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πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood

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By: Jim Harding October 30, 2020 9 minutes


Thanksgiving Clipart. Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved national holidays in the United States. Today Thanksgiving is a family day. Several generations gather together at a selectively laid table. Before eating, everyone says words of gratitude for all the good things and people in their life. This year, it falls on Thursday, November 22, so it is just around the corner. What holiday symbols do pop up in your mind when you are thinking about Thanksgiving Day? I am sure this warm and beautiful holiday is all about autumn, pumpkin, turkey, autumn leaves, cornucopia, autumn fruits and vegetables, and etc.

Various businesses do not stay aside and turn other folks’ family day into their payday. To create a holiday mood, website owners add Thanksgiving spirit to their web pages, blogs, and social site posts with bright and attractive Thanksgiving day graphics, photos, banners, and clipart.

I have prepared an excellent collection of various Thanksgiving graphics from the holiday photos to greeting cards for your inspiration. There is something special for everyone, take a moment to check them all.

Best 7 Thanksgiving Clipart Bundles

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
Thanksgiving Clipart Bundle: Happy Thanksgiving Vector Pack
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
Autumn Splendour: 129+ Hand Drawn Elements
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
120+ Autumn Leaves Clipart and Flower Elements. Autumn Hand Lettering Bundle
Autumn Clipart Set
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
Calligraphy for Thanksgiving Day
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
Thanksgiving Cards Collection
🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood
Thanksgiving Stock Photos & Images. Photo Deal: 100 Royalty-free Photos & Vectors

Thanksgiving Clipart Trends in 2021

When it comes to design elements, everybody knows that trends come and go every year, moreover, they slightly modify pretty much every season. That means that every self-respecting graphic designer has to update his or her elements collection once in a while. Certainly, this applies to Thanksgiving clipart.

Let me just start with the fact that Thanksgiving is a huge American holiday, which is celebrated by millions of people all across the country. Of course, such an important for American culture holiday has a huge impact on our lives. In terms of design, Thanksgiving clipart is going to be in high demand pretty much forever simply because thousands of marketing campaigns kind of take advantage of this holiday. Well, I’ll just say that Black Friday comes right after Thanksgiving, so you see that this very holiday has a strong connection with marketing and advertising.

Well, it’s clear that Thanksgiving clipart will perfectly work for autumn sales ad banners and Black Friday campaigns, but what about trends? Certainly, the most important thing in design today is minimalism, so when it comes to picking up some clipart for your current and future projects, make sure that you pick minimalist ones. Since everybody knows that the best way to tell about the latest design trends is to simply show those, let me present you top Thanksgiving clipart in 20211. So get ready, here they come.

120+ Autumn Leaves Clipart and Flower Elements. Autumn Hand Lettering Bundle

Price: $11
Designed in red and orange colors, this very bundle will help you make any project of yours warm and cozy. So if this is what you are aiming at, go ahead and get this lovely collection.

Thanksgiving Clipart by Poppymoondesign

🦃 Thanksgiving Clipart In 2021: Tune Up Your Festive Mood

Price: $10
A sweet collection of adorable cartoon elements that will no doubt melt your heart. Well, if you are currently looking for something cute and warm, this little bundle is definitely for you.

Thanksgiving Watercolor Clip Art by Digital Art Shop

Price: $8
A mesmerizing watercolor option that will be a perfect tool for those of you who want to create something fancy and elegant.

Thanksgiving Day Illustrations by Kate Macate

Price: $10
A stunning black and white option that will surely back you up in various situations, so do not hesitate and give it a shot.

Watercolor Happy Thanksgiving by Designloverstudio

Price: $9
Another marvelous watercolor option that will melt your heart, so go ahead and take a closer look at this very cutie.

Thanksgiving, Turkey Day Clipart by MyClipArtStore

Price: $20
What kind of Thanksgiving is it without turkey? An awful one. So go ahead and get this adorable turkey clipart collection now.

Watercolor Thanksgiving Clipart by DigitalArtsi

Price: $8
A rather big bundle that will help you out in pretty much all the Thanksgiving emergencies, so make sure to check it out.

Thanksgiving, Turkey, Fall Clip Art by GraphicMarket

Price: $6
Another adorable cartoon option that will be a great choice for those of you who are looking for something sweet and cute.

Thanksgiving Clipart by Melissa Held Designs

Price: $11
A multipurpose collection that will perfectly work for various types of projects, so stop hesitating and give it a try.

