30+ Best Wedding Invitation Templates 2021: Free and Premium

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Wedding Trends 2020 and Invitation Design

Best Wedding Invitation Templates. 2020 has been tough so far and many weddings had to be postponed or canceled. However, in some states and countries, the quarantine measures have been reduced, which means that some couples can still get married in 2020. This is why we’re going to take a brief look at some of the 2020 wedding trends.

Environmentally-friendly Weddings

In recent years, ecology and climate change have been perhaps the most popular topics to discuss. Global warming, plastic pollution of the oceans, or the thundering speech of the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. This very topic really concerns our society, which means that it has a huge influence on weddings too. In fact, environmentally-friendly weddings are already a huge trend. The theme of ecology has begun to be actively traced in weddings a couple of years ago, and now most couples have a more rational approach to choosing materials, venues, food, etc. Speaking about invitations, more and more couples prefer the ones that are made from recycled paper or digital ones.

Natural Colors and Textures

The theme of ecology, one way or another, continues the trend for natural textures and colors, which manifests itself this year. In terms of invitations and save the date cards, experts and designers recommend choosing earthy and pastel colors as well as natural textures and patterns. Apart from that, metallic elements are going to be quite popular as well.


The things that used to seem like science fiction are now becoming elements of our everyday life. In fact, sophisticated technologies do not amaze us that much anymore and we already take those things for granted. So nowadays, it’s natural to see modern technologies involved in weddings. As you know, a wedding begins with an invitation and in 2020 digital invitations are a huge trend. But this does not mean that elaborate design is not important anymore, on the contrary, it opens new opportunities for creativity. Digital invitations can be realized not only in the format of an image but also in the form of an animated invitation and what is even more interesting in the format of an entire site.

Fancy Minimalism

We are moving towards simple and laconic solutions. Certainly, classic minimalist options are going to be on top this year but, at the same time, it will also include the combination expensive materials and textures. Glass and transparency are still trending as well as non-standard forms and layouts, for example, layering (cards that lie on top of each other and form a composition). Despite the minimalist trends, many couples also opt for contrast color combinations, for example, black and white, red and white, navy blue and white, etc.

As you can see, there is no sole particular trend that everybody has to follow. In other words, if you want an environmentally-friendly wedding invitations designed in a natural color pallet, go ahead and get those. In case you are a true fan of high-tech, you can totally create digital invitations with fancy animations or even create an entire website. So feel free to experiment and express your creativity, after all, it’s your wedding and you get to choose everything, no matter if it is a trend or not.

6 Awesome Wedding Invitation Bundles

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Floral Wedding Invitation Bundle

Best Wedding Invite Information Card. Portrait Creator Bride and Groom

12 Invitation & Greeting Card Mockups

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Save the Date Wedding Templates

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Wedding invitations play a big role in the overall wedding planning. The same artwork and monogram can be used in many aspects of the wedding, such as ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, place cards, and even custom lighting for the wall or dance floor! Custom monogram lighting is one of the most popular wedding decor trends. It allows couples to put their wedding invitation design in lights. This is a beautiful decor element, and a great way to personalize the reception venue. To put your wedding invitation in lights, just look for gobo rentals or monogram lighting. This special light will arrive pre-programmed with your wedding invitation design. All you have to do is plug it in!

Wedding Invitation Templates: Digital, Paper, Websites

Now since we learned pretty much all the 2021 wedding trends, it’s high time to have a look at some invitation templates that will make you fall in love with them at the very first sight.

Wedding Website Themes

Jack & Rose – A Whimsical WordPress Wedding Theme

Price: $50
In case instead of a simple invitation, you want to go with an entire website, this WordPress theme will help you create one easily and quickly.

Moments – Wedding & Event Theme

Price: $69
Another lovely option that will simply mesmerize your guests.

Wedding Day

Price: $79
One more beautiful template for those couples who want their love to last forever.

