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Best 15+ Dirty Texture Images in 2021: Free and Premium

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May 14, 2021 March 15, 2022 9 min
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Dirty Texture Image Backgrounds. The texture is a widespread product that comes into play everywhere: interior design, presentations, websites, banners and advertisements, prints, etc. The textures used are genuine, realistic, and in general, the only possible way to create relief and volume in design development. You can experiment endlessly with texture images and try to achieve new and interesting effects at any time.

You may choose the simplest options for using textures or the most complex ideas for implementation. Dirt textures are quite unique, but their name doesn’t make them “sordid and ugly.” In our selection, are some of the coolest, most creative, and best solutions for different projects. So, we suggest you choose the most suitable dirty texture images and use them as an outstanding part of your design.

Top 5 Dirty Texture Images

30 Dirty Wall Texture Backgrounds

The different texture is similar to the walls in loft buildings.

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Dirty Paint – Vector Texture Pack

Greenish texture, as if slightly worn.

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Dirty Grunge Texture Pack

This texture is reminiscent of modern paintings. Rays of light and spotted accents play on it.

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Dirty Metal Texture Bundle

Rich texture with filings of silver and gold.

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Dirty Paint Splatter Grunge Texture Image Pack

Dirty texture. When viewed in detail, it resembles a fingerprint.

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Best Free Dirty Texture Backgrounds

Rust Mixed On Paint

It's a beautiful texture. Brown-gold scratches and marks will look great on a white surface.

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Metal Spotty Discoloration

Rusty iron texture.

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Plaster Dirt Texture

The wooden surface is cracking under water. This is what happened with this texture.

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Set of Grunge Dirty Textures

Texture like a starry sky.

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Dirty Grunge Texture Background

Dirt grunge texture.

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Best Premium Dirty Texture Images

Dirt and Dust

This dark texture with light spots can be used for horror movies.

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12 Seamless Dirt & Soil Textures

Texture in the style of natural stone.

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40 Black Ink Textures

Trendy texture in dark animalistic style.

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Hi-Res Dry Dirt Texture

The texture is created with the effect of a brown soil.

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6 HD Seamless Dirt Textures

The surface of the earth can be different. This texture displays the most popular options.

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Grunge Texture Pack

Grunge Texture Pack.

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