Free and Premium Kids Clipart: Illustrations, Vector Images, Patterns

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In graphic design, everything that is conveyed through a composition, be it love, sadness, or any feeling, is focused on a specific audience β€” for instance, some elements are just perfect for children’s events! Moreover, it is important for them to be liked by children, the heroes of the occasion, but also by parents and guests of the feast! Thus, gift wrapping and designs for invitations to a baby shower or a gender party simply cannot do without patterns in nature for kids, children illustrations, and many other design items. High-quality kid clipart or other tools will please any child and adult guests with their diversity and bright motives!

Where to Use Kids Clipart?

Clipart is a set of graphic elements for creating a holistic design. Clipart can be either individual objects or images (photos) as a whole.

Vector graphics greatly facilitates the work of designers and allows them to save their free time. Clipart is a reliable assistant in any design work. For example, an order has been received for some unusually large project. To draw one background, you need to spend several hours or even days. In addition, you still need to draw all the details. Vector images allow you to complete such a volume of work in just a few hours.

In general, clipart kid designs can be used to create anything related to children. Most often, designers create some interesting projects for the holidays (these can be gift packages, invitations, postcards, and much more).

Paper boxes with drown animals on it.

With the help of cliparts, you can also create wallpapers for a desktop computer or mobile phone. This is especially suitable for those who want to please a child who has hobbies in the world of computer games, movies, or cartoons (for example, superhero kid clipart).

So, a collection of clip art is a necessary tool in the work of fierce webmasters.

Premium Patterns for Kids

Kids Clipart: Abstract Children Clipart PNG, AI, SVG, EPS

Collage with abstract children clipart.

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Here is a universal set in which every designer will find the right image or other elements necessary for the qualitative completion of the project. There are a variety of pictures placed there (if you need a thematic image, you can find different cliparts such as clipart kid in bed or kid breathing clipart in the collection).

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20 Kids Seamless Pattern Collection

Pillows with baby patterns.

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Twenty different seamless patterns are the perfect choice for gift wrapping. In this set you can find a design for every taste with bright elements: boats, watermelons, ducks, sweet pies, balls, and so on.

Little Ocean Seamless Patterns Set

Seamless patterns in gentle colors on the marine theme.

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Delicate pastel shades of blue and various marine life are ready to delight the baby and parents all at the same time! These seamless patterns look chic on baby bedding, clothing, or wrapping paper.

Kids Fun Literacy Watercolor

Collage of images of children with books.

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The collection of 48 elements includes colorful images, frames, and compositions. The set is aimed at the development of literacy and easy education of preschool and school-age children. For young children, kid writing clipart or kid thinking clipart will be an excellent motivator that will give interest in studying and gaining new knowledge!

Happy Kids Playing Set Watercolor

Wrapping paper and pictures of children.

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This is a stunning set illustrating children playing. There are 51 elements in the collection, among which are frames, patterns, and other simple elements. In this set, you’ll find a kid dance clipart, a child with a ball, children on the playground, and other elements and patterns. Bright pictures will set the child up for activity and cheer them up!

Watercolor Space Explorers. Kids Set

Drawings of children and animals on a space theme.

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The colorful set for young researchers consists of more than 100 elements. The collection has a variety of images for any design, ranging from bright pictures of animals and ending with clearly drawn images of children (kid deep breath in space clipart and so on). In addition, the set includes beautiful posters, space-themed backgrounds, and other patterns for different types of projects.

Halloween Bats Graphics and Illustrations

Purple and black bats on a pink and purple background.

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A thematic set of colorful images that every child will definitely like. Kids Halloween SVGs will make any design more interesting and decorate gift packages, postcards, textiles, and many other elements.

Crocodile Kids Watercolor Patterns

Drawn crocodile with an umbrella and a bird on a bike.

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Children are often just crazy about some animals, so this premium pattern with juicy green shades and cheerful crocodiles will definitely appeal to some wildlife lovers.

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Premium Children Illustrations

Funny and Cute Jungle Animals for Kids β€” 23 Vector Illustrations

Funny and cute jungle animals.

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The package contains many beautiful images of different animals (the collection includes a lion, flamingo, tiger, monkey, elephant, and many others). This set is suitable for the design of children’s packages or will be a new idea for original children books illustrations.

Cute Dogs Flat Vector Clipart

Funny dogs of different types and colors.

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Well, what child doesn’t like cute dogs? This collection of 26 beautiful images can be used in any field where children are involved. Funny puppies will cheer up not only kids but also all adults! Insert pictures onto mugs, attach them to T-shirts as a print, or just come up with some unique posters, postcards, and gift packages with cute dogs of different breeds.

Milky Cows Cute Illustrations & Patterns

Cute soft toys in the children's room.

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Each element in this set is made with love and tenderness, so all the small cows turned out to be beautiful and suitable for any design. Feel free to use illustrations to create logos, themed room or party decorations, mugs, and textiles β€” the child will definitely appreciate it!

Dinosaurs Illustrations Print Set

Green, mint, shamrock, gray, and yellow dinosaurs.

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Cute smiling ancient reptiles are ready to become true friends for a child! Illustrations with green, mint, shamrock, gray, and yellow dinosaurs are simple, but at the same time very attractive β€” be sure to check out the set of pictures!

Happy Children Day Illustration:

Smart deal
Children day illustration.

Happy Children Day Illustration


Medical Games Illustrations

Collage of the images of the medical tools.

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Telling a child about the world of real professions is important so that kids have more time to figure out who they would like to become in the future. If the baby is interested in doctors and all medical topics, then the collection of illustrations for medical games will be a great addition to his game space.

