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45+ Best Unicorn Clipart Elements in 2021: For those who Believe in Miracles

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June 29, 2021 March 12, 2022 6 min
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Unicorn Clipart. Do you realize how hard it was to be an artist or “designer” at least 100 years ago? There were no digital cameras and especially there was no Internet. They had to work only manually and even copying someone else’s ideas required certain skills. And how convenient is everything now: need a picture – go to masterbundles.com, and for the laziest – image search in Google. Voila! Any graphics in 5 minutes (actually longer, because you have too many choices =)

And how hard it was to be an artist 1000 years ago?

Probably every person, even if they are not thoroughly interested in mythology, fantasy or ancient religions, imagines what a unicorn is. In the twenty-first century, the unicorn holds a considerable place in popular culture. It is often used as a symbol of fantasy or rarity. Of course, the image of the unicorn has changed throughout history and now it is mainly associated with fairies, forests, elves and nature and it is used in a similar way to the pony – which means in different books and various products that focused mainly on small children and especially girls.

Top Unicorn Clipart Products

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
10+ Free Unicorn Images & Pictures [HD]
Unicorn Vectors: Patterns, Characters and Items
Christmas Unicorn Creator
Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations

There are practically no universal specialists. It is very difficult to meet such a designer who could draw illustrations (in different styles) at the same high level, or professionally photograph (in different genres) and with all this, he knows how to create first-class web and graphic designs. Plus we can mention 3D modeling, raster and vector graphics, flash animation, font design… Or maybe you are just a caring creative mom who wants to produce the most original print for her daughter’s bed linen =) Therefore, such templates and clipart allow you to “create” any works, the main thing is talent. After all, a talented person even from a simple “black square” can make a masterpiece of world art. In addition, this will significantly reduce the cost of developing the design and the timing of the project. After all, in the arsenal of any designer there is a whole collection of clipart, which is constantly updated.

What is Unicorn Clipart

Therefore, let’s consider the main ideas and areas where unicorn clipart can be used.

  • Stickers.
  • Photozone design for a children’s party (plus plates, glasses, caps, drinking straws, tablecloths, napkins, garlands, boxes for a candy bar, balloons, candles on the cake, ).
  • Internet memes
  • Prints for baby clothes (and leggings prints for their moms =), backpacks, umbrellas, sleep masks, bed linens, wallpaper, wrapping paper, towels, pillows, children’s tents.
  • Greeting cards.
  • Calendars.
  • Advertising design.
  • Backgrounds. For example, you can see a great kit of 25+ free Unicorn patterns on our website and get some ideas.
  • Design for notebooks and diaries.
  • Silicone case for the cellphone.
  • Women cosmetics bag.
  • Designer watches, wallets, jewelry and etc.

Such graphics have 3 indisputable advantages:

  1. Clipart easily scaled and maintains quality. This means that your illustrations that are prepared with using clipart elements can be easily printed.
  2. All clipart elements are editable. It will be easy for you to change the color or you can transform the proportions of the background.
  3. You can combine any elements. Because sometimes clipart can be compared with a construction kit, from the elements of which more complex images are created.

Plus, consider your style – drawn, photographic, black and white graphics, pop art, comic style.

Unicorn Clipart Elements

Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations

See a great selection of cartoon unicorns from Masterbundles. In the set, in addition to the clipart elements you will also get 5 hand-drawn lettering elements (AI, EPS), 6 pre-made cards (EPS, AI, JPG (5000 px on the smaller side), 9 circle frames (EPS, AI, PNG), 3 seamless patterns 4000x4000px (EPS, AI, JPG). and the bonus: Magic calendar (EPS, JPG).

Pink unicorn with necessary atributes.

button for more details.

See a great selection of cartoon unicorns from Masterbundles. In the set, in addition to the clipart elements you will also get 5 hand-drawn lettering elements (AI, EPS), 6 pre-made cards (EPS, AI, JPG (5000 px on the smaller side), 9 circle frames (EPS, AI, PNG), 3 seamless patterns 4000x4000px (EPS, AI, JPG). and the bonus: Magic calendar (EPS, JPG).

Unicorn Vectors: Patterns, Characters and Items

Delicate unicorn style in blue color with flowers and fish.

button for more details.

Christmas Unicorn Creator

Included:1 unicorn, 8 individual elements, 21 Pre-made compositions, 1 PSD file with all elements each on it`s own layer

Watercolor Christmas unicorn.

button for more details.

When it is better not to use clipart:

  • when you complete an order for a large company that values its reputation and trademark;
  • as a title image without cardinal transformations;
  • in cases where it is known that the selected image has already been used by other designers.

