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12 Best NFT Art Marketplaces: How to Create and Sell NFT Art

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February 17, 2022 May 27, 2022 4 min
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Stefan Ateljevic, cryptoentrepreneur & founder of CryptoBlokes

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Before discussing the 12 best NFT platforms to sell your art, we must say that this year, the news from the NFT (non-fungible token) world was coming in hot and fast. There was the Christie’s auction sale of the digital painting Everydays – The First 5000 Days for nearly $70 million, and a 10-second video clip Crossroad, which sold for $6.6 million. It is remarkable that the seller himself had purchased this video six months earlier and for about 100 times cheaper. Not as record-breaking in prices for individual lots, but much more numerous are deals for NFT that take place in the world of online games. This category continues to be the key to the entire market.

So how can you join this world, learn its laws, and maybe try to make money from it? This guide to NFT marketplaces will help you look at digital objects with NFT rights, find promising niches, and make your first transactions. Just don’t forget to make yourself a crypto wallet.

“Best NFT Art Marketplaces: How to Create and Sell NFT Art [Audio Version]”

Where to buy NFTs

Nowadays, experts assure that NFT-tokens will grow in popularity not only among people who collect tokens but also among traders and investors. MasterBundles analyzed where you can buy and sell NFT tokens today.

Today there are many NFT marketplaces, but in this article, we will focus on the most popular and interesting of them and also teach you how to create NFT art and sell it.

How to Create a Digital Wallet to Buy NFTs

You cannot simply buy or sell something using cash or credit card. Before buying or selling any NFT, you need to have a digital wallet with some cryptocurrency on your account. There are many crypto platforms that allow you to create digital wallets for crypto transactions. One of the more popular ones is MetaMask.

How to create a Metamask wallet

1. Type “metamask” in the search and find the program.


2. Go to the program page and click “Install.”


3. A browser notification about successful installation will appear.

4. On the new tab, you will see the nameplate logo for the wallet—the fox will follow the gesture of the bear cursor. Press the “Start working” button.

A browser notification about successful installation will appear.

5. On the next page, click “Create a wallet.”

On the next page, click

6. Create a password and agree to the terms and conditions of the service after you read them

Create a password and agree to the terms and conditions of the service after you read them.

7. Check the manual on what the “recovery phrase” is and how you can use it to update your wallet. Press “Further.”

Check the manual on what the

8. On the next page you will need to copy the secret phrase. To see it, click on the picture with a padlock. Save the phrase in the file and store it in a safe place. Then click “Next.”

On the next page you will need to copy the secret phrase.

9. Then you need to confirm your secret phrase—choose the words in the correct order. When you do this, the “Confirm” button will become active. Click on it.

You need to confirm your secret phrase—choose the words in the correct order.

10. Accept congratulations and press the “Done” button!

Accept congratulations and press the

11. On the next page you will see your wallet.

 On the next page you will see your wallet.

12. You can also see the wallet interface by clicking on the MetaMask icon in the add-on panel in the upper right corner of your Google Chrome browser.

How to Buy Ether

So, you have a wallet. In order to use it for buying and selling NFTs, you must add a balance to it. You can do this in several ways:

  • buy Ethereum using the services installed in the wallet;
  • through an internet exchanger;
  • buy ETH on another platform and transfer the money to your MetaMask account;
  • by transferring the cryptocurrency from another address, if it already exists.

How to Buy Ether.

How to buy NFTs

If you decide to buy NFT you like, it’s quite an easy task. However, there are many different marketplaces. But don’t worry, the process of buying and selling NFTs is almost the same. We decided to make a short guide on how to buy on OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Step 1

Prepare your Metamask wallet. You can register it according to the instructions from the previous section. To buy any NFT you need to have some cryptocurrency in your wallet, so make sure that you have enough ETH on your account.

Step 2

Choose the token you want to buy. All assets on the platform are divided by category and status. For example, on the left side of the menu, you can select the following NFT-tokens:

  • available for purchase now;
  • non-exchangeable tokens, which are sold in an auction format;
  • new NFT tokens;
  • NFT tokens that have already made offers to purchase.

Step 3

In the case of cards from the “buy now” category, all you have to do is click the buy button. NFT-tokens, which involve submitting bids, may take longer to purchase. Information about the completion of bidding is presented in each card. After that, all purchase data goes to the user’s personal account.

All tokens purchased on OpenSea can be sold on the marketplace. To do this, go to the “sell” section in your personal area and select the desired NFT.

How to Create and Where to Sell NFT Art

Anyone who has the rights to a digital asset can sell their NFT tokens. If you have photos, gifs, music, or texts on your computer, you can make an NFT of them and sell them later, in case someone needs them.

Where can I create NFT art?

There are a few platforms where you can create NFT art. The primary NFT art sites include OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation. We’ll tell you how to make your own token using Opensea.

