50+ Book Clipart. The World’s Largest Kit Of Book Clipart For You

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By: Liza Koenhoven December 3, 2018 7 minutes
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If history is any guide, one day Cicero said “A room without books is like a body without a soul”.

Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for your “WEB room”: website, blog, advertising, letter, logo, etc. Or maybe you need ideas for the sign of the stationary building of your bookstore or maybe you want to prepare a Flash-presentation?! In any case, you somehow got on this article from our blog. Therefore, we are glad to present to you the huge Book Clipart selection divided by main criteria. There is no unique classification of types of clipart, everything is individual and depends on the author. But we hope that we will be able to facilitate your daily design work so as not to draw a new picture each time or just help you to get some ideas. You are welcome)

Black and white Book Clipart

Study element sketch in black and white

In the era of Instagram and its filters, we are accustomed to look at the world in the most vivid and multi-colored frames. But sometimes you need to remove distracting colors to see the true merits of the image. Black and white is a classic, is always stylish, is always elegant! You can not go wrong with black and white art style! Find the most beautiful black and white book clipart on this list:

By the way, do you know that one of the most debated issues about color is “Are black and white colors”? And what do you think about this?

Transparent Book Clipart

Experiments with transparency can significantly improve the design. Like many other effects, use this technique in the right place and check the result to make sure that the transparency works and looks like you wanted.

Kids Book Clipart

Colored books icons set in flat design style isolated. Open book with bookmarks. Concept for education and study back to school, knowledge, e-book. Vector illustration.

Children are the flowers of our lives, are not they? Therefore, we must do everything possible for them to be happy. After all, the books that we read in childhood influenced us so much thanks to memorable pictures with our favorite characters. Bright childhood and colorful pictures develop imagination. There is no universal recipe for a perfect illustration. But there are two rules that allow you to create attractive drawings for children. First, the children’s illustration should be contrasted. And second of all, the composition should be clear and well designed. If a kids theme clipart is what you are looking for – you need to come here:

Cartoon Book Clipart

This kind of clipart is also suitable for use in the previous “Kids” type, just more cartoon characters are used. And to be honest, now a lot of adults are cartoon fans too. It is a more focused sphere, but also more original. This is the perfect decision for creating collages or posters and decorating sites on relevant topics.

Set of funny book characters, mascots, cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background. Humanized, childish books with smiling faces, arms and legs, school, education concept, design elements


Libraries … For most people, this word causes at least nostalgia. After all, today all the information and any book you can get in one click, sitting on the couch. Therefore, libraries are faced with the task not of organizing the interaction of readers and books, but of establishing a connection between space and learning. To create a “place” where you “gain knowledge”. Because sometimes it is so hard to concentrate… This concept was suggested by Scott Bennet in order to save the buildings of huge libraries, which every year lose their value and become unnecessary.


We often have cases when clients apply for the development of layouts already having their own logo. It just crumbles when we start working with it. Our advise: a huge number of objects put into one, do not forget to remove garbage from the file (transparent layers or some inconspicuous points) and carefully with the effects. And we offer you to find the right book for your order logo here:

Vector Book Clipart

And last but not least. Vector graphics. To summarize, we chose to consider it in the end. Vector graphics have many advantages. Unlike raster images, vector images are more flexible, easily scaled, maintain quality, etc. Below is a selection of web resources with vector book clipart for personal and commercial use. Enjoy!

As a bonus, we offer you to watch several videos with drawing graphic images of books in various programs. Enjoy the tutorials demonstrating how to create a simple flat style book icon:

Inkscape Tutorial: Book Icon

Book – Adobe Illustrator cs6 tutorial. How to create nice vector illustration with 3d tool

GIMP Tutorial – Create Books In GIMP

While it is possible to design an attractive and powerful “something” with nothing but words – or mostly words – most ads, blogs, articles need pictures, either photographs or illustrations. In general, all graphic pictures that are in a digital format can be attributed to such a concept as a “clipart”. Our blog has all the latest info in the fascinating world of images! And our goal is to offer instructional information and glimpses of some of the best clipart online. Therefore, we are glad to help you with the creation of this collection of clipart with books. We hope this will be helpful for you. MasterBundles – smart deals for Web professionals.

Video About 50+ Book Clipart

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