Bonus for curious ones: Of course, along with the decline of faith, the deeper meaning of the unicorn symbol gradually disappears, but let us recall this a little for reference. Because after analyzing, it is not such a good animal, because if you look from the nature point of view, animals need a horn exclusively for defense or attack. And there are so many examples of these attacks.

This mythical animal appears in many traditions. Various images of the unicorn are known: the goat is in the East, and later in the West, a deer or horse. It was always depicted with one horn in his forehead, most often spiral. This animal personifies power, universal love, the power that opposes the forces of darkness, maintaining balance in the universe. Now it is a symbol of the sun’s ray, purity, caution, prudence, integrity, severity, austerity or dreamy people.

And pair of unicorns, for example, is the shield holders in the coat of arms of Scotland, and one each in the state emblems of Great Britain and Canada. There is also a version that the unicorn was among the animals that refused to swim on Noah’s Ark and therefore did not survive. And who is the Potterhead here and tell us about the famous fairy tale version of JK Rowling?

In all these subjects (in addition to the above) you can also use unicorn clipart, adapted to the audience and the overall concept of your ideas.

So we reviewed with you the various areas of application of the unicorns clipart, from clothing to internet memes, mentioned the mythology and examples where they use images of unicorns at the state level, indicated when it is better not to use this graphic. But there is no limit to human imagination. Use these elements, mix them, edit and share your beautiful ideas with us. We are glad that we can add some new knowledge and a miracle to your life! Download clipart and create unique products!

Simple and hand drawn unicorn.

Unicorn Clipart Black and White

If you are one of those people who would like to use unicorn clipart in their project but at the same time do not want to make the end-product too childish, then black and white unicorns are the way to go for you. In fact, such a clipart perfectly works for various websites as well as other design elements. For instance, B&W clipart will be a great solution for the background of a kids’ clothing online store or baby sitter agency. Besides, such a background will suit your personal blog as well. Apart from that, black and white unicorns also work for banners and logos. Finally, you can use this clipart on custom postcards.

Well, it seems like black and white unicorn clipart will back you up in literally any situation and help you bring any project to the top. So no wonder you are interested in getting some of these lovely horses. Without a further ado, here are some B&W unicorn clipart you want to check out.

Unicorn Seamless Pattern from iStock

Magic unicorn world.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

Collection of Black And White Unicorn Clipart from Clipart Library

A big collection of diverse unicorns.

button for more details.

Price: free

Collection from Clipart Panda

Creative unicorn with different elements.

button for more details.

Price: free

Unicorn from IMGBIN

Black unicorn on the transparent background.

button for more details.

Price: free

Adorable Unicorn and Roses Background from GoGraph

button for more details.

Price: $3 – $12 (depending on the file size)

Unicorn Face Clipart

Some people think that if one wants to use unicorns in his or her project, it has to be the entire horse, which can significantly clutter your layout and make it a little extra. However, there is a way to use those pure magical creatures without making your project a total mess. So how do you add some magical horses to your project and at the same time keep it minimalistic? Well, you can use only the best part of any unicorn, which is its pretty face. As a matter of fact, unicorn face clipart is rather minimalistic and cute but what is most important – it does not look creepy (even though it’s basically a horse’s head separated from its body).

So such a sweet clipart will make a lovely background for your blog or personal website, make your logo the one and only, and help you create the cutest banner in the world. So forget about all those creepy superstitions and horrifying mafia signs and use some unicorns’ friendly faces in the project you are currently working on or your future ones. Well, here are some cute examples that will definitely inspire you.

Watercolor Unicorn Face Clip Art from Etsy

Unicorn horns decorated in spring and flowers attributes.

button for more details.

Price: $1.99

Unicorn Faces Clip Art

Black unicorn around flowers.

button for more details.

Price: $2.40

Set of Different Cute Funny Unicorn Face Cake Decorations from 123RF

Colorful unicorns.

button for more details.

Price: $10

Cute Cartoon Unicorn Sticker or Patch Set Vector illustration from ShutterStock

Cartoon unicorn in modern style.

button for more details.

Price: available within subscription

Cute Unicorn Head with Flower Crown from iStock

Vivid unicorn head with flowers and mini crown.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

Unicorn Horn Clipart

For those of you who really want to stand out, perhaps the best way to go is unicorn horn clipart. Well, let’s face it, this is the most unconventional way to use unicorns in web design but this is the very thing that will make your project the one and only. This very illustration will no doubt add some glow to the website, banner, logo or anything else you are currently working on or will work on in the future.
Well, if you are not afraid to experiment with design, you should definitely take a good hard look at these cool examples.

Unicorn Horn SVG from Etsy

Yellow unicorn horses.

button for more details.

