green leaves clipart collection.

Green Leaves Clipart Collection: Patterns, Illustrations, Vectors

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June 21, 2022 12 min
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Tropical design is now one of the biggest trends of the decade. That’s why a good leaf clipart, a pattern, or a vector can make any project more and more large, bold, and playful, and also seize control of the design with their rich green nuances.

A leaf is a very common category of images used in design of logos and this is not surprising. With this technique, you can not only cause an association of environmental friendliness and naturalness but also hint to the viewer about what exactly your company is doing. Nevertheless, there are now thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of companies on the market that use the leaves pattern in their designs. How do you not get lost among all these brands and be remembered by your future customers? To do this, be sure to use high-quality tools, which we’ll talk about now!

Leaves Patterns from MasterBundles

Using the gifts of nature to diversify your design projects is a familiar practice for both experienced professionals and beginners. Autumn leaves of bright colors from yellow to scarlet or tropical options can serve as an excellent original way to take on a project about almost any subject.

For fans of unique works, the MasterBundles project has developed a number of high-quality patterns.

Each of the proposed options is distinguished by refinement and originality, so such patterns are suitable for several cases at once.

Clover PNG Watercolor Set

Mix of fall leaves cliparts, borders and patterns.

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CloverPNG Watercolor Set includes 42 files, each of which is ideal for the design of wedding invitations, posters, personal blogs, and other delicate projects. This package contains fall leaves cliparts, borders, and patterns. Remember that it’s restrained colors that most often have a greater impact on the viewer, so a 4 leaf clover clipart, for example, will give a summer mood!

Monstera Leaf Tropical Patterns Package

Gray, yellow, and white leaves patterns in minimalistic style.

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The project consists of several objects made in a minimalist style. Gray, yellow, and white patterns will be an excellent solution for decorating clothes, interiors, textiles, social media pages, gift packages, and much more.

Hemp Leaves Seamless Pattern

Floral wallpaper rolls and variants of patterns.

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These patterns in 9 different color variations represent hemp leaves. Hemp is a part of many products today (for example, cosmetics) and is one of the main elements in natural products, so the green leaf clipart, pattern, or vector will focus on common manufactured goods.

Urban Jungle Patterns-Bundle

Variants of bright floral patterns in circles on a green background.

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These 100 bright and juicy jungle leaves patterns are waiting for their next customer. An abundance of green shades in combination with white, pink, black, yellow, and mint will allow choosing an option for every taste.

12 Incredible Leaves Patterns Collection

Black T-shirt and eco bag with leaves.

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And if the classic green color for decorating the leaves seems boring to the user, then you should pay attention to this set of 12 different patterns — here the shades of the leaves, as well as the background color, vary. Unusual color combinations are mesmerizing!

Colorful Leaves & Zigzag 3 Seamless Patterns

Red, green, and orange leaves on a mint and blue background.

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Red, green, and orange leaves on a mint and blue background, as well as attractive zigzag patterns in a range of warm colors, look very attractive on designs of different types.

Floral Leaves Set & Seamless Pattern

Leafs patterns in vintage style on a pillows.

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Everything is perfect in this set, starting from the presentation and ending with the quality of the templates offered. Each leaf is made in vintage style by hand. The collection includes 38 elements and 4 seamless patterns. This option is suitable for the design of textiles, invitations, postcards, and other elements that require an individual, unique, and creative approach.

Flamingos, Palm Leaves and Flowers Vector Patterns

Flamingo flower vase home decor.

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The range of applications of this kit is very wide. For example, you can use it to create gift paper, make your own original postcards, home textiles, or interior decorations. Palm leaf cliparts will be a chic solution for decorating gifts or decorative elements because their shape and bright color will visually carry a person to summer days and give a sunny mood!

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Watercolor Leaves Border Clipart

Watercolor is a popular design method that designers often use to refresh their work. As a basis, fall leaves clipart and jungle leaves clipart are most often used, but non-traditional, original variants such as palm leaves or hemp are also a frequent tool of modern designers.

The MasterBundles company also specializes in watercolor themes.

Watercolor patterns will make any design unique, bringing a pinch of summer freshness and solar warmth into the work, which is so often needed by every creative person!

Forest Herbs Watercolor Clipart

Tropical leaves and plants in green and gray in the interior.

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Are you looking for a suitable set that would include watercolor images, compositions, frames, patterns, and many other tools for high-quality design? Then you’ll definitely like this option! Here your imagination finds absolute freedom: you can create postcards, invitations, wallpapers, gift packages, and many other products.

Fresh colors in tropical leaves vectors, cliparts, and patterns allow you to combine different elements and create extraordinary projects that will definitely resonate in the hearts of buyers or viewers.

20 Watercolor Flower and Leaves Clip Art Bundle

Bright watercolor flower and leaves clip art.

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An incredible set of outline fall leaves cliparts, consisting of 20 original postcards. All illustrations are different and each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for a specific occasion as a gift or just a beautiful element. Thin colorful lines and patterns will be a good choice for lovers of decorative and applied art, scrapbooking, decoration of invitations and postcards, banners, or simple, but cute and delicate backgrounds.

