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15+ Best Fonts for Books in 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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July 26, 2021 February 28, 2022 5 min
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Fonts for Books. Choosing a great font for your book is a problem that worries novice creators of fiction and science literature. After all, the typeface directly affects how people perceive the work and whether they can read and understand the main message. The job of a typography designer is to find the perfect script for your book, banner, ads, newspaper, etc. The main rule for making sure you choose the appropriate typeface style is that it is easy to read. When you read text you become absorbed in the story, you are filled with the author’s emotions, and you learn new information. The last thing you should notice is how the typeface looks.

Always remember that by meeting the physiological requirements of the reader’s eyesight you will quietly achieve a better aesthetic impression of the work of printing art, which the book you are creating should be. Remember also that classical simplicity is always above garish and expensive complexity of ornate embellishment. But you don’t even have to think about the typeface selection because MasterBundles has done all the work for you. Enjoy these best fonts for books carefully chosen specifically for your inspiring projects.

Best Premium Fonts for Books

School Book Embroidery Fonts

The typeface is similar to the embroidered emblem in elite schools.

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Chloe Classic Typeface

Vintage magazine typeface in pastel colors.

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Sabon Font for Books

Mediterranean style font with waves and sun.

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Baskerville Nova Pro Font

TA fresh and springy font that goes well with ornamentation.

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Buckley Serif Font for Books

This is a handcrafted font that looks like the legacy of Robin Hood.

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Homework Font for Books

Homework is a simple and thin sans serif font. Add it to your most creative ideas.

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Wardana Font for Books

Any idea will look stunning and interesting with this font.

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Best Free Fonts for Books

The Book Font

A font for real adventures.

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Bodonio Font for Books

A font for a narrative about a fairy-tale life and obedient children.

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Bebas Neue Font for Books

It looks like a simple font, but thanks to color combinations it can add brightness to the context.

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Pentay Book Font

A great font for children's books, so that the interest of children is maintained for a long time.

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Comme Font for Books

A simple, even font for storytelling.

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Benja Comic Book Free Font

The perfect font for books of all sizes - from novels and adventures to comics.

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Gandhi Serif

Noble font. Each line is in its place.

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Standard Font for Books

A standard font that includes several styles and languages.

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Bookman Slab Serif Font

This is a bold ligature slab serif typeface. A contrast display typeface.

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Queens Park Font

Italic serif typeface to attract attention and add emphasis.

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