Price: $2.30

Create Your Own Unicorn Kit from iStock

All attributes for creating a beautiful unicorn.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

Collection of Unicorn Horn PNG from Clipart Library

Stylish collection of unicorn horns.

button for more details.

Price: free

Glitter Unicorn Horn Clipart for Cricut Silhouette

Glitter unicorn horns in different colors.

button for more details.

Price: $1.75

Unicorn Kit Svg

Elements for beauty of unicorn.

button for more details.

Price: $3.17

Unicorn Head Clipart

Well, nobody can argue that unicorns represent everything pure, sweet, beautiful, and magical, which means that such a clipart will no doubt put a spell on your postcard, logo, banner, or website and will make it simply bewitching. With no exaggeration, unicorn head clipart is among the most popular unicorn illustrations in design. These adorable creatures just mesmerize you and make you think about a magical world where everything is possible and everybody is happy. Thus, this very clipart will be a stunning solution for blogs, online stores, and personal websites. In addition to that, unicorns is a great way to go for nurseries and baby sitter agencies.

In general, the usage of these magical creatures is unlimited and you can use those in pretty much any project. Everything depends only on your creativity so stop hesitating and try out some of these cuties. At the same time, don’t forget about the basic web design trends especially the dominant one – minimalism. In other words, while using such a bright clipart as unicorn, be super careful and keep everything simple.
So for those of you who would like to get some lovely unicorns, here are the loveliest unicorn face clipart that I found.

Watercolor Unicorn from Etsy

Watercolor unicorn in different position.

button for more details.

Price: $1.80

Vector Illustration Unicorn Head Silhouette with Lettering Text

A big black magic unicorn.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

Vector – Cute Cartoon Unicorn with Flowers

So cute unicorn with multicolored horn.

button for more details.

Price: $10

Unicorn Head Clipart Clip Art from GetDrawings

Drawn unicorn with delicate smile.

button for more details.

Price: free

Unicorn Heads Clipart

So nice and beautiful unicorn heads with gold horns.

button for more details.


Unicorn clipart FAQ

Is unicorn clipart still relevant in 2021?

This very clipart has been a trend for a while but it does not mean that it is not relevant in 2021. Certainly, unicorn illustrations will be popular in 2021, although you want to be careful while using those since you’ve got to follow the basic minimalistic rules.

Where do I find fancy unicorn clipart?

There is a lot of marketplaces where you can find the very vector that will suit all your needs. Just take a look at what MasterBundles, iStock, or Etsy offer.

How can I use this clipart?

The ways you can use this very illustration in your projects are actually unlimited. In other words, be creative and do not be afraid to express yourself by means of this lovely clipart.

What types of websites will benefit from using this very clipart?

Unicorn will work the best for online stores, blogs, nursery agencies, and personal websites.

Some Awesome Video About Unicorn Clipart

How to Draw a Unicorn easy

Follow along to learn how to draw a cute Baby Unicorn easy, step by step.

Best Unicorn Clipart Elements

There were no digital cameras and especially there was no Internet. They had to work only manually and even copying someone else’s ideas required certain skills.

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Unicorn collage for pinterest.

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I love unicorns! Unicorns are my favorites! Always believed that they exist. And I continue to believe.

Just think about some strange giraffe: with spots like a leopard, a body like that of an elk, some kind of six meter neck and generally awkward legs. Such a giraffe exists, but a beautiful horse with a horn, no? I refuse to believe it


Come on guys, stop it. It’s so cool. Unicorns: clipart, backgrounds, patterns – this is generally the best and most beautiful that designers could think of. Why so little? I just started flipping through the article and it immediately ended. How is that even? Let’s agree that the next time I come to you – there was the largest collection of unicorns in the world.


Can you tell me how and where to find the pattern with unicorns? I have already climbed half of the Internet and can not find exactly the one I need. Though take it and sit down to draw.

But I’m not a designer at all, and if I sit down to draw something like that, then in the end everything will turn out, but definitely not unicorns. So please, help. Where to download the pattern of unicorns?


Sir, good afternoon. I am glad to read your blog and find more useful materials and information. I am a novice designer from Mumbai. I really like to draw, but I still don’t get good enough to show anyone my work. Carefully monitor what works are sold on your site. I hope that I will some day be able to sell my work on your excellent website. Especially as beautiful as clip art or maybe even fonts. I believe that I will succeed.


I remember how I got to your site on the article 25+ free Unicorn patterns. I come in six months, and here already 25+ Unicorn Clipart Elements 2019 🙂

Cool that you continue to write about what is really beautiful and interesting to all of us. Continue in the same spirit. I hope to come to you in another couple of months and see something else beautiful about unicorns 🙂

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