Best Butterfly Clipart 2021: What and Where to Search for?

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Butterfly Clipart. For a minute, let’s try to imagine a blank text, a simple and monotonous combination of letters, without any bright accent to distract a viewer. The idea of narrowing all of the reader’s focus on the information sounds quite reasonable, right?

You’ve guessed the answer, not exactly. The basic rule of thumb is to let the color splashes or an image into the text. The principle is aligned with the proven-to-be-true researches about how our mind and specifically the mental concentration mechanisms work.

Butterfly Clipart

However, using the images doesn’t always make sense and that’s where butterfly clipart comes in. Actually, it can be any kind of clipart but let’s stick with this specification, since cute butterfly clipart makes almost everything better. It’s quite versatile and provides with nice aesthetics. It’s also easy to find on the Internet and implement into the photos to add a flair of light-heartedness and serenity. A little hint from me: the shots of children are a perfect demonstration of that, just give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Butterfly Clipart

Graphic Design Trends in 2021

Before you update your graphic design elements collection, you have to get acquainted with 2021 design trends first. Luckily, we are always here to help you out, so here are the main graphic design trends that will dominate the industry in 2021:

Personalized simple fonts;
Bright colors;
Vintage effects;
Simple illustrations;
Overlays and overlaps;
Liquid forms;
Data visualization.

These are pretty much all the huge trends that will be popular in the upcoming year. In case you want to find out more details about these trends as well as have a look at some examples that illustrate their usage, check out this article.

Top 5 Butterfly Clipart products

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price

Butterfly Clipart: 10 Lovely Patterns

80 Watercolor Butterfly Set

Insects and Seamless Patterns

86 Butterflies Photo Overlays

116 Geometric Animal Logo Templates

Butterfly Clipart for All Occasions

Watercolor Butterflies Set by DigitalArtsi

Price: $10

Birds and Butterflies Clipart – PNG by Ink + Eye

Price: $18

Celestial Butterfly Clipart Set by Pixafied

Price: $6

Halloween moths by OlgaSoi007

Price: $19

Celestial Butterfly Clipart Set by Pixafied

Price: $6

Blue Gold Watercolor Bundle by Cat In Colour

Price: $24

Celestial Butterfly Clipart Set by Pixafied

Price: $6

Monotype vivid colorful dragonfly drawing with different colors on paper background Premium Vector

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Watercolor butterflies clipart isolated Premium Vector

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Moths and butterflies Premium Vector

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Butterfly vector set clipart design Premium Vector

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Isolated butterfly draw cartoon design vector illustration Premium Vector

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Set of bug and insect by blueringmedia

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Heart of butterflies on white background by Dragonfly

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Set of Cute cartoon Butterflies by reginast777

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Black and White Butterfly Clipart

Black and white butterflies collection

Price: available with Freepik Pro License

Butterfly Silhouettes

Price: $4

Decorative Butterflies Vector Pack

Price: $10

Gloomy Butterflies Vector Set

Price: $8

Hand Drawn Monochrome Wild Flowers and Butterflies Set by val_iva

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Birds, Butterflies and Flower collage (vector) by .m.i.g.u.e.l.

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Monotype butterfly black by anna42f

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Vector Vintage Butterfly Set 2

Price: $3 – $12

Beautiful butterfly banner with distressed effect

Price: $3 – $12

Vector Vintage Butterfly Set 1

Price: $3 – $12

Vector Ornament butterflies

Price: $3 – $12

Butterfly tattoo set pack stickers2

Price: $3 – $12

Butterfly Coloring Book For Adult

Price: free

Butterfly, Ladybug & Dragonfly Digital Stamps Clipart

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License


Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

Cute Butterfly Clipart


Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License


Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

Butterfly and ladybug clipart

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

Butterfly background stock illustration

Price: $9.99

Watercolor butterflies illustration stock illustration

Price: $9.99

Butterflies and flowers, hand drawn collection stock illustration

Price: $9.99

Vector stock colorful collection of various butterflies stock illustration

Price: $9.99

Cute bugs. Child drawing insects, flying butterflies and baby ladybird. Flower butterfly, fly insect and beetle flat vector set stock illustration

