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πŸš‘ 43+ Best Medical Powerpoint Templates & Infographic Design 2021

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March 16, 2021 March 15, 2022 7 min
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Medical Powerpoint Templates. Nobody has ever expected 2021 to be the year of the apocalypse but here we are – stuck at home for who knows how long and all we can do is to hope for the better. Certainly, the pandemic is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. People seek information about the virus, the ways to protect themselves from it, as well as world statistic data on the spread of the disease. Thus, multiple news agencies and media companies, as well as hospitals, might need some up-to-date medical infographics for their posters, reports, presentations, leaflets, etc.

So if you are somehow connected to these professional spheres or maybe you are a graphic designer who gets a lot of COVID-19-related orders, you might be interested in the infographics collections that I’ve found for you.

4 Best Medical Infographics Bundles

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Best Medical Infographics 2020: XML, AI, PSD, EPS, KEY, PDF
Medical PowerPoint Templates in 2020. Ultimate Bundle to Create an Amazing Health Presentation
🚑 43+ Best Medical Powerpoint Templates & Infographic Design 2021
Medical WordPress Theme
100 Royalty-free Medical Photos!

Materials which contain infographics are generally more legible than those that don’t. Infographics are a popular design item every designer must be capable to produce. A special bundle for infographics is most effective given it gives an almost ready solution. The artist has only to blend the pictures and there you are! The infographic is ready.

Best Medical Powerpoint Templates 2021

Last year was filled with different events that affected medicine very deeply. There were many new scientific discoveries that brought us both good and bad experiences. Thus, 2021 will also be full of new ideas and many start-ups will rise up in the sphere of medicine. Therefore, the demand for beautiful, simple, and clear presentations will be huge.

To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of the best medical Powerpoint presentations, both premium and free. Just choose the one you like the most, prepare a powerful speech, and amaze the audience with your outstanding creation.

Mental Health V.2 Infographics Slides

A light green theme color emphasizes the eco-friendly style and topic of your presentation. The template contains a lot of information, which is intelligently divided into blocks.

Price: $12
This template includes 35 simple but powerful slides that you can use for your medical-oriented presentation. The green color theme, along with the light background of this template, are extremely calming.

  • 12 color variations;
  • bonus—280 fully editable vector icons;
  • handmade infographics.

Medicea – Medical Powerpoint Template

A bit of blue, turquoise and white. This design is a lump of medical information. You will have access to graphics and fonts, so you can improve presentations to suit your style.

Price: $16
This very useful template has a modern design, along with a pleasant color scheme that will make your presentation highly successful. Medicea is great for any kind of medical or healthcare business.

  • 33 total slides;
  • resizable, editable graphics;
  • 100% free fonts.

Health Presentation Template

Blue combined with white is intended to inspire confidence in viewers or readers. This template is more visual - more pictures, less text - than verbal. Here you can use classic infographics and edit the style.

Price: $19
Cool infographics with the possibility to choose one of 90 color schemes for your creative activity.

  • 93 creative, multipurpose slides;
  • smart Art;
  • project Timelines;
  • medical Infographic.

Foryou – Your Healthy Food Presentation Template

Bright and bold. This is a challenge to classic templates. Orange color accents add a playfulness that makes the presentation impossible to take your eyes off. You can customize any graphics in this template in your style, which will make it even more unique.

Price: $16
This bright, colorful set of 36 slides will perfectly complement your speech about healthy products and nutrition. The dimmed yellow color helps to create a positive mood as well as warm emotions for your audience.

  • all graphics customizable;
  • based on Master Slides;
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio;
  • picture placeholder.

Health Care Template

The purple base of the template seems to calm you down and asks you not to rush. The theme has a flexible design and conveniently located blocks, which can contain both textual and numerical information.

Price: $17
The brand-new minimalistic medical template supports all versions of Powerpoint and provides you with a wide variety of tools for creating the best presentation.

  • 45+ unique slides;
  • 4 premade colors, XML files (16x9HD);
  • retina ready;
  • easy to edit: 2 clicks to customization.

De medic – Medical Template

The template is based on a mint palette that spreads in a gradient throughout the presentation. You can switch between dark and light themes and customize your entire presentation. The template is designed for a large number of blocks, so it is suitable for verbose.

Price: $17
The modern, clean design of this theme will make the best of your presentation. Simple lines and shapes are combined with the bright but calm color palette.

  • 30 unique slides in 3 premade colors theme;
  • easy to change colors (based on themes color);
  • picture placeholder (Drag & Drop);
  • dark & light version.

Red Hospital Medical Presentation

Christmas red palette with white text boxes. You can change both the palette and the shape and position of the elements.

Price: $16
This clean, eye-catching design will definitely help you succeed with your presentation. It looks very stylish thanks to the combination of red, black, and white colors.

  • fully editable in Powerpoint (shape color, size, position, etc.);
  • elegant company profile slides;
  • devices mockup with drag and drop screen placeholder.

Virus Corona – Medical Health

Malachite colors will not leave you indifferent. Elegant and user-friendly design. A simple structure that can accommodate a lot of information. Everyone will hear you with this theme.

