbolize areas of science.

E-learning Back to School Clip Art

Drawn image of desktop, computer, tablet and smartphone.

button for more details.

The high-quality and colorful clipart on school themes in this set will help you decorate your next project. It consists of 4 illustrations of gadgets, which in turn depict books. This would be a great solution for some stickers or posters.

School Icon with Book Light Bulb Plant

Drawn icons of books, planets, light bulbs, graphs.

button for more details.

It’s a good time to pick up some cool material for your future design work. This product is quite minimalistic, thus versatile, and will fit perfectly into any school project. Download this free school clipart and enjoy your work.

Back to School Owl Student Vector

Drawn funny red owl with graduate cap sitting on books.

button for more details.

If you need some special and interesting images for your design work, check out this set. This may be exactly the case where this product is perfect for you.

Welcome Back To School

Multicolored drawn objects from school life.

button for more details.

This is just one of those products that has everything you need. It contains 12 different illustrations such as a briefcase, school supplies, books, and more. If you’ve been looking for something like this for your artwork, it’s time to give it a try.

Tree With Education Icons

Drawn Tree With Education Icons.

button for more details.

Here is a beautifully made and thoughtfully designed vector image that’s great for different kinds of designs. Decorate cards, school supplies, or even a T-shirt print if desired.

School Activity Event for Student Stick Figure Pictogram Icon

Black and white pictograms depicting school activities.

button for more details.

Do you need icons that are perfect for school or university themes? This pictogram icon clipart is just what you need for such cases. They are the best fit anywhere, whether it’s for a presentation or to design a website.

Boy Silhouette With Education Icons

Boy Head Silhouette With Education Icons.

button for more details.

This image, with its beautiful icons, almost accurately describes the thoughts of any student. Use it in your work to make it more interesting and appropriate to the school theme.

Vector set of Back to school combinations of objects and elements by balabolka

Cartoon style elements of school life.

button for more details.

This is a terrific set of pictures that are made in the highest quality. It will look great on all the designs you want to use it in. A distinctive feature is the quality of drawing shown in each object.

Seamless pattern with set of different school things in color by Stolenpencil

Silhouettes of apples and inscriptions on a black background.

button for more details.

Use this wonderful pattern to create beautiful book covers, posters, or even banners. It’s great for any school design and will catch the consumer’s eye.

Back to school seamless pattern with apple clipart on a chalkboard background with scratch texture

Funny school life icons.

button for more details.

If you need an unusually interesting combination of pattern and clipart, then this product is right for you. The chalkboard apples and lettering will remind you of school. After all, every one of us was sure to take an apple for a snack, and now we can use it in various design works.

Pastel colors cute Office Stationery and School Supplies set, Flat Vector Graphics, Planner clipart, back to school design by Angelloz Olga

School supplies in paster colors.

button for more details.

Dozens of images of school supplies are in this set. This is what you need to work on a school-themed design project. Easily make posters, stickers, or covers with this product.

Back to School Quality Original Stamp Design Vector Art Round Seal Badge by josepperianes

Back to School Quality Original Stamp.

button for more details.

This is the kind of seal that tells us it’s time to go back to school. It would look great as a cool sticker. Apply it to your next creative project and surprise everyone.

Back to school animal collection with backpack Free Vector

Drawn cute forest animals with backpacks and books.

button for more details.

Just look at these cute little animals with backpacks, telling us it’s time to learn. These beautiful vector images are great for elementary school children, who will definitely like them.

Set of kawaii cartoon school supplies, back to school Premium Vector

Drawn school supplies with cute faces.

button for more details.

This is a very attractive and cute set of 16 quality images that are suitable for any purpose that has to do with school or educational themes. One of the best options would be to use this product for stickers or posters.

Back to School Clipart, Karamfila’s Schoolgirl Planner Stickers Clipart

Cute drawn schoolgirls with notebooks and backpacks.

button for more details.

This is a collection of beautiful high-quality clipart. You will get 60 unique illustrations in PNG format on a transparent background, with which you can edit as needed. Use Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives like Picasa or Gimp.

Funny Pencils, Nursery clipart, digital File, Happy Pencils, EPS files, PNG files, Cartoon Pencil, Comic Pencil, School, Clipart bundle

Cute drawn colored pencils with big smiles.

button for more details.

This set contains 11 cartoon pencil clipart in PNG and EPS format. Perfect for many creative projects including invitations, scrapbooking, greeting cards, stickers, and more. They will save you a huge amount of time.

Watercolor School Supplies Clipart

Collage with drawn school supplies.

button for more details.

This is an awesome set that contains 23 illustrations that you can use in your art. Great for designing notebook covers or scrapbooking, you can also use this clipart to create stickers or posters.

School – Hand Drawn Icons

Collage with Hand Drawn Icons about school.

button for more details.

It’s pretty rare to find quality icons with school themes. This is one of the few quality icon sets that can be used in various design works related to school or education. This pack contains 65 hand-drawn items in 5 styles and AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG formats.

School Days Clipart Set

Collage with drawn school rulers, pencils and pens.

button for more details.

This cute clipart set is based on elementary school classrooms and includes many items found in a regular classroom! Some of the items are in different colors, allowing you to diversify and combine them for a unique look.

School / Writing Lined Digital Paper

Collage with drawn school notebooks.

button for more details.

This set of digital backgrounds consists of 10 printable scrapbooking sheets with school writing and graphic paper layouts. They are 8.5×11 inches so they can be printed for use at school or at home.

School Stationary Clip Art

Collage with drawn school scissors, pencils and notebooks.

button for more details.

Take a look at this cute and colorful clip art set of office supplies and digital paper. This pack consists of 31 color elements in png format and is perfect for any school-themed design project.

Sell Your Products on MasterBundles

Do you create clipart and are looking for a platform to sell your work? Become our vendor and upload your works to our marketplace! We have great conditions, easy moderation, and fast payments. We are looking for designers of all skills and niches! If you are already ready to upload your products, do it in 5 minutes using our Sell Your Deal form.

Best Back to School Clipart Designers

There are many graphic designers that create beautiful back to school products and not only. So in case you use graphic design products in your personal and professional life, you should know who these talented people are. So here are 8 best back to school clipart authors.

Olka Kostenko
Olka Kostenko
Artist & designer
 Maria Smith
Maria Smith
Bespoke watercolor logo and illustration artist
Ksusha Dusmikeeva
Ksusha Dusmikeeva
Tanya Kart
Tanya Kart
Mom of two little boys. Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
Anastasiya Tkachova
Anastasiya Tkachova
Illustrator & Designer
Evgenia Silaeva
Evgenia Silaeva
Freelance Designer at Upwork
Nastia Viktorova
Nastia Viktorova
Watercolor illustrations
Konstantin Nikiteev
Konstantin Nikiteev
Cartoon Artist from Siberia


Can I create a clipart on my own?

You surely can. Moreover, even if you’re not an advanced Photoshop user, creating clipart from your photos is not a big deal, just check out our guide that we mentioned earlier. You can also make it using one of the online services such as Fotojet or Edraw so go ahead and start experimenting.

Are clipart images free to use?

There are plenty of free options that you can freely use, however, note that pretty much all of them are free for personal use only.

Is clipart copyrighted?

Once you purchase a premium product, you have the right to utilize it in your projects. However, if you need clipart for a commercial project, pay attention to the license your project comes with. For commercial projects you need a commercial license, so make sure you’re getting this very type of license with your product. Pretty often a product with commercial license costs a little bit more than the one with the personal one, but in many cases, it’s pointless to purchase a personal license.

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