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100+ Blogger Templates in 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Jim Harding March 15, 2021 25 minutes

Blogger Templates. Blogger is one of the oldest platforms that allows you to create a fully-functional website, quickly, easily, and completely stress-free. So today we are going to take a look at some of the best Blogger templates to use in 2021.

Blogging is a relatively new but rather big field that creates countless opportunities to both express yourself and earn some extra pocket money. Moreover, it’s no longer just a hobby, it’s a real profession and some people make millions on their blog posts. So naturally, you might be particularly interested in becoming a professional blogger.

Even though you can use a social media platform to start your career, there will be a point in your professional life when you’ll need a website. Certainly, the easiest and cheapest way to launch a site is by using a pre-made template and reliable CMS. Perhaps the most affordable platform for building blog websites is Blogger. In fact, it is one of the oldest platforms that allows you to create a fully-functional website, quickly, easily, and completely stress-free. So today we are going to take a look at some of the best Blogger templates to use on your website in 2021. Without further ado, let us begin.

Best Free Blogspot Templates in MasterBundles

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
Example Page Free News Blogger Template SmagNews.
Free News Blogger Template SmagNews BlogSpot
Example Page Free Modern Blogger PRO.
Free Modern Blogger PRO Theme: Corporate
Example Page Free Travel BlogSpotTheme Adventure.
Simple Blogger Template: Free Travel BlogSpotTheme Adventure
Template Blogger Online Shop Responsive
Free Template Blogger Online Shop Responsive
Free Drug Theme Medical Blog.
Free Drug Theme Medical Blog

Top Professional Blogger Portfolio Templates

Free Blogger Resume Template

Bright red accents on blocks will make your portfolio look extraordinary and unique.

Price: free

Intense – Responsive Portfolio Blogger Template

Concise and stylish design with flexible interface. You will be able to actualize the colors in your style.

Price: $19

Maysa – Minimal Portfolio Blogger Template

In yellow tones with accents in the pictures. This template is perfect for a creative portfolio.

Price: $19

Milla – Minimal Portfolio Blogger Template

Minimalist style and moderation in colors will give you the opportunity to concentrate on your work.

Price: $23

Anext – Responsive Multipurpose Blogger Theme

Bright orange borders highlight the main building blocks of the portfolio. Readers will immediately understand what is worth paying attention to.

Price: $25

Areda – Responsive Multipurpose Blogger Template

This template is for a massive portfolio with lots of artwork.

Price: $23

Masqoli – Responsive Blogger Template

Blue shaded pattern with well-defined borders. This is a great option for a news blog.

Price: $20

GreenB – Responsive Blogger Template

There is never too much green. A high-quality template with a flexible design to suit completely different themes.

Price: $19

Photofolio Blogger Template

Deep green. Clear blocks and flexibility of the interface. The topic is great for many areas, but especially for nature.

Price: $10

Dex – Modern Blog/Portfolio Blogger Theme

Diversity and originality. This template contains everything. Here there are classics, bright accents, and a variety of blocks.

Price: $23

Mocha: Grid-Based Portfolio Template

The template is made in the Scandinavian style. Light colors and minimalism. You just want to take him with you to the seashore.

Price: $29

Brakt – Personal Blogger Template

Bright and Brazilian color pattern. Multifunctional and user-friendly for a variety of topics.

Price: $21

Infinity – Multipurpose Responsive Blogger Template

Smart template - with conveniently spaced reading blocks, made in woody color.

Price: $19

Minimalist Blogspot Templates

Free News Blogger Template SmagNews BlogSpot

Multipurpose and colorful theme. It can be used both for a news blog and for everyday use.

Price: free

Simple Blogger Template: Free Travel BlogSpotTheme Adventure

A bit of Tiffany color and sophistication. Fresh design and user-friendly interface. A great option for a travel blog.

Price: free

Cihuatl Blogger Template

This design makes you feel inspired and relaxed. Delicate, pastel colors ask you to read everything to the end. The theme is well suited for the beauty industry.

Price: $19.99

Nordic Blogger Template

Classic design and user-friendly interface. Simple and tasteful. The blocks go one after another, so the reader will feel comfortable on the page.