Gretna Green – Wedding Theme

Price: $79
Gretna Green is a sophisticated theme that will make your website elegant and one-of-a-kind.

Honeymoon – Wedding

Price: $79
Honeymoon is a perfect choice for those couples who want to show their love to the entire world.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Best Wedding Invite Information Card in 2021. Portrait Creator Bride and Groom

Price: $13

Save the Date Wedding Template

Price: $3

Digital Invitation Template by SAM

Price: free

Animated Wedding Template by David Watson

Price: free

Rustic Save the Date Invitation Template by David Watson

Price: free

Pink and White Floral Wedding Invitation

Price: available with Canva subscription

White and Olive Green Wreath Elegant Wedding Invitation

Price: available with Canva subscription

Pink and Mauve Romantic Leafy Wedding Invitation

Price: available with Canva subscription

Cream Floral Border – Wedding Invitation

Price: free

Geometric & Flowers – Wedding Invitation

Price: free

Floral canopy – Wedding Invitation

Price: available with Greeting Island subscription

Peach & Grey Floral Wedding Suite by BlueRobinDesignShop

Price: $18

Eucalyptus Foliage Wedding Suite by BlueRobinDesignShop

Price: $18

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Price: $0.67 per one card

VELLUM FOIL wedding invitation suite

Price: starting from $1.23

What is save the date?

Save the date card is a cool way to inform your friends and relatives about your future wedding. It is some kind of invitation that sends as a postcard.

It is so easy to design stunning save the date cards today! You can:

  • hire a freelancer
  • try to design it by yourselves
  • use a template

With a cool designer, you can create a lovely Save-the-Date Photo Card. Just add some text to your favorite engagement shot. Cons of work with freelancers:

  • high cost
  • you can not get what you were counting on

When to send save the date cards?

Be sure, your friends need some time to prepare for your perfect wedding! You can send save-the-date cards 6-8 months prior to your wedding and the wedding invitations eight weeks before your big day. There are lots of wedding invitation templates that you can use for your special day.

Watercolor bundles with Save the date cards

The watercolor graphics package deal is a bundle that contains pictures and illustrations painted with watercolors. Wedding invites or business cards could also be made using this technique.

Wedding Invitation Templates

30 Wedding Invitation Templates Card Set in vintage and minimal style

30 Wedding Invitation Templates Card Set in vintage and minimal style

Wedding Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitation Suite

Floral Wedding Invitation Bundle

Floral Wedding Invitation Bundle

Lavender Printable Wedding Invitation Set

Lavender Printable Wedding Invitation Set

Save the date templates

The easiest way to create beautiful save the date cards design is to buy a template. Just $5-10 and you get the best invitation for your perfect wedding day. Let’s check some of them:

The Best Save the Date Cards

The Best Save the Date Cards
The Best Save the Date Cards
The Best Save the Date Cards
The Best Save the Date Cards

The Best Save the Date Cards

The Best Save the Date Cards

The Best Save the Date Cards

Final Thoughts

Any wedding starts with an invitation, which has to reflect the entire theme of the wedding. Whether you choose a digital invitation, a printed one, or an entire website in order to let your guests know about your special day, you have to make sure your invitation is stylish and elegant. Luckily, today there is a huge selection of beautiful templates to choose from, and most importantly, those options are pretty affordable. So do not hesitate, take a look at the beautiful templates that I’ve found for you, pick the one you liked the best, and invite your loved ones to share this special day with you.


😍 What is an example of a trendy invitation?

😍 How much does a wedding invitation template cost?

On average, it’s about $10.

😍 Website, digital invitation, or actual invitation?

It totally depends on your personal preferences, but perhaps the biggest trend nowadays is creating a wedding website. This trend is especially popular among those couples who choose online weddings over traditional ones.

😍 Is it difficult to create a wedding site?

Not at all if you use a WordPress theme, so go ahead and try it.

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