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10+ Best Fonts for Ebooks in 2021: Free and Premium

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July 23, 2021 February 27, 2022 6 min
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Fonts for Ebooks. If your ebook has a lot of text in it, the easiest fonts for reading are serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Garamond, Baskerville, and Caslon. These old traditional fonts have long been used for books and are still a great choice for ebooks. It is important that the font is easy to read, especially since people will be reading it digitally on screens of all sizes. Sans serif fonts are more legible and attractive to the reader.

Sans Serif fonts can work well in shorter blocks of text or as headings, but they are not as easy to read in longer sections of text. So here we have prepared some good fonts you may use for e-publishing your literary masterpiece. Check out the collection below and enjoy the process of your creativity!

Best Premium Fonts for Ebooks

Mogan Serif Font + Extras

This is an upper and lowercase serif font with nicely balanced curves.

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Chloe – A Classic Typeface

Create bold, gorgeous headlines and elegant designs with a vintage flair.

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Brendon Sans Serif Typeface

This is a strong and ravishing sans serif typeface. It comes with 3 weights.

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Bison – A Powerful Font

This is a strong font family and sophisticated sans serif.

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GR Read Sans Serif Font

Bold and lined typeface for a modern feel.

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Best Free Fonts for Ebooks

Roboto Font for Ebook

A classic font with many different uses.

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Times New Roman Font Free Download

 It is an old-style serif typeface that is facilitating designers for the last many decades.

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Garamond Free Font

It is a beautiful font with tenderness and elegance.

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Baskerville Font Family

A large collection of fonts in different styles, which makes it possible to use in different areas.

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Smooth and sophisticated font with a soft effect.

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Best Fonts for Ebook Free and Premium Pinterest.
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