SERENDIPITY Underwater Ocean Animals Illustrations

Underwater oceans animals on the pictures in interior.

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Older children are often delighted with the underwater world β€” why not support their interest? This set of illustrations with whales and other inhabitants of the seabed will definitely be a great design for children’s things.

Dinosaurs Cute Illustrations Collection

Cute drawing colorful dinosaurs.

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Dinosaurs are of interest to most modern children, so this set can be used to design various products. PNG images will fit well into textiles, clothing, or mugs, for example.

Cartoon Green Frog, SVG, PNG

Cartoon Green Frog on the bagpack.

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This positive design will always cheer up a child! A cute frog sitting in the reeds can be inserted into the design of the baby’s room, a print on a T-shirt, invitations and postcards, and so on. Bright green colors and a satisfying expression of the muzzle of the main character of the design will bring only positive emotions to every day!

Premium Kids SVGs

Boho Rainbow Baby Clipart SVG

Drawing rainbows and stars of dots and stripes.

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Delicate pastel images are suitable for creating children’s clothes, decorating bedrooms and game rooms, creating a special holiday atmosphere at themed parties, and so on. These 30 individual elements will make any product more colorful and interesting visually!

Unicorn Clipart, Unicorn SVG and Sublimation Design

Cartoon smiling unicorn.

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These bright mythical creatures often attract young children, so a design with unicorns will be a great solution that a child will definitely like. Little princesses will surely want to live in a room where everything reminds of magic. Come up with a beautiful design for the child’s t-shirt, backpack, or bedroom decor, by using the tools from this set.

8 Bunny SVG Designs

Cartoon bunnies in different colors and poses.

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Funny bunnies fit well into any design, lifting the mood of anyone who looks at the finished product! Make beautiful postcards for a child, come up with a design for t-shirts for the whole family with cute rabbits, or sell textiles and mugs with these cliparts.

Viking SVG Bundle

Funny different Vikings characters with a ship.

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Vikings are another pretty interesting theme for kids. The set includes several excellent SVGs with different Vikings characters such as formidable men and warlike girls, as well as their ship.

Π‘ute Patterns for Children:

Smart deal
oblozhka 1

Π‘ute Patterns for Children


Grinch SVG: 10 Designs

Different icons on the theme of Christmas and Grinch.

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The Grinch is one of the famous attributes of Christmas, which is definitely known by older children! To decorate the holiday, you can pay attention to the complex styles of ten SVGs with the insidious face of this green creature!

Kids Dinosaur SVG

Clipart with dinosaurs in minimalistic style.

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Digital images of dinosaurs are ready for immediate download and use on any device. The minimalistic design allows you to create a variety of works with these images (bed linen, textiles, or even wallpaper for a computer or phone, for example, kids iPad clipart).

Baby Elephant SVG

Cute little elephant on baby clothes.

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Cute little elephants will become great friends of any kid. Images can be used in textiles, as prints on clothes, mugs, and so on. The option is universal, so the set is suitable for both girls and boys. Even despite the bright design, small elephants will become the hallmark of the image and will definitely please others.

Easter SVG, Easter Bunny Ears SVG, Baby Easter Bunny


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With bunny feet, ears, and a place to write the baby’s name, the SVG is a great design for decorating places at a party, lockers in kindergarten, and so on.

Free Kids Clipart

Free School PowerPoint Background for Kids

Collage of images with children at school.

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Beautiful and unpretentious backgrounds will make the presentation of the child memorable and interesting for every viewer!

Free Elementary School PowerPoint Background for Kids

Collage of pictures on a school theme on a notebook sheet.

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Any presentation should, first of all, reflect the interest of the person who makes it. Schoolchildren often consider homework to be something boring, and such an interesting and beautiful background for presentations will definitely captivate the child.

Free Cute Fox Illustration

Images with cute chanterelles on a boy's t-shirt.

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Bright and beautiful t-shirts are liked not only by children but also by adults. This set includes several images of different formats that can be used as a design for t-shirts, as well as textiles and mugs. A cute fox will become a feature of your outfit!

200 Free Halloween Icons PNG & SVG

Mix of pink color icons on the theme of Halloween.

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There are 200 bright Halloween-themed icons presented in this set. Use them as your soul desires to make invitations to themed parties in honor of the holiday, send postcards, or create wrapping paper with pumpkins and various other monsters, and other frightening elements you dream about.

Free Pink Frame Clipart

Cute pink frame with various baby items.

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A cute pink frame with various baby items such as roller skates, teddy bears, robots, dolls, cars, a skateboard, and a bicycle would make a great template for a baby card or invitation. Also great as a photo frame!

3 Free Mother’s Day Cards

Greeting card with flowers on a green background.

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If a child really wants to please mom with a card for the holiday, then whether you are a dad, grandmother, grandfather, older brother or sister, be sure to help the younger ones and download this clipart β€” this card looks sweet and gentle and mom will definitely like it!

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Cute easter bunny drawn in pencil.

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The coloring template with a cheerful rabbit will be a great appliquΓ© decoration β€” the kids will first color the elements, and then will be able to cut and glue the piece of art to the right place!

Easter Eggs Basket Coloring Pages

Cute basket with Easter eggs, chickens, and a rabbit.

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A cute basket with Easter eggs, chickens, and a rabbit will serve as an excellent coloring activity for the baby. In addition, thanks to a clear outline, all elements can be cut out and made part of appliquΓ©s.

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