Price: free

Ore no Imouto Blogger Template

If you want to saturate your blog with vitamin D and all readers are just as actively going to your page as our residents leave for warmer regions in winter, then this template is for you.

Price: free

TopGames Blogger Template

Classic combination of black and yellow; usability - it all includes this layout.

Price: free

Rareti Blogger Template

A multi-purpose and feature-rich blog layout. The eccentric placement of the blocks will emphasize the character of your blog.

Price: free

Singl Blogger Template

Deep gray color, conciseness in blocks and uncommonness in the very structure of building a blog will become the hallmark of your page.

Price: free

Mandarin Blogger Template

Red is the hit of this season. A perfect page structure with logically spaced blocks will give your blog an edge over the rest.

Price: $19.99

Eighties Blogger Template

Conciseness and accents are the slogan of this layout. This is a good solution for a small blog.

Price: free

Counter Blogger Template

Blog in infographic format. Less words, more facts. Flexible design allows you to match colors to your style.

Price: free

Maya Blogger Template

Time for vacation and harmony. Ocean turquoise shades are great for a travel blog.

Price: $19.99

Carrie Blogger Template

Gentle and wordy. If you have something to say and want to structure it into a beautiful picture, then this layout is a great option for you.

Price: $10

Best Ecommerce Blogger Templates

Free Template Blogger Online Shop Responsive

This templates was created for marketplaces and online trading.

Price: free

Mega Shop Blogger Template

Red is the color of stimulation. encourage your customers to buy.

Price: free

SoraShop Blogger Template

Template for a large store. Here you can arrange all the goods nicely and clearly for the customers.

Price: $9.95

EasyCart Blogger Template

Black and green design and versatility will give you an edge over the competition.

Price: $9.95

Books Cart Blogger Template

Bright colors for book lovers. Convenient and stylish design for a book store. Here you can highlight the main products and break them down by genre.

Price: free

uBook Blogger Template Premium Version

Colorful and simple design for book trading.

Price: $9.95

SoraCart Blogger Template Premium Version

Bright and functionality theme wii help in trading your products.

Price: $14.95

Sora Store Blogger Template Premium Version

A clean and user-friendly theme for selling sporting goods.

Price: $9.95

Value eCommerce Blogger Template

Best for animals. This pattern is no exception. Bright accents and clear design will bring success to your business.

Price: free

Shopingo Blogger Template

Simple and stylish design in blue color.

Price: free

BetaCommerce Blogger Template

The red palette will tell your customers about passion and total commitment. This theme is for the bold and stylish.

Price: free

Boutique Blogger Template

Green is the color of reason and eco-style. Be on top of trends and promote your product in the right colors.

Price: free

WeCommerce Responsive Blogger Template

Light green with a yellow accent. This combination speaks of being active and willing to take action.

Price: free

Blogspot Templates for Business

Blogger Template Responsive By Vefio Themes

Black and white style. Classics and elegance together. What could be better for a store?

Price: $6

Blogger Template – Wonderlyn By Vefio Themes

The pastel palette and perfect shapes will catch the eye of even the most critical customer.

Price: $6

Blogger Template Responsive – Violin By Vefio Themes

The combination of pink and white creates a special atmosphere of home and comfort. The perfect theme for a textile store or home furnishings.

Price: $8

Amalie – Responsive Blogger Template By Themexpose

Its a beautiful theme for beautiful people.

Price: $24

Blogger Template Responsive – Nueva By Vefio Themes

Theme in English style. A discreet classic with seasoned colors. Make your blog stylish and tasty for others.

Price: $8

Blogger Template Responsive – Celine By Vefio Themes

Theme for a fashion blog. The functional design, which you can customize to your style, will create the perfect picture for your readers.

Price: $8

Parisienne – Blogger Template By The October Studio

Travel blog in pastel colors. Here you can fit a lot of information and wrap it in beautiful packaging thanks to its flexible design.

Price: $22

Blogger Template Responsive – ADELYN By Vefio Themes

This layout is like a breath of fresh air. Minimum colors, Convenience of blocks and stylish appearance. This template is a super solution for a hiking or travel blog.

Price: $8

Blogger Template – Hello Mars By Vefio Themes

Colors will create your artwork. If you love taking pictures and want to share your work, then this template is the solution.

