45+ Best Doctor Note Templates and Certificates in 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Jim Harding April 10, 2020 5 minutes

What is doctor’s note?

There might be plenty of different reasons to miss a job or a school, important, or maybe when you just want to skip a day or two. Let’s talk about important ones. For example, you are sick and don’t want to get in trouble at the workplace. That is a case when you definitely need to have a doctors excuse note for your boss or a teacher (talking about school or university). So it would be a confirmation, that the reason for your absence was real, and you needed time to recover and be away.

Of course, this is not the only case when you would need it. It is also needed to verify your health, to know if you are allowed to be physically active, to drive a car, to do some special kinds of jobs where doctors note is a must.

So what doctor’s note consists of? Are there different kinds, or does it look the same for any needs?

Despite they all are needed to verify your health, they are different, have different designs, there are some similar points.

For example:

  1. First of all, it needs a title;
  2. The name of your doctor, or the name of the establishment;
  3. Information about you ( your name, your health etc.);
  4. Date;
  5. The reason you need it (you’ve been sick or injured);
  6. Certification of condition;
  7. What you are allowed to do, and what is not recommended of forbidden for you, and for what period of time;
  8. A signature of your doctor.

Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

You might think that making a doctor’s note is not a big deal. Yet there are some challenges you can face and that is exactly why we came up with some ultimate tips and tricks for you. So here they come.

Don’t forget to include the physician’s details section. In this very section, you can identify your personal info such as name, position, licenses, and address. Such a short description of who you are and what you actually do will make your paperwork look more formal and legitimate.

Work on the patient’s details section. This section should include a patient’s name, age, sex, address, as well as other important details and medical conditions.

Never forget about the doctor’s message section. This very section is perhaps the most important one for any medical form. In here, you will determine the medical condition of your patients as well as medical prescriptions.

Include doctor’s certification section. In this very section, you will indicate the date and location of your patients’ appointments and consultations.

Validate the note with a signature. Legitimate notes should have signatures on them so you don’t want to forget about such a tiny yet extremely important detail.

Well, since you already know all the tips and tricks on how to make a spotless note, let us move on to the notes themselves.

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45+ Best Doctor Note Templates and Certificates in 2021: Free and Premium
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45+ Best Doctor Note Templates and Certificates in 2021: Free and Premium
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45+ Best Doctor Note Templates and Certificates in 2021: Free and Premium
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Free Doctors Note Templates

Free Doctor Excuse Note Template

It is a quite useful template that will save you a lot of time while making such a document for your patients. The template is compatible with Google Docs, MS Word, and PDF as well as available in A4 and US sizes.

Return To Work Doctors Note Template

This very template will perfectly work for your return to work forms. It has original headings, supports Microsoft Office Word and Google Docs, and comes with standard Google fonts.

Doctor’s Note For Work Template

This one is a great option for a note for work. The template is available in all sizes as well as supports all the file formats. In addition to that, it comes with free Google fonts.

Sample Doctor Note Template

Another decent choice is this very template. It is a highly customizable template that has pretty much everything to make your doctor notes fancy and professional at the same time.

Free Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template

Free Minute is quick and easy to edit as well as simply beautiful medical template. It is ready to print, available in A4 and US sizes, and works on both Windows and Mac OS.

Free Children’s Clinic Doctors Note Template

This one is simply the best choice for a children’s hospital. It has a lovely design as well as some essential features. In particular, the template is compatible with PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Pages, and Google Docs. Besides, it has several headings and color options and some fancy Google fonts as well.

Doctor’s Return to Word Template

It is a simple but rather useful return to work note available in doc format.

Doctor’s Thank You Note

It is always nice to thank your doctor for treating you well, so why don’t you send him or her a nice thank you note from this template?

Fake Doctor’s Notes from Pinterest

And finally, here are some fake notes for all the pranksters out there! Get some and have some fun this April Fool’s Day and not only!

Free Doctor Note Template by MasterBundles

Free Simple Doctor Note Template

First Doctor note I want to show you is a Free Simple Doctor Note Template
Available in A4 & US Sizes, easy to edit, change colors and is ready to print.

Free Doctor’s Note for School Absence Template

Available in different formats, so in case you missed a day or two at school you definitely need this one.

Easy to work with, edit and change fonts or colors.

Medical Excuse Note

When you are sick and not feeling good enough to perform your duties, it’s better to take some time to recover. So that is a case when you would need this kind of excuse note.

Medical Excuse Note

Prove you went to see a doctor and not just missed a workday for no reason. You would need to fill the blank with the required information. Such as a reason to visit a doctor.

Who would like to keep an employee who misses a job for no reason? Probably nobody.

Doctor or Dentist Note Template

Need an appointment at a dentist? The following type of template will go. Keep everything in order and documented.