To all people who have creative potential and want to present their own products to the world such as illustrations, patterns, cliparts, sets, and much more, we can recommend profitable cooperation with MasterBundles! To do this, it’s easy to become a vendor and create truly original and unusual works. You can upload and sell them on our parquet platform conveniently and quickly by using the Sell Your Deal form.

World Environment Day Watercolor

Funny pictures of animals in combination with nature.

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There are 90 high-resolution files that will make any work colorful and interesting. You’ll be able to use frames, posters, PNG cliparts, compositions, and many other elements in your projects. The set is interesting in its content, because from the available tools, everyone, even an inexperienced designer, can make a beautiful and attractive composition for both children (funny pictures of animals in combination with nature) and adult users.

Spring Garden Watercolor Collection

Mix with spring garden watercolor flowers.

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Delicate and elegant elements in a green and pink palette can be an adornment for many designs! The collection can be used for plenty of projects, as it contains 158 items.

Seamless Watercolor Botanical Patterns

Collage with soft pink flower and bunches of leaves.

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The set contains two beautiful patterns with a soft pink flower and bunches of leaves. On the first one, the images are densely arranged, and on the other one, a white background is more visible. The set also contains an image of an isolated flower drawn in the same style.

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Fall Leaves Vectors

Vector format is one of the most common ways to create modern graphics, along with raster, three-dimensional, and fractal. In simple terms, a vector is an image in computer graphics that is created using geometric objects or primitives. One of the most popular options in the line is the leaves vector.

MasterBundles has distinguished itself in this area and the company is ready to offer its customers some great original products.

Vector graphics are used in all areas where printing of created materials is required, that is, if a company creates, for example, a logo, then it’s better to make it in a vector format because regardless of where you’ll use it in the future, it’ll have the same high quality appearance. Let’s get acquainted with MasterBundles products in more detail!

Autumn Flowers and Leaves Vector Patterns and Seamless Tiles

Collage with different colorfull autumn patterns.

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These vector patterns are perfect for creating invitations, planners stickers, planners covers and dashboards, digital albums, jewelry, collages, greeting cards, blog themes, web designs, art prints, art posters, and more!

Halloween Pumpkins and Fall Leaves Vector Illustrations

Green and orange pumpkins alongside red and yellow leaves.

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Warm autumn shades are just what a customer needs! Green and orange pumpkins alongside red and yellow leaves will create the entourage of the most scary, but favorite, holiday.

Halloween Pumpkins and Fall Leaves Vector Patterns and Seamless Tiles

Mix of Halloween Pumpkins and Fall Leaves patterns.

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Cozy and warm patterns with fallen leaves, Halloween attributes, and simple tracery immediately attract the eye! They are ideal for scrapbook paper, postcards, or themed presentations.

Fall Leaves SVG, JPG & PNG

Yellow, green and brown oak leaves.

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Oak leaves in summer and autumn versions are presented on different layers. Manipulating them is pretty easy using these elements with various illustration apps.

Free Leaves Clipart

Have you decided to make leaves the centerpiece of your work? In this case, not only cliparts can come to the rescue (for example, leaf border clipart or maple leaf clipart will be a smart solution) but also templates, patterns, illustrations, and backgrounds.

The most striking thing about this design solution is that even in such a recognizable and widely used symbol as a leaf, you can always come up with something unique, and this is the main task of any company or brand.

It’s not easy to find something suitable for a particular case among the huge variety of options, so we’ve created a selection of the best free packages from MasterBundles:

Free Fall Leaves PowerPoint Background

Presentation lists with backgrounds with different leaves.

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PowerPoint presentations should be not only interesting but also memorable, catching the viewer’s eye. The easiest way to make a high-quality and beautiful project is to use thematic backgrounds. As part of this set, there are several backgrounds with different leaves that will make any presentation bright and colorful!

Free Thanksgiving Flyers and Posters

Funny holly leaf clipart and fall leaves clipart.

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Thanksgiving is an important part of many people’s lives, so they approach the congratulations of loved ones and friends responsibly and with taste! In this set you will receive beautiful postcards with high-quality holly leaf clipart and fall leaves clipart. Such designs are perfect for posters that can be a great symbolic gift, backgrounds for presentations and greetings, banners, and many other elements.

Free Fall Leaves Background PowerPoint

Presentations with backgrounds with colorful autumn leaves.

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Any presentation will become more juicy and visually interesting thanks to a bright, high-quality background! In this case, users are waiting for a set of several options for backgrounds with colorful autumn leaves. Download and use it to create memorable content!

Free Leafy Floral Leaf Leaves SVG

Beautiful pencil drawing flower with detailed leaves.

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A beautiful flower with detailed leaves can be used after trimming in a special application, becoming a decoration for any design.

The most important misconception about creating the best web design is that it should be beautiful. Many companies and website owners primarily pay attention to the externally attractive design, forgetting about the principles of building information on the site. As a result, we get sites that everyone is crying over. While they may be nice to look at, they are inconvenient for users, other designers don’t like them, and they don’t work for business.

Color plays an important role in the human perception of information. The main thing here is to keep a balance. Don’t overload the visible area of the content with multiple colors. That’s why the most popular way to design projects at the moment is a natural theme, including minimalistic leaves and flowers. Come up with original ideas and bring them to life together with cliparts, patterns, and templates from MasterBundles!

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