Price: $8

Minute Responsive Blogger Template By bthemez

The classic frame of the template and the multifunctionality of the design make this theme special for any topics.

Price: $24

Invasion Business Blogger Template

The combination of blue and white inspires confidence in others. Perfect business template.

Price: $25

Versona Landing Page Blogger Template

Gradient background and vastness of blocks will bring zest to your blog.

Price: $25

EPIC Simple Blogger Template

Use this template for both your blog and shop. Its versatility and delicacy in design makes it stand out from a number of others.

Price: $9.95

Technology Blogger Templates

iBeats Blogger Template

The newspaper style of this template will accommodate all your ideas.

Price: $9.95

Magento Blogger Template

Simple design, minimal colors. It won't make it difficult for you to use and will be customer friendly.

Price: $9.95

TechGo Blogger Template

A template for a blog with a lot of data. You can style it in your style.

Price: free

Codesera Portfolio Blogger Template

Universal template. Flexible design allows me to customize it and create a blog with my own unique style.

Price: $25

Newsflash Responsive Blogger Template

Multidisciplinary template. It is suitable for both computer and mobile versions. You only need to enter the data, and he will do everything for you.

Price: $10

BrickOn Blogger Template

Clear and compact design. Simple for the reader to stay on your blog.

Price: $9.95

Alpha Niche Blogger template

Responsive and simple design. You don't need to be a developer to style it yourself, the main thing is already done.

Price: $10

Decent 3 column Blogger Template

Universal template. It can be used both as a website and as a regular blog. Convenient design and inviting colors.

Price: $9.95

Gear World Blogger Template

Structure the news and wrap it in a pretty wrapper. This template will give you the options you need to do this.

Price: $9.95

Tech Life Magazine Blogger Template

A good option for a large mass of information to organize it and highlight the main accents.

Price: $9.95

TechZine Blogger Template

The template was created for the store. Delicate colors provide a field for choosing a sphere.

Price: free

TechPro Blogger Template

A navy blue gradient will add style to this template. An excellent option for a news portal with a large amount of information.

Price: free

NewNews Blogger Template

A simple blog design will give you the ability to emphasize the text.

Price: free

Education Blogger Templates

LMS Education Blogger Template

Bright and stylish design encourages to apply for training.

Price: $19.99

Msify – Responsive Blogger Template

Classic site execution with flexible design.

Price: $6.95

Freebify – Responsive Blogger Template

Purple is a color created from red and blue. That's what he says about the passion for knowledge.

Price: $9.95

Frameify – Responsive Blogger Template

Simple and straightforward design for training courses.

Price: $6.95

Cleanify – Responsive Blogger Template

A clean and fresh theme will give you the opportunity to design in your corporate colors.

Price: $6.95

Boom – Responsive Blogger Template

Convenient and light blog design.

Price: $6.95

Simple – Responsive Blogger Template

Bright and eye-catching theme.

Price: $6.95

Helvetica – Responsive Clean Blogger Template

Very cozy and light template.

Price: $6.95

SeoPro – Responsive Blogger Template

If you like a no-frills, but tasteful interface, then this template is for you.

Price: $9.95

Speedify – Premium Blogger Template

Do you value functionality and portability in design? Then this theme is just for you.

Price: $6.95

MiniFast – Responsive Blogger Template

Briefly and about the main thing. Clear and no complementary colors. For those who do not breed demagoguery.

Price: $6.95

SEO Impact – Responsive Blogger Template

Ideal for those who want to pay attention to the text, and not to the site itself.

Price: $6.95

Fastify – Responsive Blogger Template

An excellent option for a news portal with a daily digest.

Price: $6.95

Health Blogger Templates

HealthDaily Blogger Template

This topic is like a breath of fresh air. Perfect for a blog about nutrition or alternative medicine.

Price: free

Blogger Template Responsive – OLIVEY By Vefio Themes

If you want a Vogue blog, then you've found your design.

Price: $5

Responsive Blogger Template – Vanilla By Vefio Themes

Delicate design in warm pastel shades will not leave anyone indifferent.

Price: $5

DietingMadeEasy Blogger Template

Feature-rich design for a multitasking blog.