A note contains all necessary information

Dentist Note Template Free For School

Toothache is something you can’t ignore. So if you or your kid need to meet a dentist for a purpose, that’s when you need to fill in the necessary information in a blank.

Doctor Note template

The template is right what you need, in case you missed a day or two at school. It goes with the appointment information, the date when you visited a doctor, the name and a speciality of your doctor, a date when you are allowed to go back to school, and other details included. The template is easy to download and edit. Detailed form, provides important information about a patient, and when a patient can attend school again.

Doctors Note For Work Template

Don’t forget to take a doctor’s note filled with information about your health and the reason for your absence at work. It’s a very important thing to be done before you go back to work.

Free Blank Doctor Note Template

Don’t think it’s a good idea to go to work sick and make your colleagues sick as well. Better visit a doctor and let him prescribe you all necessary treatment. He would document it in the note. Most likely it will be similar to the template that you can see if follow this link.

Sample Doctor Note

The file is ready to download in pdf format. Your doctor is the one responsible for filling in the gaps and that’s it! Now the reason for your missed days at school is confirmed by the doctor.

It doesn’t matter are you are a patient, or a doctor, these doctor’s notes are very important and needed in case you got sick or injured. So after you got a link, what’s next? There are two ways. First is to download it to your computer, second – you can print it and use wherever it’s needed.

Be safe and healthy, and reduce your chances to use this kind of templates.

Free Sample Doctor Note Template

A colorful and bright option will back you up in various situations, so make sure to check it out.

Free Return To Work Doctors Note Template

A nicely designed return to work form is the ultimate must-have for every hospital, which means that this one is definitely worth your attention.

Template 03

Another fancy option for you to check out, so do not hesitate and download it, it’s completely free.

Template 04

A minimalist option with a fancy red cross is everything you can possibly dream of.

Template 08

A formal option for those of you who do not need any unnecessary excesses, so if you need a professional solution, go ahead and download this freebie.

Template 10

Another simple yet functional option that will meet all your needs and requirements, so make sure to take a closer look at this one.

Medical Certificate Templates and Why Do You Need Them

To put it simply, a medical certificate is a formal document, which is aimed at helping an insurer comprehend a sick employee’s privileges and capacities. So the main reasons why this very type of medical document is important are the following:

  • It is used by an insurer in order to generate the disease management plan of a sick employee with their physician.
  • This form is useful for getting proper medical treatment as well as a patient’s return to work statement.
  • The certificate is supposed to reflect the nature of a patient’s illnesses as well as his or her competency.
  • It contains an employee’s diagnosis and outlines various types of restrictions he or she might have.

As you can see, the importance of this very document is undeniable, which means that getting some lovely templates definitely has to be among your priorities. So without a further ado, let us take a look at some of the most functional and fancy medical certificate templates.

Medical Certificate Template

Classy and elegant, this one is definitely a good solution for any doctor or any hospital, so make sure to carefully examine it.

Medical Certificate Template for Absent

A premium option for those of you who are used to getting the best products and want to enjoy the quality of a premium template.

Medical Certificate Template for Pregnancy Sickness

One more fancy premium option that will be rather handy in various life situations and unexpected emergencies.

Medical Certificate Template for Leave or Extension

A bright and colorful pattern will be a perfect choice for those of you who are not afraid of experimenting and dare to bring some colors to official forms.

Medical Certificate Template for Injury

Another minimalist yet still elegant and fancy form that will no doubt meet all your requirements, so do not hesitate and try it out.

Free Medical Certificate for School Template

A freebie that will surely win your heart, so stop hesitating and take a good hard look at this very elegant and sophisticated pattern.

Medical Certificate Template For Sick Leave

A simply stunning option for a sick leave form, but what is more important is that this kind of form is among the ultimate must-haves, so you should give it a shot.

Certificates from Pinterest

Of course, Pinterest is among the best places to find thousands of cool freebies and this is exactly why you must go and check out this amazing platform.

Free Medical Certificate Template

A rather formal freebie that will work for pretty much anyone, so go ahead and download it, it wouldn’t cost you a single penny.

Medical Certificate Sample

A free yet professional multipurpose option that will be handy for literally any hospital and at any time. Well, why are you still waiting? Hurry up to download it!

Medical Certificate of Perfect Health Sample

One more standard form for those of you who prefer simplicity and functionality over design and fancy layouts.

Medical Leave Certificate Template

Precise and accurate patterns, just like this one, are going to be in demand forever, so stop hesitating and just get it, plus it’s totally free.

EI Medical Certificate from PDF Filler

An official form that does not look like a prank – is an accurate description of this very template, so give it a chance to prove itself to you.

Medical Documentation from PDF Filler

Another formal professional option that will no doubt work for you, so leave your doubts behind and give it a test drive.