Price: $9.99

Butterflies color set vector image

Price: $14.99

Purple butterflies cartoon clipart color vector image

Price: $14.99

Hand drawn flying and sitting butterflies set vector image

Price: $14.99

Seamless pattern tile cartoon with butterfly vector image

Price: $14.99

Watercolor Butterfly Clipart digital. Delicate and romantic pink butterfly clip art, wedding invitation, scrapbooking set PNG 16

Price: $5

Butterflies Clipart Set, Gold Foil Butterfly Clipart

Price: $4.01

Vintage Purple Butterflies, vintage butterfly clipart

Price: $2.97

The Definition of a Clipart Butterfly

The butterfly outline clipart is a set of graphic design elements for the compilation of a holistic graphic design. It can be either individual objects or images (photos) as a whole. The clipart can be presented in any graphic format. With its help, you can create desktop wallpapers, websites, presentations, posters, and other advertising products. Virtually, any visual product, even clothing such as t-shirts, for example, will do great.

The Short Overview of the Popular Kinds of the Butterfly Clipart Images

Here we can talk mostly about the two-dimensional graphics (2D – graphics). They get classified according to the type of presentation of graphic information and the image processing algorithms that follow from it. You’re most likely to hear that computer graphics are divided into vector and raster. To navigate properly the overwhelming number of options out there, you have to understand the key difference between them. Only then you’ll be able to see clearly what each butterfly outline clipart has to offer in terms of its usage.

Butterfly Clipart

The Raster Graphics

The raster graphics is a two-dimensional array of pixels (matrix). Each pixel is determined by the value of brightness, color, transparency, or a combination of these values. That’s the exact essence of why it’s so good at the conveying the full range of colors and shades. With the raster, even a butterfly clipart black and white variant looks stunning and not too dull at all. The main problem is that there’s a serious catch. Here it’s about a noticeable deterioration in quality when scaling (meaning increasing of image size). The fact is that by increasing (reducing) the size of the image, you increase (decrease) the size of each pixel, which, with a significant zoom, allows you to visually determine them. In addition, you’re unable to rotate the pattern at an angle other than 90 degrees without noticeable distortion of the pattern itself, as well as the file size, which is directly related to the image quality. These details make clear, why the next format is largely considered as a more manageable and convenient to work with.

Butterfly Clipart

The Vector Graphics

Surprisingly, the vector graphics has to do a lot with math since it represents the image as a set of geometric primitives. Usually, these include all kinds of points, lines, circles, rectangles, and polygons. Objects are assigned some attributes, such as line thickness and color fill. The drawing is stored as a set of coordinates, vectors and other numbers characterizing the set of primitives. The image in vector format gives room for editing because it can be scaled, rotated, deformed, made look like a three-dimensional thing without a quality loss.

You’ll ask then why it isn’t the only way of creating a butterfly silhouette clipart. The thing is that not every image can be represented as a set of primitives. This method of presentation is good for schemes, scalable fonts, and business graphics. It’s also very widely used to create cartoons and just movies of different content, which is exactly why you’ll see a lot of free clipart butterfly options on the Web.

Butterfly Clipart

Now, let’s review the advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider when making a choice of a butterfly clipart outline. First, if you need to print something like the booklets, leaflets, business cards, etc, the vector is the right way to go. It’s perfect for the products that have text elements, logo, patterns or ornaments in it – everything that does not require the exact replication of all shades of a peach color and can be described using curves. The main disadvantage, however, has the abovementioned advantage as its source: it’s very difficult to convey smooth color transitions and achieve photographic quality.

So now, before you get all confused and wondering, the truth needs to be spilled out. The experienced designers often combine both vector and raster graphics to cancel out the bad stuff and get the most out of a good one. Knowing this, you can let go of fixation on the one certain kind of a butterfly wings clipart and judge every option by its characteristics. To make the starting process a bit easier for you, below you have a chance to explore some of the most suitable alternatives.Butterfly Clipart

Are Butterflies Still Cool in 2020?

As we are moving into the sci-fi future, the surrounding world slowly but surely changes. Even though it might seem to you that the time when you listened to music on CDs or waited for hours to download a simple video game that weighted only a couple of megabytes was like yesterday, it’s already in the past.

In terms of digital technologies, as a rule, everything happens twice as faster as in other spheres of life. Revolutionary new technologies are invented and get old in a year or two, web design trends come and go, and popular apps are forgotten within a couple of months. That means that keeping up with web design trends and making your site look up to date is quite a challenging task that requires a lot of energy and efforts.