Price: free

HealthyLiving Blogger Template

The orange palette envelops you with warmth. For this design, you can choose any theme and it will blend in harmoniously.

Price: free

Dieting Blogger Template

The design in yellow tones reminds of the sun. Leave fond memories for your readers.

Price: free

FirstLight – A Responsive Blogspot Blogger Template

Multipurpose and stylish template.

Price: $20

SmartHealth Blogger Template

The theme in shades of green emphasizes your interest in eco-life. Be on trend with this design.

Price: free

HealthBlog Blogger Template

The gradient from soft red to sponge blue will make your blog special and unforgettable.

Price: free

Foodie Responsive Blogger Template

Stylish design and functional block placement will bring success to your blog.


Price: free

Decorus Responsive Blogger Template

Bright accents of colors and an easy-to-use design will ensure your blog is a success.

Price: free

DietExercise Blogger Template

Vibrant colors, interactivity and design flexibility make a good blog solution for any topic.

Price: free

Fitness Mag Blogger Template Premium Version

This theme is the perfect solution for a sports blog.

Price: $9.95

AdSense Blogspot Templates

Viral: Magazine Layout for Viral Content

Youthful and stylish. The unusual design and warm colors will bring you more customers.

Price: $29

Canary Blogger Template

Template in a minimalist style with convenient and understandable functionality.

Price: $10

Metronic Blogger Template Premium Version

Template for a news site. Bright blocky accents highlight major events.

Price: $9.95

TechTimes Blogger Template

The responsive design and simplicity of the interface will help you create a blog in your style.

Price: $10

Oriana Blogger Template Premium Version

A bright and sensual theme for travel lovers or just for pleasure.

Price: $9.95

Mono Blogger Template Premium Version

Convenient and simple design will save you time when customizing the interface.

Price: $9.95

Blogger Template – New Ofyellow By Labinastudio

Touch the beauty. A minimum of colors and details. Everything you need for a high-quality and memorable blog.

Price: $20

Blogger Template – New Yorkshire By Labinastudio

Such a delicate and feminine design. Perfect block shapes and pastel colors will impress you.

Price: $20

Blogger Template Responsive – XANTHE By Vefio Themes

Simple and fresh. This Design speaks about Zen and inner harmony.

Price: $8

Blogger Template – Pretty Elegant By Theme Fashion

Elegant and simple. Every reader will feel like a part of such a blog.

Price: $15

Blogger Template – Rainbow Cake By Vefio Themes

Bright and bold. Seeing such a design, want to smile softly at its beauty.

Price: $5

Some Awesome Video About Blogger Template

How to Install a Blogger Template – Upload a Professional Blogger Theme For Your Blog

Learn how to install a blogger template in 2021. I will show you how to find professional blogger templates and install blogger themes on your own blog. The standard blogger templates are outdated and look like old websites, but you can find free blogger themes that can be used to make your blog look much more professional, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. I will show you how to find blogger templates for mobile and the best responsive blogger templates as well

How to Create Blogger Templates

Create your own Blogger templates with TemplateToaster Blogger Template Creator.

How To Customize Blogger Template Like A PRO🔥Fast AdSense Approval

How To Customize Blogger Template completely 2021 Full Tutorial. Fast Google AdSense Approval. Also Share Premium Blogger Template 2021. How to customize blogger template in mobile Also Share So Please Watch Full Video.

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Wrapping Up

Blogger is one of the numerous platforms for creating blog websites that allows users to easily build and customize their sites. In fact, it is a perfect platform for all the beginners out there since you don’t need any specific skills to build a site using this very platform. Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable options too. So leave all your fears and doubts behind and give Blogger templates a shot.

Some Questions You Might Have

🔎 Which template is best for Blogger?

Pretty much any template from our list, so just pick the one you liked the best.

🔎 How do I create my own Blogger template?

Creating your own template is quite time-consuming as well as requires some knowledge in website building and design. If you are interested in making your very own theme, here is a little guide for you.

🔎 How do I download Blogger templates?

Usually, downloading templates is not that big of a deal. In fact, it’s very simple and you definitely won’t have any trouble with that. In case you still need some assistance, here is a guide you want to check out.

🔎 How do beginner bloggers make money?

There is a lot of ways to make money for beginner bloggers, among the most popular ones are Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing.

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