Duke Energy Medical Alert Form from PDF Filler

A bright and eye-catching alert form that you surely do not want to miss, so go ahead and grab it, you will not regret it at all.

Medical Certificate Leave from PDF Filler

A pro template that you undoubtedly want to give a shot, so do not hesitate and just do it.

DOT Physical Form and Medical Certificate

This one is a truly fancy option that will simply mesmerize you with its bright colors, so why don’t you give it a try?

Medical Certificate From Template PDF

One more pro solution for all the simplicity admirers out there, so without further ado, take a look at this freebie.

Template of Medical Certificate

A lovely, functional, and multipurpose option that will perfectly emphasize your professionalism.

Medical Certificate of Death

The one that I wish you to use as seldom as it is possible, yet it’s definitely something that every hospital has to have.

Medical Certificate for Maternity Leave

The very document that will help you properly issue maternity leaves, so why don’t you go ahead and download it right now? It’s definitely something you are going to need.

Medical Fitness Certificate Format for Engineering Admission

A plain yet functional form that will be super handy in various situations.


Video About Top Doctors Note Templates: Free and Premium

There might be plenty of different reasons to miss a job or a school, important, or maybe when you just want to skip a day or two. Let’s talk about important ones. More Details.


Some Questions You Might Have

🚑 Why do I need doctor’s note templates?

Well, there are two main categories of people who might need such templates – doctors and pranksters. It is pretty much clear why doctors need these templates because they actually use these ready-made forms every day. At the same time, getting a fake note is a true gem for pranksters since there is a whole bunch of ways to prank people with fake doctor’s notes. That being said, if you are a doctor who needs some fancy forms for paperwork, then go ahead and download some lovely templates. If you are a true prankster who enjoys making people freak out (not in a cruel way of course), then do not hesitate and get some fake doctor’s notes as well.

🚑 Where do I look for templates?

There is a vast variety of digital marketplaces to find all kinds of templates and medical forms is definitely not an exception. For instance, you can try to look for some dope templates at such marketplaces as MasterBundles. On this very platform, you will definitely find some cool bundles and not only, so go ahead and check it out.

🚑 Premium or Free?

Another question that many of you might have is which template to use, premium or free? Well, premium templates are premium for a reason. In other words, their design is more elaborated and they have more features. At the same time, there is a huge variety of quite lovely free templates, which main advantage is certainly the fact that they are free. Well, if you need a template for your work or some sort of a serious project, then do not hesitate and get a premium one. But if you are not going to utilize it in important projects, then a free one is the way to go for you. Besides, you can also get a premium template almost for free from such marketplaces as MasterBunldes.

🚑 What Should I Pay Attention to While Choosing a Template?

Picking up a template is actually a pretty fun activity, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find a decent one. So first of all, while choosing a template you have to look at its design. Does it speak to you? Does it fit your style? If it does, then you can start checking out its features list. Make sure that the template you like has all the essential for your project features and is compatible with the software you use. Finally, check out the price and whether it corresponds to the quality. So here are some basic things you have to pay attention to: design, features, and price. If everything fits your needs, then do not hesitate and purchase a template.

🚑 How can I get a fake doctor’s note?

In case you want to prank your friends, parents, or significant other, you can totally use one of the free templates that we mentioned in this article. Just pick the one you liked the best, download it, fill your personal data, print it out, and go ahead and prank whoever you want. Just make sure that the person you are going to prank is not too sensitive and wouldn’t get a heart attack.

🚑 What should I write in a doctor’s note?

Usually, doctor’s notes contain the basic information about a patient like his or her full name, date of birth and age, eating habits, health history, and anamnesis. Certainly, the health details are crucial and that is why this very section is the largest. In general, doctor’s notes are used for collecting patients’ health data and diagnosis, which means that this is exactly what has to be written in this very document.

🚑 Are doctor’s notes easy to fake?

Well, on one hand, yes, they are super easy to fake. There is a vast variety of free templates and samples that one can easily find, download, fill in, and use. On the other hand, a valid doctor’s note is considered to be the one with a hospital or doctor stamp, hologram, or other similar details that prove its validity. So answering this question, yes these notes are super easy to fake if you are going to prank your boyfriend or parents that you are pregnant, for example. However, fake notes definitely will not work for official documents such as sick leave, maternity or paternity leaves, etc. So do not even try to trick your boss into giving you a paid sick leave by means of a fake doctor’s note, it wouldn’t work anyway.

🚑 How much does a doctor’s note cost?

As you might have noticed from our list, most doctor’s notes are royalty-free, which means that you can simply download it and use it however you like. At the same time, there are some premium options, which are only available within subscription services. In general, these templates are not expensive and in case you are on a shoestring budget, you can use a free one.

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