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Elysian Tattoo Script Font

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Tattoo Script Font Description

Elysian Tattoo Script Font. Elysian Script is natural, hand drawn font with alternates, ligatures and multilingual support. It’s a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes.

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Elysian Script is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

  • Uppercase, lowercase, numeral, punctuation & Symbol
  • Alternates
  • Ligatures
  • Multilingual

How to access alternate glyphs?

To access alternate glyphs in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, choose Window Type & Tables Glyphs

In Photoshop, choose Window Glyphs. In the panel that opens, click the Show menu and choose Alternates for Selection. Double-click an alternate’s thumbnail to swap them out.

Elysian Tattoo Script Font Previews

Elysian Tattoo Script Font

tattoo script font

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Mock ups and backgrounds used are not included.

Thank you! Enjoy!

What Are Fonts and Why Are They Essential?

A font is a range of symbols of some dimension and pattern that shapes a single thematic and structural unit. The main purpose of any web font is to attract the user’s interest with its shape and color and get him to read the written text. A great font enables you to get across not just the words but also a certain vibe. Stylish and unusual web fonts are more expressive and more recognizable, so every company tries to regularly work with its unique one as an important element of their brand. The cost of customized web fonts usually can vary from totally free to hundred dollars.

What Kinds of Fonts Are There?

If you’re a graphic artist or designer, you can probably recall a lot of various classifications with their historic and tech characteristics, such as Slab, Grotesque, and the Geometric. But listing all of them is quite hard, so here are some of the primary types to learn about:

– Serif – the characters have small dashes at their ends, intended to create more traditional typefaces;

– Sans-serif – the letters with no serifs at the ends, which offers a more contemporary, “clean” appearance and simplifies the perception of big content pieces.

– Script – beautiful cursive or handwritten typefaces where characters tend to be crossed with one another. Script is ideal for making an elegant, fun and laid back handwritten textual content.

– Decorative fonts – created primarily for catching the reader’s attention or employed for another specific effect or goal.

What Are Font Packs and How Much Will They Cost You?

A web font package is simply a group of multiple fonts sold at more affordable price. One of the benefits of buying packages is that they cost a little bit more than one font does, as long as they are on discount. The regular price of a web font pack on our site is only two to twenty dollars. But be quick: the life period of every bundle lasts only five days.

How Can Fonts Impact Perception of the Product or Company?

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The font itself does not simply bring info in a textual form but also fills it emotionally, as long as one is used properly. Normally, the advertising textual content shows the audience an outline of the brand’s product/service, which implies a well-chosen web font will only contribute to the wanted visual impression.

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