A Turkey Character on White Background Illustration

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
This one is a perfect option for those who would like to add some fun vibes to their projects, so if you are such a person, go ahead and get it.

Thanksgiving Traditional Symbols

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
A classy collection of traditional symbols is a must-have for every graphic designer. Well, if you still do not have one, go ahead and get this one now.

Beautiful Composition of a Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves, Watercolor Illustration

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
Lovely watercolor pumpkins will surely make any project fabulous, so give this illustration a chance to prove itself to you.

Autumn Set Cute Hand Drawn Fall Elements

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
Another multifunctional autumn set to back you up in any sort of emergency.

Thanksgiving Clipart

Price: $1.82
One more fun option that you are definitely going to love, so make sure to take a closer look at this clipart.

Watercolor Pumpkin Arrangement Clip Art

Price: $6.90
Breathtaking watercolor pumpkins will make you fall in love with them at the very first sight.

Thanksgiving Clipart #36280

Price: free
A cute free option for those of you who are on a shoestring budget, so do not hesitate and download it, it won’t cost you anything.

Thanksgiving Clipart #36285

Price: free
Another adorable freebie that you definitely want to take a look at. Well, do not hesitate and just do it.

Thanksgiving Day Icons, Doodle Food Set

Price: $12
A minimalist option for those designers who do not like unnecessary excesses.

Color Turkey. Vector Thanksgiving Day

Price: $12
One more minimalist solution for you, so follow the link above in order to have a closer look at it.

Thanksgiving Wreaths Clipart

Price: $0.99
A pretty collection of wreaths for quite an affordable price, so leave your doubts behind and give it a shot.

Thanksgiving Stock Photos and Images

There is no need to make your own photos when it is possible to choose the best options from a brilliant collection of Thanksgiving stock pictures and photos. Find the perfect Thanksgiving stock photos for your advertising campaigns (print, outdoor billboards/banners, and online ads), websites (website design, illustrations for articles), magazines and books (advertising, illustrations for articles), multimedia-presentations, etc. Download premium photos you cannot get anywhere else.

Seasonal table setting with a pumpkin

The stock photo “Seasonal table setting with a pumpkin” can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the terms of the purchased license. The image is available for download in high quality with a resolution of up to 4288 x 2848. If you are looking for an attractive Thanksgiving dinner clipart, that is definitely your perfect choice.

Turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Clipart

Thanksgiving turkey is a long-standing American tradition. Every family has a delicious baked turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie on the holiday table. This photo is a great solution for those who are in search of Thanksgiving turkey clipart. The image is available for download in high-quality resolution up to 5888 x 4032. The photo helps to share a festive mood with family and friends you love.


Thanksgiving Clipart

Many Americans love Thanksgiving even more than Christmas or Halloween.

Every year, every self-respecting American spends Thanksgiving with his family and loved ones. It does not matter where your relatives live, it is a great day of a family reunion. The photo shows a beautiful and loving family around the table. The image is available for download in high-quality resolution up to 7360 x 4912. Choose this photo to show a true family atmosphere on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving place setting

Thanksgiving Clipart

What do you think of this warm and cozy photo showing the Thanksgiving table serving with pumpkins, candles, and a glass of wine? Since the meal is the center point of the entire celebration, this photo is a great chance to deliver festive emotions and a warm mood to your audience. The available resolution of the photo is 3504 x 2336. Enjoy this happy Thanksgiving clipart for your creative ideas!

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Clipart

The next stock photo is all about blessing, family, kindness, love, and support. Something with autumnal colors is always a good idea. Orange, yellow, and golden colors are go-to colors for decorations on Thanksgiving. The image is available for download in high-quality resolution up to 5204×5872. With this stock photo, it is easy to amp up the autumnal feeling.

Do not hesitate to check the holiday Thanksgiving niche bundle to get seasonally-inspired.

Thanksgiving Templates

Design your perfect web project with the ready-made and eye-catching Thanksgiving templates. No need to learn coding to dress up your web page or presentation into the holiday mood. Choose your best option from the list of the professionally designed templates and customize them to your preferences.

Thanksgiving Food Drive Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Clipart

Take a look at this seasonal flyer template pack, which was created specifically for the Thanksgiving Food Drive event. These Photoshop flyer designs are fully customizable. Text, photos, colors – any design element is editable to fit your needs. US-letter and A4 layout formats are available. If you have some basic or working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS version, you will find editing the files very easy and enjoyable. Choose this Thanksgiving Food Drive flyer to get the inspiration you need to be thankful for the season you are in.