How to make NFT art

To create NFT art you need to:

  1. Open the site
  2. Open your Metamask wallet.
  3. Click Create in the upper right corner of the main page.
  4. In the field marked with a dotted line, put your file that will be turned into NFT. The system accepts only JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, and GLTF files. The maximum file size is 40 MB.
  5. Give a name to your creation, and if necessary write down a description and also give the name of the collection.
  6. Press the Create button and your token is ready!

How to sell NFT art

When it comes to NFT selling, you need to follow some simple steps to sell your NFT art. Here is a short guide on how to sell on OpenSea:

  1. After creating a token, you can sell it by clicking the “Sell” button. In this section, choose how you want to sell—at a fixed price or auction.
  2. Set the price in US dollars or ETH.
  3. After setting the price, click on the “Post your listing” button to send the token for sale.
  4. At this point, the platform should debit the publication fee from your wallet.
  5. It makes sense to sell tokens if they exceed the fee.
  6. After publication, the NFT selling art will be verified, and then it can be bought by platform users.
  7. Money from the sale will be sent to the wallet.

Open Platforms

There are various marketplaces that host different types of NFT collections. These sites target audiences in a wide variety of niches, from general categories to a specific industry such as gaming or art.

Everyone can find something interesting on these platforms: from world-class NFTs created by famous artists to the less popular ones created by beginners.



button for more details.

You can buy and sell all kinds of tokens on OpenSea. Not only art, but also domain names, virtual lands, game and sports cards, collectibles, and utilities. For example, in the Utilities category, you can buy memberships to the Bankless community by sponsoring it. Among the collectibles, you can find the popular CryptoCats.

OpenSea is not only a platform for selling tokens, but also an informative blog. It publishes articles about earning on the platform, relevant information about tokens, monthly NFT sales tops, and seller ratings.

To create a collection, buy a token, or post your work, you don’t need to register. Simply log in through MetaMask.



button for more details.

This is an NFT marketplace that has been operating successfully for more than a year and is attracting more and more attention. The site has several unique tools, which could not be found in the competitors of that time. One of these was a simplified interface for creating NFT tokens in a few clicks. Although the NFT system is still young, Rarible is already investing in transactions to create non-fungible tokens to fuel the platform’s growth. In the future, the company plans to migrate to DAO. This is necessary to create a fully decentralized platform.

Rarible uses its own RARI token to reward active users. About 60% of RARI’s assets are distributed to active buyers and sellers each week.

On Rarible, you can sell digital art as well as game cards, domain names, virtual lands, and even memes. For example, in the Memes collection, you can buy access to the private Telegram community of the Blockchain Summit in Los Angeles. To sell NFT you need to connect your wallet to Rarible. After that, it will be possible to create and sell NFT in the Create section.

You don’t need to register in order to create a collection, buy a token, or post a work on Rarible. You can log in through MetaMask.



button for more details.

While other platforms create NFT collections , on Mintable you can create your own store with art tokens. The store is a smart contract for creating NFTs. You can sell digital paintings as well as domain names, collectibles, bits, videos, and patterns. Both music videos and pet videos can be found in the “Video” category.

To buy an art token on Mintable or earn money from the sale, you need to register on the site and link a cryptocurrency wallet to MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Rainbow.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway.

button for more details.

Nifty Gateway is owned by the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. Users can log in and use a standard Nifties token to create a tokenized version of the artwork. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain, which was created in 2018. The Beeple’s artwork The Complete MF Collection was sold at a Nifty Gateway auction for $777,777, making it the most expensive encrypted artwork to date.

NFT Showroom

NFT Showroom.

button for more details.

This is a tokenized art platform built on the HIVE blockchain. NFT Showroom allows artists to log in with HIVE accounts and use sidechain and smart contracts to tokenize artwork. The biggest advantage of the HIVE blockchain is that it provides free transactions, so there is no cost when the artist sends the created artwork to the network.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot.

button for more details.

This marketplace is officially licensed by the U.S. National Basketball Association and offers its users, no more and no less, to buy and sell spicy moments in real historical NBA games.

The idea is clearly borrowed from baseball cards, but on a whole new technological level. Transactions here are done in dollars, and NFT transactions are recorded on the FLOW blockchain. The creators of NBA Top Shot themselves call the project nothing short of “a new era in fandom.” Recently, in August, one user @Dubria sold a legendary Zion Williamson game moment to another user named @jerlevine for $79,999.

Invite-Only Platforms



button for more details.

SuperRare is a marketplace for collecting and selling unique pieces of art. Only digital art is placed on the platform.

In order to buy artwork on SuperRare or add your own, you need to register on the site and link your MetaMask or Fortmatic cryptocurrency wallet. Before you can post your work on SuperRare, you need to be interviewed by the site’s administration. For this reason,artists known in digital art are posted here and their works are valued higher than on Rarible and OpenSea.



button for more details.