Price: $17
Tell everything your audience should know about the topic in a modern, simple, and clear manner with this minimalist template. Eye-catching illustrations as well as various illustrations, schemes, and unique maps will be of great help for your best presentation.

  • 36 original powerful slides;
  • all graphics customizable;
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio;
  • picture placeholder.

Healthcare Presentation

It is based on fuchsia color. A template for the brave. Those who are not afraid and ready to convey their opinion, and flexible design and versatility will help you.

Price: $20
This simple, light design provides you with the best tools for your creative activity. Make an original presentation in just a few clicks with this fully editable template.

  • 30+ original minimalist slides;
  • special clean background;
  • master Slide Options (drag and drop to upload images);
  • vector icon library.

Coronavirus vaccine | Covid-19 Presentation template

Classic design with perfect block shapes. Everything here is presented clearly, without unnecessary emotions and pictures.

Price: $18
Everything is perfect in this light and clean template. Geometric shapes are combined with amazing infographics, along with eye-catching fonts. Furthermore, the pastel color theme is an additional advantage to a professional, calming presentation.

  • 31 slides;
  • all graphics are resizable;
  • free web fonts are used;
  • based on Master Slides.

Business Presentation | Infographic | Pharmacy

Delicate design with shades of sage will add a special ambiance to your presentation. You can add infographics, text, pictures - everything will be relevant here.

Price: $19
Created in a very stylish and modern way, this template will raise the level of your business success in the medical sphere. The perfect customizable color theme and the set of amazing infographics will make your presentation look very professional.

  • 50+ unique, modern slides;
  • full HD / 16:9 / 1920x1080px;
  • color themes used — change all the colors in 1 click;
  • pixel-perfect professional design.

AIDS Awareness Day Infographics

The orange and red combination just screams for this presentation to be noticed. Building blocks will help you convey information in a simple and accessible way.

Price: $15
Attractive clear slides with powerful infographics will perfectly complete your presentation about AIDS. Use this template if you want to talk about the topic in a simple and effective manner.

Afiyamedica Medical Presentation

Medicine can be different and this template is proof of that. Pink background, soft shapes. This theme is cute and will fit any theme.

Price: $15
This eye-catching template will be helpful for any kind of business presentation. Modern infographics created within an attractive color theme will bring your business message to the top.

  • 50+ slides for each template;
  • handcrafted infographics in Powerpoint;
  • all graphics resizable and editable.

Vitamin Medical Presentation

Mint shade with white blocks. This template is for a verbose person who wants to convey as much as possible in one go.

Price: $15
Vitamin is for those who appreciate clarity and minimalism. Just look at these perfectly designed slides! They will make your presentation shine bright.

  • 50+ modern slides;
  • based on Master Slides;
  • pixel-perfect illustrations;
  • all graphic resizable and editable.

Renal Failure Meeting

Bright, stylish and modern design will captivate any listener. A flexible design will give you the opportunity to customize in your style.

Have a look at these awesome infographics and pastel color schemes! They will make your presentation look outstanding.

Microbiology Breakthrough

Flying red molecules on a white background. A piece of futurism and classics. This design is Vogue for medicine. If you are used to standing out stylishly, then this topic is what you need. It will be appropriate for any topic and audience.

We believe that these 38 slides, created in a minimalistic way, and combined with your perfectly written text will truly impress your audience.

Minimalist Disease

Pale turquoise design and laconicism. This template is for true connoisseurs of minimalism.

Try this one if you want your presentation to be informative, yet simple and clear. There are 36 slides that won’t let your audience be bored with your business speech.

Cancer Healthcare Center

Purple palette. This template is louder than any words. It consists of 40 slides, so everything you want to say can fit here.

The light purple color theme of this design allows the audience to perceive your important information in a relaxed manner. Choose the best among 40+ unique and clear slides to make your presentation important for everyone.

Controversial Medical Substances

Pattern in pastel shades with a predominant color of green daiquiri. Everything is in its place here. Smooth lines, building blocks, infographics. This template is a great presentation solution.

This light and clear template was created in a simple pastel color scheme. It will help to create a positive effect on the viewers.

COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Each block of this theme is surrounded by a red border. You can change every element. Become the master of this theme.

Talk about an important problem in a modern, clear, and creative way with the help of this outstanding template.

Minimalist Posity Clinical Case

Purple blocks with gold text accents. Do you want to attract investment? Get in touch with the discovery of a new vaccine? This topic will help you get the message across.

Every doctor has a collection of cases to share with his colleagues. Use this nice minimalistic template to make your presentation modern and fresh.

Eye Care Clinical Case

The deep blue color of this template conquers from the first minute and looks right through you. This theme would be a great option for ophthalmic presentations.

This template looks fresh thanks to its outstanding design using a variety of shapes and figures, as well as a very pleasant color theme.

Cloral Minimalist Breakthrough

The template is made in black and white so that nothing distracts attention from the main theme of the presentation.