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Clipart

If you are still thinking on the design of your invitation flyer for a Thanksgiving Dinner, stop your choice on this beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner Clipart. With the help of Photoshop, this template is easy to modify to fit your preferences. Do not be afraid to replace the texts, add new photos, and change the color scheme of the design – everything is customizable with a few clicks. Dive into the holiday atmosphere and create a stunning custom Thanksgiving Dinner flyer.

Seasone | Google Slides

Thanksgiving Clipart

Plunge into the bright autumn atmosphere with a great Google Slides template, which is perfect for all business and personal needs. There is no need for any other software; Google Slides allows to edit the template and its elements with no hassle. Pixel-perfect graphic is resizable and editable. The package comes with 150+ total slides in 5 pre-made colors (30 slides for each template), the handcrafted infographic in PowerPoint, gallery and portfolio slide, and etc.

Seasone | PowerPoint Template

Thanksgiving Clipart

If you are looking for a minimalistic, creative, and unique presentation template for commercial or personal use, that is the one. Autumn clipart makes this PowerPoint template special for certain occasions like autumn events or nature presentations. There is a lot of space to insert your message on the slide. The package includes 30 modern and creative slides in the 5-color scheme. This vector-based template is fully editable and customizable. Do not hesitate to download it for your presentation needs.

Seasone | Keynote Template

Thanksgiving Clipart

Keynote is Apple’s flagship presentation software that is highly customizable and provides an out of the box experience for creating beautiful presentations. If you are looking for a bright and juicy autumn Keynote template, you have just found the one for all business and personal needs. Within the Keynote you can edit your content, place your image into placeholder, change colors, fonts, and sizes, no other software is required. The set features 150+ total slides in 5 pre-made colors, section break slides, fully editable and resizable graphics, gallery and portfolio slide, and etc.

Thanksgiving Graphics and Illustrations

We are all about getting into the holiday spirit. Sure thing, love to this autumn holiday spills over to design. I have collected a beautiful list of inspiring flyers, clipart sets, watercolor illustrations, and other graphics for your festive mood. Pick up the best one for your project and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Clipart Bundle: Happy Thanksgiving Vector Pack

Free Thanksgiving Flyers and Posters

Thanksgiving Clipart

Meet Thanksgiving clipart free of charge for your creative flyers and posters. The package includes nice posters with leaves for Thanksgiving day, the ones with geometric elements, Thanksgiving greetings with dry leaves, greeting cards with hand-drawn flowers, background with blur for a holiday, and etc. Try this free Thanksgiving clipart bundle to understand how convenient it is to have the whole pack of design items available at hand. Use different products from the set for a number of projects.

Autumn Clipart Collection 2021

Thanksgiving Clipart

An absolutely beautiful collection of different images, photos, and bright autumn elements is waiting for you in this clipart collection. The collection includes an Autumn Leaves Creator Kit, 129+ Hand Drawn Elements, Autumn Roses PNG Watercolor Set, Halloween Flyers, and much more. Do not spend your time on the development of your own design when everything is ready at an affordable price. All the elements are of high quality and high resolution. Decorate your gift wrapping, postcards, invitations, banners, background photo, signage, book illustrations with inspiring holiday clipart.

Floral Pattern in Web Design 2021

Thanksgiving Clipart

You can easily enjoy the warmth of the season with gorgeous Thanksgiving flowers. This floral set includes various floral patterns from peonies to daisies, carnations, and roses. You may think that there is no need for all the products placed into bundle, but they could come in handy in future projects. Every floral vector pattern could be used endlessly for different purposes. Lots of business niches allow web developers to use flowers and leaves in their background or other elements.

Gifts Of Autumn PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Thanksgiving Clipart

Are you ready to feel thankful this year? If so, pay attention to the bright and creative autumn watercolor set of 97 files. You will find all the autumn nature elements such as mushrooms, acorns, leaves, and etc. This package is ideal for greeting cards, blogs, posters, various invitations. 20 PNG files and 77 JPG files are ready to print or use for anything you want. Try editing the files to discover their endless possibilities. All the illustrations are hand-drawn and highly detailed. The graphics are offered in the format of PNG file, 300 DPI, without background. Patterns and Frames are JPG files in 3500 x 3500 px size.

