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By: Jim Harding December 18, 2018 5 minutes
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There might be plenty of different reasons to miss a job or a school, important, or maybe when you just want to skip a day or two. Let’s talk about important ones. For example, you are sick and don’t want to get in trouble at the workplace. That is a case when you definitely need to have a doctors excuse note for your boss or a teacher (talking about school or university). So it would be a confirmation, that the reason for your absence was real, and you needed time to recover and be away.

Of course, this is not the only case when you would need it. It is also needed to verify your health, to know if you are allowed to be physically active, to drive a car, to do some special kinds of jobs where doctors note is a must.

So what doctor’s note consist of? Are there different kinds, or does it look the same for any needs?

Despite they all are needed to verify your health, they are different, have different designs, there are some similar points.

For example:

  1. First of all, it needs a title;
  2. The name of your doctor, or the name of the establishment;
  3. Information about you ( your name, your health etc.);
  4. Date;
  5. The reason you need it (you’ve been sick or injured);
  6. Certification of condition;
  7. What you are allowed to do, and what is not recommended of forbidden for you, and for what period of time;
  8. A signature of your doctor.

So let’s check some doctor’s notes available for free.

1. Free Doctor Note Template by MasterBundles

2. First Doctor note I want to show you is a Free Simple Doctor Note Template
Available in A4 & US Sizes, easy to edit, change colors and is ready to print.

3. Free Doctor’s Note for School Absence Template Available in different formats, so in case you missed a day or two at school you definitely need this one.

Easy to work with, edit and change fonts or colors.

4. Medical Excuse Note When you are sick and not feeling good enough to perform your duties, it’s better to take some time to recover. So that is a case when you would need this kind of excuse note.

5. Medical Excuse Note Prove you went to see a doctor and not just missed a workday for no reason. You would need to fill the blank with the required information. Such as a reason to visit a doctor.

6. Who would like to keep an employee who misses a job for no reason? Probably nobody.

7. Doctor or Dentist Note Template Need an appointment at a dentist? The following type of template will go. Keep everything in order and documented.

A note contains all necessary information

8. Dentist Note Template Free For School Toothache is something you can’t ignore. So if you or your kid need to meet a dentist for a purpose, that’s when you need to fill in the necessary information in a blank.

9. Doctor Note template The template is right what you need, in case you missed a day or two at school. It goes with the appointment information, the date when you visited a doctor, the name and a speciality of your doctor, a date when you are allowed to go back to school, and other details included. The template is easy to download and edit. Detailed form, provides important information about a patient, and when a patient can attend school again.

10. Doctors Note For Work Template Don’t forget to take a doctor’s note filled with information about your health and the reason for your absence at work. It’s a very important thing to be done before you go back to work.

11. Free Blank Doctor Note Template Don’t think it’s a good idea to go to work sick and make your colleagues sick as well. Better visit a doctor and let him prescribe you all necessary treatment. He would document it in the note. Most likely it will be similar to the template that you can see if follow this link.

12. Sample Doctor Note The file is ready to download in pdf format. Your doctor is the one responsible for filling in the gaps and that’s it! Now the reason for your missed days at school is confirmed by the doctor.

It doesn’t matter are you are a patient, or a doctor, these doctor’s notes are very important and needed in case you got sick or injured. So after you got a link, what’s next? There are two ways. First is to download it to your computer, second – you can print it and use wherever it’s needed.

Be safe and healthy, and reduce your chances to use this kind of templates.

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