Sometimes monochrome is the best choice, especially if you need to focus on the content, but not the form. This template was created for true minimalists who want everything to be simple yet beautiful without any extra details.

Clinical Case for Paramedics

A delicate lime color envelops every word of the presentation. Perfect block shapes and unusual infographics will bring success to any presentation.

If you are looking for something unusual, but fresh, this template is just for you. An out-of-the-ordinary combination of the mint-green colors, geometric shapes, and perfect infographics will make your presentation look awesome.

Medical Infographics collection

Medical Infographic Set

If you need to create a multi-functional poster with specific accents, then this is a great option.

Price: $10
A simply adorable premium option that will help you create multiple posters, presentations, and leaflets, so make sure to have a closer look at this one.

Medical Infographic Template

Simple, specific and concise. Ideal for a medical theme.

Price: $7
A little bit more formal yet still beautiful and one-of-a-kind option for those of you who feel like they need something truly special and unique.

Medical Infographics

Bright and catchy infographics in noticeable colors.

Price: $8
This one is a stylish and eye-catching collection, which has pretty much everything for creating high quality end-product, so why don’t you follow the link above and give it a shot?

Medical Infographic PowerPoint

Deep blue combined with white is the perfect color for any presentation. And animated blocks will create an effect of modernity and relevance.

Price: $10
A stunning option for your presentations and not only. This very collection is super easy to use and it will no doubt back you up in various situations.

Medical Infographic

Bright, stylish and fresh infographics. She stands out from the crowd. Here you can convey information in all ways - words, numbers, pictures.

Price: $8
Another eye-catching and truly unique little collection on our list, so do not hesitate and have a look at this baby.

Medical Infographic Kit

Modern and visual. Emerald color, pre-eminent number of pictures and convenient information graphics will make your presentation unique.

Price: $10
This very kit will be perfect for displaying statistical data and highlighting important numbers and dates. Well, why don’t you give it a chance to prove itself to you?

Medical infographic

If you love visual examples more than text, then this template was created for you.

Price: $4
A rather affordable minimalist option that will work for various projects, so leave all your doubts behind and try it out.

Best Medical Infographics 2020: XML, AI, PSD, EPS, KEY, PDF

Unusual and simple. The infographics are presented with bright pictures on a white background in bright colors. Ingeniously is simple.

Medical Infographic: PPT, KEY, PSD, EPS – $10

Each of these 16 infographics is represented in PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS, AI and JPEG files.

Bright, multi-colored infographics will help you convey any complex information in a simple way.

Medical PowerPoint Templates Bundle to Create an Amazing Health Presentation

The blue infographic template is presented in structured separate blocks. This will help to accommodate and organize complex information.

Infographic Elements Mega Bundle – just $29

If you are not using this template, then you know nothing about perfect visual content. Bold colors and crisp accents help transform the complex into the simple.

PowerPoint Medical Infographics

This template is a wonderful way to convey information graphically. It is bold, vibrant and modern.

Medical infographics

This design is dominated by turquoise and red. You can turn any data into an icon or a picture, which will facilitate the delivery of information.

134 Medical infographic elements

There are 134 elements for medical infographics presented here. They are bright and memorable, thanks to which they can facilitate the delivery of material.

Medical Infographics free

Free Scientific medical infographic

Body parts are shown in quality format and in full.

Free Scientific medical infographic

This infographic illustrates human anatomical features.

Free Medical infographic template

Bright infographic in biruzovy tones for general data. The theme includes various elements to make it easier to create your presentation.

Health medical infographic Free vector

This is a bright and flexible template. Almost the entire palette of colors and infographic elements is presented here.

Health care infographic Free vector

A clean theme with warm orange and brown colors. You can use any of the presented elements to create a unique presentation.

Medical Infographic FAQ

🚨 What are the main trends for infographics in 2021?

Of course, the main trend is minimalism and simplicity in everything. Thus, when you are looking for an infographics set, make sure that it is simple and elegant. Certainly, you want to get something eye-catching yet it shouldn’t be too bright and vulgar. So try and follow the minimalism trend.

🚨 In which particular projects is it appropriate to utilize this very type of graphics?

Well, it’s pretty obvious – in medical ones. To be more precise, such graphics will work for presentations about various diseases, leaflets, posters, etc.

🚨 What is a good example of medical infographics?

Pretty much all the examples I gave you in this very article. They all are quite eye-catching and bright yet still have a modern minimalist design. So look through them one more time, pick the one you like the best, and get it.

🚨 Where can I purchase high-quality infographics set?

If you decided to go with a premium option, you have to be rather careful with the marketplace you are going to buy it from. I personally, recommend such trustworthy marketplaces as MasterBundles or TemplateMonster.

Some Awesome Video About Medical Powerpoint Templates

Medical Infographics PowerPoint Template for Healthcare professionals

This medical infographics PowerPoint template ideal for demonstrating the portfolio of a clinic or hospitals. Like a business portfolio template, this is an easy-to-use, quick presentation tool for healthcare professionals.

Inkscape Infographic: Medical Check Up

This is a complete infographic package with a full set of icons (15) with the medical theme.

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