Thanksgiving Autumn Clipart

Thanksgiving Clipart

Lift your holiday spirit with an attractive Thanksgiving Autumn Clipart. You will receive a zip folder with PNG files in high resolution 300 DPI. The package includes 40 beautiful PNG watercolor files about (~1300 x 1000 px each) and 41 PNG graphics elements (~1300 x 1000 px each). Add autumn harvest details to your scrapbooking projects, party invitations, autumn wedding decorations, greeting cards, and much more. Choose this autumn clipart to decorate your project on Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Pumpkins Clipart

Thanksgiving Clipart

Thanksgiving pumpkins clipart is a great catch if you are looking for a high-quality watercolor hand-drawn clipart with autumn design elements, pumpkins, leaves, and watercolor shapes. The set includes 49 watercolor elements (3000 x 3000 px), 6 watercolor spots, 7 watercolor compositions, 9 watercolor wreaths, and 4 pre-made cards (PSD editable files / JPEG – 5 x 5 inch). Your invitations, logos, posters, Thanksgiving designs, and other projects will definitely stand out from others.

Thanksgiving Day Lettering & Clipart

Thanksgiving Clipart

Meet a huge set of holiday stuff: hand-drawn lettering with greetings, holiday quotes, inspirational phrases, doodles with traditional Thanksgiving symbols, and of course, there are lots of floral elements to decorate! All objects are hand-drawn and then converted into vector. You can use all these cliparts for invitations, cards, posters, stickers, etc. The pack includes 35 hand-drawn items with lettering, 35 traditional Thanksgiving doodles, 25 floral decorations. I am sure you will like them!

Thanksgiving Graphics

Thanksgiving Clipart

Those who are searching for the best Thanksgiving border clipart will be glad to discover this group of 6 vector Thanksgiving graphics with typography and gradient autumn leaves. 12 editable EPS files, 12 editable AI files, 12 JPGS, 12 PNGS on transparent backgrounds are available for creating holiday cards, decorations, gift tags, labels, and scrapbook embellishments. Express your gratitude with such creative graphics for any purposes.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes Digital Stamps

Thanksgiving Clipart

This is an ideal solution for those who are looking for Thanksgiving clipart black and white option. Saved in 300 DPI, RGB, this set offers 6 separate black and white line art images in high-quality PNG files. Try these digital stamps for your decorating ideas that are super easy, quick, and cost-effective to realize. Get inspired for how to spruce up your decorations!

Thanksgiving Watercolor Graphic Pack

Thanksgiving Clipart

Here are 21 Thanksgiving elements, hand-painted in watercolors. The set includes Thanksgiving turkey, pumpkins, fall leaves, wreath wheat, corn and more. The graphics are high-resolution and perfect for both digital and print use. Your Thanksgiving dinner invitations, wall art, greeting cards, gift tags, and seasonal party supplies will definitely attract the attention of the target audience.

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Send a warm Thanksgiving thank you card to express your gratitude to all those whom you love and respect. Moreover, it is a great time for business owners to give thanks for their customers, clients, team members, partners, and anyone else who made an impact on operations this year. Your Thanksgiving greeting cards will be sophisticated and unforgettable with the following custom greeting cards templates.

*Examples of Thanksgiving Greeting Cards*


Promote your Thanksgiving event, decorate your online project, send a holiday greeting card to the ones you love and care about in a creative manner. Simple, stylish, and elegant, these graphics will touch the hearts of your audience. Do not hesitate to refer these Thanksgiving Day cliparts to your friends and colleagues. Make your together-time memorable!


🦃 In which projects should I use Thanksgiving clipart?

Obviously, in the ones that are directly connected with Thanksgiving. Besides, such a clipart will also work for various autumn projects such as back to school sales as well as Black Friday advertisement banners. So feel free to experiment with this very design element.

🦃 Where can I buy decent clipart?

Certainly, there are lots of marketplaces, from which you can purchase decent clipart, you might want to check out such trustworthy ones as MasterBundles, Creative Market, and Etsy.

🦃 How much does a good clipart cost?

As you can see from our list, the prices are rather affordable. On average, it is from $3 to $15.

🦃 What is a great example of a multipurpose Thanksgiving clipart?

Well, all the items on our list are great examples, but my personal favorites are Thanksgiving Clipart by Poppymoondesign, Thanksgiving Day Illustrations by Kate Macate, and 120+ Autumn Leaves Clipart and Flower Elements. Autumn Hand Lettering Bundle, so go ahead and take a good hard look at these cuties.

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