What to Post on Instagram? Top 50+ Ideas for Your Feed

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Instagram Post Ideas. Instagram is an extremely important tool for both bloggers and small businesses, which means that you don’t only need to think about how your feed looks like but also about your content. Perhaps the ultimate secret of success on Instagram is using pre-made templates for posts and stories as well as making weekly plans for your posts. So as you might have already guessed, that is what we are going to talk about today.

50 Instagram Post Ideas for All Occasions in 2021

Many bloggers struggle to come up with interesting topics for their posts but it’s totally okay, it happens to everyone, and there’s definitely nothing to worry about. So in case, you need some inspiration and new ideas, here are some topics you can try to write on.

1. A book that changed my mind
2. Top 10 books for Millennials
3. Old Hollywood movies to watch in 2021
4. 30 must-watch movies
5. The day that changed my life
6. The most awkward moment in my life
7. The silliest thing I’ve ever done
8. College roommate horror story
9. The craziest party I’ve ever been to
10. My breakup story
11. My typical day as a designer/ blogger/ model/ photographer/ CGI engineer/ mom/ etc.
12. What would I do if I won a lottery
13. Facts about me that you didn’t know
14. The funniest thing that happened to me
15. Top 5 reasons why I recycle
16. Things that inspire me
17. How I overcame my depression
18. What is an emotional burnout and how to deal with it
19. What I think about [a viral event that is happening at the moment]
20. DIY tutorial
21. My favorite makeup products
22. How I apply my everyday makeup
23. Where do I buy my clothes
24. How to save money on brand clothing
25. Latest technology news
26. How to travel the world if you are broke
27. What I appreciate in people the most
28. My relationship ultimate advice
29. What a toxic relationship is and how to avoid getting into one
30. Do long-distance relationships really work?
31. What’s in my bag
32. Things you need in long-distance travels
33. Best TV series and movies for Netflix and chill
34. My goals for the upcoming year
35. 10 countries you have to visit at least once
36. 20 decent cafés and restaurants that everybody can afford
37. Where do I see myself in five years
38. Embarrassing things I did in my first relationship
39. Fashion do’s and don’t’s
40. How to take a photo that would look like a professional photoshoot
41. Easy ways to edit your photos using free editing apps
42. What do I eat in order to be healthy and fit
43. Things I cannot imagine my life without
44. The last time I cried
45. My cooking life hacks
46. Questions you’ve been asking me
47. Things I’m thankful for
48. Things I wish I knew before going to college/ moving in with my partner/ moving abroad/ getting married/ getting an IUD/ getting a tattoo/ having a plastic surgery/ dying my hair at home/ etc.
49. I’m 30 and here’s what I’ve got to say to all the 20-year-olds out there
50. How not to be afraid of letting go and starting your life over

Instagram Stories Ideas

Certainly, every self-respecting Instagram blogger has to post at least a couple of stories every day, and coming up with the ideas for those stories might be quite a challenge. So here are some ideas that you can use.

1. Before and after
2. Various types of polls
3. Q&A stories
4. Your day in 15 seconds (a short video with the most prominent moments of your day)
5. Travel destinations and locations
6. Funny content and memes
7. Boomerangs
8. Your ultimate life hacks
9. Fun quizzes
10. Giveaways and announcements

Hottest Instagram Templates

Finally, in order to make your posts and stories look fancy, you might want to get some lovely pre-made templates. So without further ado, here they come.

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What to Post on Instagram

Today Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks. To stay on top you should create amazing photos, design lovely stories and videos. Moreover, you should write a text!

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Top 50+ Ideas for Your Feed FAQ

📸 Who needs Instagram templates?

These templates will be rather useful for bloggers, SMMs, as well as regular users who want to make their feed look fancy and elegant.

📸 How to gain more likes and followers?

Try using popular hashtags and geolocations, collaborating with other popular bloggers, and making giveaways. Apart from that, you want to communicate with your followers, which includes replying to their comments and occasionally liking their posts.

📸 What kind of posts are inappropriate?

You certainly cannot post any adult content on Instagram. In addition to that, it’s better to avoid such topics as politics and religion.

📸 What post topics are popular on Instagram?

Perhaps the most popular topics are fashion and beauty, popular culture, various tips and tricks, DIY tutorials, as well as personal stories.

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