But what about butterfly clipart? Well, clipart of any kind is just an element of the entire design, which basically means that you can be as creative as you want and experiment with pretty much everything. So yeah, butterflies might be cool in 2020. I said ‘might’ because it depends on how you use it in your project. Well, you probably know that the most popular trend in web design now is minimalism, so whenever you are using any kind of clipart, and butterfly is not an exception, you’ve got to keep in mind that you have to keep it neat and simple.
At the same time, butterflies as an image convey certain associations such as childhood, nature, love, carefreeness, and other similar meanings. It’s just the way this image is perceived in Western culture. So it basically means that there are not many websites you can use this element on. However, butterfly clipart will perfectly suit a blog, certain online stores such as makeup or women’s clothing, and a personal website. Well, don’t be afraid of using this lovely design element, just make sure you are using it wisely.

The Best Examples of a Free Butterfly Clipart

Butterfly Clip Art – Royalty Free from GoGraph

If you are looking for unique butterfly clipart and at the same time don’t want to spend any money on those, this very resource is no doubt the way to go for you. GoGraph offers a vast variety of vectors and clipart for literally all occasions, so you surely want to follow the link above and check out what they got.

Collection of Butterfly Images from Clipart Library

Another great free option is this very collection by Clipart Library. The platform offers eighty free butterfly images that can be used as elements of banners, logos, and backgrounds. The collection is rather big and will provide you with flawless butterflies for various projects. So without further ado, go ahead and take a closer look at these beauties.

Collection of Butterflies Cliparts

This one is another lovely selection by Clipart Library. If you are currently looking for something for a kindergarten website or kids’ clothing and toys online shop, you might want to take a look at these cartoonish butterflies. The collection has over 40 pretty butterflies, so do not hesitate and check it out.

Butterflies from Pinterest

Surely Pinterest is one of the best places to get some inspiration, new ideas, and cool clipart images. So if you are struggling to find something really dope, make sure to check some Pinterest collections.

Butterfly Collections from CanStockPhoto

Another resource to find the very clipart you need is CanStockPhoto. There you will find more than a thousand of free vectors and clipart for pretty much any project you are or will be involved. Well, if you are hunting for something cool and free at the same time, go ahead and take a look at this stock image platform.

Free Butterfly Vector Clip Art by Public Domain Vectors

One more free option for those of you who want to find something dope. This very platform has over 250 variations of butterfly clipart that will be handy in numerous projects you work on. So don’t miss your opportunity to find something one of a kind and look through the beauties Public Domain Vectors offer.

123RF Collections

This one is a paid option, which might kind of disappoint you, however, premium clipart will guarantee you their uniqueness. Well, if you are one of those who want to be 100 percent sure that they are using something outstanding and truly unique, go ahead and take a good hard look at the lovely butterflies 123RF offers.

Butterflies from Shutterstock

Shutterstock is as well among the best platforms to find free butterfly clipart for all your current and future projects. The resource offers almost 12K clipart, which means that the chances to find the very one you need are pretty high. So do not waste your time and start looking for flawless butterflies that will liven up your project in the huge ShutterStock library.

Butterflies from Clip Art Store

This very platform will equip you with free but still decent clipart. Although the collection is not that big, it has some pretty interesting and unique elements. Well, why don’t you take a look at this baby? It’s definitely worth a shot.

Classroom Clipart Collection

This one is another little but rather cool collection on our list. The selection has a quite decent variety of sweet cartoonish butterflies that will no doubt make any logo, background, or banner simply stunning and eye-catching. So do not underestimate this cutie and give it a chance to prove itself to you.

eDig Butterfly Collection

eDig is also among the best places to find some beautiful and free clipart and it is there for a good reason. First of all, all the images are completely free, secondly, the choice of the clipart is rather wide, and finally, the images are unique. Well, if you want to add some 70’s vibe to a website you are working on now or just want to check out something kind of old-fashioned and cool, this selection is surely for you.