Foundation only hosts digital paintings. To buy an art token, you don’t need to register on the platform. You can log in using MetaMask.

To become an author at the Foundation, you need to join the official community in Discord and share your work in the “intros-invites” channel. Also, you can find an artist you know on the Foundation and ask him for an invitation.

Here, the sale of tokens is done through an auction. The person who indicates a high price for a certain time gets the work. Therefore, when buying a token you should pay attention to two parameters—price and time.

Makers Place

Makers Place.

button for more details.

The Makers Place platform allows artists to sell their digital works to a wide audience. Only digital art is presented here.

To buy an art token on Makers Place, you need to register on the site. You need an invitation to post your work on the platform. You can get it in the platform’s official Discord community.

Async art

Async art.

button for more details.

Only popular artists can submit their works to Async art. The platform is designed for digital art trading.

There is no need to register on Async art. You can log in through MetaMask. In order to upload your work, you will need to apply for approval of the artist’s account in advance. A distinctive feature of the platform is that you can create art online using the Async Canvas tool. This allows you to sell your art as a whole or individually in layers.

Known Origin

Known Origin.

button for more details.

Over 18,000 works have been sold on Known Origin. Only digital paintings are posted here. The platform also has its own blog. There, you can find news about the platform, collaboration stories, interviews, and artist news.

On Known Origin, you don’t need to register. Signing in through MetaMask is enough.

To post your work, you’ll need to apply for artist account approval in advance. Known Origin has its own hall of fame, featuring the highest paid authors, paintings, and collections.



button for more details.

ArtBlocks generates a random token when an NFT is purchased and the user doesn’t know what painting he is buying until the end of the transaction. He chooses the style in which the work is done and pays for it. The algorithm randomly generates NFTs based on the specified parameters and sends them to the user’s account. The result is a static image, a 3D model, or a gif.

To buy the piece of art, all you have to do is log in through MetaMask and make the transaction. It’s more difficult to post a work on the platform: you need to get an invitation or send an email to the site developers asking for collaboration.

To sum up, here is a short comparative analysis of different NFT marketplaces from MasterBandles!

NFT marketplaces comparative infographic by MasterBundles.

The NFT field is only gaining momentum. Now is the best time to start working with a new asset class. Great prospects are opening up for those who want to become part of this field or just be involved in NFT collecting. As the field develops, more and more participants are involved.

If you want to sell NFTs quickly and profitably, the best way to do that is to work with MasterBundles and use the Sell-Your-Deal Form on the website. It is super easy to sell any of your original graphic designs through this tool! 🙂

Article reviewed by

Stefan Ateljevic, cryptoentrepreneur & founder of CryptoBlokes photo
—Stefan Ateljevic, cryptoentrepreneur & founder of CryptoBlokes

First, NFTs are a great technology for artists and art in general, from digital painting to music. Why? Because the technology behind them allows the artists to sell their art without needing a gallery or a platform to showcase their work, and they also can establish all kinds of contractual matters, like getting a certain percentage of each transaction every time their art is sold. This is where NFTs value lie, it's not only the art that people buy; it's the digital signature that works as a contract and certifies your ownership over that asset.

Of course, we're currently living in a bubble, the market is purely speculative (same as the real-life art market), most projects are cash grabs instead of being real solid projects, and that bubble may pop sooner than later. That doesn't mean NFTs are not valuable or the technology is all a fraud, that means the market is not mature yet. There's also an added value that most people aren't seeing; the biggest NFT projects, like Bored Apes are also used as memberships to an exclusive club, offering its members access to exclusive parties, meetings, and news about the crypto world.

Finally, the value of NFTs lies in something as simple as scarcity; something is desirable, something offers you an entrance to exclusive events and benefits, but there's only a limited amount of that something, then that something is going to have a high price. NFTs are a hot topic right now, and most of it it's because of all the speculation around them and their price.


How much does it cost to sell an NFT?

The OpenSea fee for January 2022 is 2.5% or about 0.05 ETH (200 USD) for posting an NFT for sale. The second option is to pay a minimum price of 0.02 ETH (80 USD) to initialize your wallet in OpenSea, after which there is no fee.

How to sell NFT art without gas fee?

Choose the right blockchain for your collection. The choice is usually between Ethereum and Polygon. If you want to take a free blockchain and not pay any fees for selling NFTs, choose Polygon.

Is making money through NFT real and genuine?

All of your creativity can be sold digitally with NFT. Although, the uses of NFT itself are much broader than that.

What kind of digital art sells the best and where can I sell mine?

The visual digital art things such as images, photos, drawings, gifs, video, etc. are the best sellers among all NFTs. You can sell your NFT art on any open NFT marketplace.

Some Awesome Video About NFT Marketplace

The best NFT marketplaces

In this video you’ll learn what the best NFT marketplaces are to buy and sell NFT art, music and collectibles. The video also explains what NFTs are and how they are minted.

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