The Super Premium Infographics Bundle for a smooth communication – Only $10

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Product Description

No matter if you’re a professional designer, a business owner or a college student – you know the value of a good infographic. They’re the easiest (and best) way to share data, statistics or pretty much any type of information.

And they look fun, making the content easier to digest and highly shareable, thus increasing your chances to become viral. There’s only one downside regarding infographics: it’s quite difficult to create one from scratch. You need a lot of spare time and patience to make something attention-grabbing.

What you get:
Thousands of graphs, charts, diagrams, shapes, arrows, and more, divided into 17 of the most used categories, such as: cars, computers, food, holidays, insurance, communication, mobile, online data, shopping, software and more!

You can mix these sets between each other in order to get unique designs, but without any extra fuss.

100% vector files, meaning you can cut, crop, recolor, add or remove elements or resize them without any loss in quality.

Easy to use. This set is perfect for both beginners and pros, no matter of the type of project.
A fontlist with all the fonts used in these infographics.

An extended license, allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial project or even merchandise, without any additional fees or attribution!

200% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product you get your money back – no questions asked and keep the resources!