Vintage Butterfly/Mariposa Collection

If you’ve been looking for the beautiful black and white butterfly clipart, this one may be a great fit for you. They look nice and elegant and not like they’ve been taken out from some kindergarten’s book. These freebies are the vector images, which means they’re easy to scale, however big you’ll go for; there’s no quality loss even at a very high magnification degree. The site or rather a vector graphics community guarantees a high quality of images itself, due to the competence of the designers who upload them. Moreover, you get a free license that allows you to use the clipart black and white butterfly files, whether you do it for the personal or commercial matter.

Vintage Butterfly/Mariposa Collection

Hand Drawn Butterfly Set Vector

These pink and blue butterfly clipart free variant is as sophisticated as the previous one, though, much more colorful. The aquarelle-like shades portray a richness and delicacy of a color transition, which is hard to stumble upon in vector graphics. The EPS file that you can download is created with a lightweight modification of the PostScript language Adobe. Mac or Windows, you can open it with the software systems from the official manufacturer of Adobe. Utilities such as Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat DC will help you quickly and comfortably launch the EPS extension. The Freepik license is free to use but you have to assign to the author.

Hand Drawn Butterfly Set Vector

The Paid Butterfly Wing Clipart

If you’re ready to upgrade yourself and want no limitations, here are two bundle packs to think about.

Butterfly Clipart: 10 Lovely Patterns – $10

Butterfly Clipart: 10 Lovely Patterns

Insects and Seamless Patterns

Butterfly Clipart

80 Watercolor Butterfly Set

This one is a gem if you’re striving for a wide variety of butterfly clipart transparent background files to choose from. It’s a great deal, especially for the newcomers, who need a stock of material to understand what works and what doesn’t for them personally. It also leaves room for experimenting and coming up with the unexpected combinations. All of the butterfly wing clipart is high resolution, namely 300 DPI. This exact number is considered to be a standard technical requirement for the resolution of illustrations in modern high-quality printing. At the same time, you don’t need any special software, any program that works with PNG and JPEG formats allows you to view and use the set. You’re, probably, thinking: but what if I won’t be satisfied with a product or simply won’t get much use out of it. The one-month guarantee that allows for taking your money back is a good answer.

80 Watercolor Butterfly Set

86 Butterflies Photo Overlays

Are you in a quest for the not-so-boring-and-cliché images like, for example, purple butterfly clipart? Look no further, you’ve found it. There are 80+ butterflies in the pack to use for your photos. These are great to overlay a photo to make it even dreamier than it is originally. The family photos will look great with such extra decorations. Just imagine how a child gazes at the butterfly clipart or even plays with it. Such an overlay can be a great solution for the shots, where a kid got distracted at something that isn’t visible or desirable in the frame. With a little manipulation, no one will guess what happened in reality and the customers end up with a fancy photo to keep in their album. What even better, you’ll find different colors and angles in the pack. It means that you have control of how much of a butterfly life cycle clipart you want to show.
Butterfly Clipart

How to Make Money on Your Graphics

In case you are a designer who creates beautiful graphics and wants to make some money on those, you are going to be particularly interested in the Sell Your Deal service from MasterBundles. The service was originally created to boost young designers’ freelance careers as well as help them start selling their products legally and on a reliable marketplace. In order to start selling your goods on the MasterBundles marketplace, you have to follow the link above and create a vendor account. After your account has been approved, you can upload your products onto the marketplace and start making money as soon as people purchase your goods. You can easily receive the money you earn on your Payoneer account, so there shouldn’t be any payment delays. Well, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and sign up on MasterBundles now!

Wrapping Up

Butterfly clipart is an element that pretty much every designer needs in their library. Such clipart perfectly works for a variety of projects starting with kindergartens’ logos and finishing with tattoo salons’ websites. So take a look at the clipart collections that we mentioned in this article one more time and get some new items for your graphic elements library today.

Have you ever used a butterfly clipart? What was your experience working with this type of graphics? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Butterfly Clipart FAQ

Where should I search for some additional butterfly clipart if I need more?

Use MasterBundles if you need more clipart on any topic. If you need more sources, just search in Google but don’t use not trusted websites.

Are there any discounts on Master Bundles?

Of course! MasterBundles frequently offers discounts on different sets of products

Is it better to use a bundle of clipart or just a single one?

It totally depends on your budget and requirements. If you’re making a huge project, use bundles. If you need just one picture or object, use a single one.

Is free clipart better than premium?

Premium clipart is a way better but if you’re on a budget, use some free clipart.

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