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10+ Best Fonts for Book Covers in 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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July 21, 2021 February 27, 2022 6 min
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Fonts for Book Covers. When you read the title on a book cover, you might think you’re just reading the words but there is more to it. The visual solution chosen for a book cover aims to make a first impression on readers. If they like the artistic design of the letters, their brain will take that in before they even read the words. Otherwise, they will lose interest at the very beginning. So, you can see how much design matters.

A good book cover font can indicate the “density” of the writing style. Professional books crafted for a narrow audience usually have complex, yet strict, cover fonts. Children’s books tend to use the most abstract cover fonts to look interesting to the young audience.
Surprisingly, many authors don’t consider book cover fonts seriously. After investing many weeks, months, or years into writing an interesting piece of content, they put almost no effort into creating a visually attractive cover.

If you want to impress your readers, make sure that your cover font reflects the genre and theme of your book, as well as your individual style of writing. Hopefully, our list of free and premium fonts for book covers will help you create the perfect artwork. Keep developing your eye-catching design!

Best Premium Fonts for Book Covers

Winterland Font

This font is like a frozen icicle hanging from the roof of a house.

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Gibson Font

Newspaper font in the style of the British press.

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The Herera Script Typeface Font

Retro font in Brazilian style.

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Refresh Screen Nature Family Font

It's like a breath of fresh air that comes with the first summer rain.

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Coolumbus Serif Font

Stylish font in the color of young spring grass.

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Kipling Font – Adventurous Font

An adventurous font for exciting books.

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Best Free Fonts for Book Covers

Carter One Font

Bold type without additional decorative elements.

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Lemon Jelly Font

A retro typeface with bold beautiful letters that have a lot to say.

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Joyful Theatre Font

Street typeface with well-defined borders.

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Aguafina Script Font

Italic font, which somehow reminded the morning of a bride in a lace robe.

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Antique Book Cover Font

A wonderful font for old books.

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Beautiful People Font

Italic font inspired by the dance of the Moulin Rouge girls.

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Bangers Font

A slightly dangerous typeface that threatens with sharpness of words and concreteness of views.

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