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30+ Best Back to School Gifts 2020 for Teachers, Students and Kids

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By: Rita Asta July 18, 2020 11 minutes


Back to School Gifts. The new academic year is coming soon, which means that it’s the very time to look for some back to school gifts for your teachers, students, and kids. However, how to pick the right present and where to purchase those gifts is a common problem that many people face. Luckily, today we’ll try to figure this all out together so without further ado, let us begin.

How to Pick the Right Gift

For many people looking for any gift is a real struggle simply because they don’t know the right approach to solving this tiny problem. Therefore, for those of you who get anxious when it comes to finding the right gifts for their teachers, students, or kids, I decided to make this little guide that will help you find the right present quickly and pain-free. So here are some tips for selecting the present that a person you’re going to give it to will like.

Start early

First of all, you want to start early simply because you’ll have more time to find something decent. Moreover, in case you’re going to purchase something online, you have to place your order in advance so it will be delivered on time.

Pay attention to the person’s hobbies and stuff they like

Pretty much everybody has at least one hobby and a whole bunch of stuff they like and a gift somehow connected with the things your teacher, student, or kid like is going to be appreciated. For example, if your teacher loves theater, give them tickets to a play, if your kid is crazy about Harry Potter, buy him or her some merch.

Get something that everybody likes

There are gifts that pretty much everybody loves such as snacks or chocolate baskets, gift cards to various stores, or even flowers. So in case you aren’t sure what to get, such a universal gift will not let you down.

Useful stuff

You can also try to get something useful in terms of school for your teachers or students. It can be stationary, textbooks, or any other thing that you are sure the person you’ll give it to will actually use.

Avoid giving clothing or makeup

You might have a great sense of style but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get your teacher a clothing item they would actually like and wear. The same thing applies to makeup. You probably don’t know which products a person uses and giving them something you like is not a good idea. It’s better to give your teacher a gift card to a makeup or clothing store so they will buy something they actually need.

Don’t be afraid to ask what a particular person wants to get

It’s okay to ask your teachers, students, or kids what would they like to get. Moreover, it’s the only way to get the right present. So go ahead and ask.

Top Back to School Gifts for Teachers

So we have already learned some tips that will help us select the right back to school gifts, which means that it’s high time to take a look at some examples of cool back to school presents for teachers.

Home Sweet Classroom Lesson Planner

Price: $17.99
A lesson planner that comes with 340 stickers is a must-have for every teacher, so if you want to give your teacher something truly useful, you should consider such a present.

Before School, After School Coffee Mug and Stemless Wine Glass Set – Gift for Teachers and Professors – 11 oz Coffee mug – 15 oz wine glass

Price: $23.95
The very gift that will help your teacher stay focused throughout the day as well as relax after a long day at work.

Willcallyou I Put The Lit In Litterature, Shakespeare EnglishTeacher 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug

Price: $11.99
A simply perfect present for your English teacher, so do not hesitate and order it.

Starbucks Gift Card

Price: $25 – $100
Well, most teachers are coffee addicts, which means that a Starbucks gift card is a great present for them.

Amazon.com eGift Card

Price: $1 – $2000
In case your teacher doesn’t like coffee, you can give them an Amazon gift card so they could buy something they actually want and need.

Katie Loxton A Little Reminder Silver Women’s Stretch Adjustable Charm Bangle Bracelet

Price: $21.95
An elegant silver bracelet will help you say your teacher how much you appreciate her.

Sephora Gift Card

Price: $10 – $250
Another gift card option that will be a great present for those teachers who love makeup and fancy beauty products.

Men’s E=MC2 Einstein Math Equation T-Shirt

Price: $17.99 – $24.99
This one is a cool option for your physics teacher especially if he or she is into fun t-shirts.

Andy Anand Chocolate Pecan Bridge with Delicious 6 Divine Flavors as Amaretto, Gran Marnier Gift Boxed & Greeting Card

Price: $29.84
Chocolate is one of the most multipurpose and universal gift options, which means that this very box of chocolates is a decent present for your teacher.

Golden State Fruit Gourmet Happy Birthday Fruit with Cheese and Nuts Gift Basket, 13 pc

Price: $45.45
In case your teacher doesn’t eat chocolate, you can always get a fruit gift basket for him or her.

Best Back to School Gifts for Students

Not only teachers are supposed to get back to school presents but students too. So here are some ideas you might want to consider.

12 Pack Kraft Notebook Bulk Lined Pocket Notebook Travel Journal Notebook 6 Designs Small Notebooks 80 Pages

Price: $16.99
A set of notebooks is the ultimate must-have for pretty much all the students, so don’t think twice and order this very pack now.

Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 14/15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men College School Student Gift, Book bag Casual Hiking Daypack

Price: $26.99
Another must-have that will be a perfect gift.

Shop4Ever Study Definition Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup

Price: $9.97
A fun mug is always a good present, so you definitely want to take a closer look at this one.

11-15.6 Inch Waterproof Thickest Soft Sleeve Bag Case Protective Slim Laptop Case for MacBook Apple Samsung Chromebook HP Acer Lenovo Portable Laptop Sleeve Liner Package Notebook Case

Price: $9.98-$21.38
A useful present every student would appreciate, so follow the link above and take a closer look at it.

Hot Topic Gift Card

Price: $10 – $100
Pretty much all the students are crazy about Marvel movies, DC comics, or popular music bands, which means that they would love to get some merch, so Hot Topic gift card is a great present for any student.

Keep Calm I am Almost a Doctor T-Shirt Funny Doctor tee

Price: $15.99 – $18.99
A fun option for all the medical students, so if you have future doctors among your friends, get this funny tee for them.

My Hero Crate Military Care Package – 50 Pcs Snack Box Gift Basket – Variety Pack with Chips, Candy, Pirate Booty, Nuts and More

Price: $49.99
College students are hungry pretty much all the time, which means that this very huge snack box is going to be a great present for them.

App Store & iTunes Gift Card

Price: $25 – $100
Another useful for any student present, which you definitely want to consider.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Silver

Price: $24.99
One more super useful gift for college students. You can be sure that with such a sandwich maker your friend or child will not starve in college.

Whole Foods Market Gift Card – Email Delivery

Price: $25 – $200
In case you really want to make sure that your student isn’t starving, you can give him or her this Whole Foods gift card. Believe me, this is perhaps the best present for any college student.

Awesome Back to School Gifts for Kids

Finally, let us take a look at some cool back to school gift ideas for kids. So without further ado, here they come.

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box

Price: $39.99
If your kid is fond of science, then he or she would surely appreciate such a present. So garb this microscope and help your kid start their journey to the land of science.

Charades Slytherin Student Children’s Costume, As Shown, Large

Price: $50.28
In case your son, little brother, or nephew is a true Harry Potter fan and belongs to Slytherin, then there is no better gift for him than this very Slytherin uniform.

Cool Maker – Tidy Dye Station with FREE Tidy Dye Jewel String Kit

Price: $14.97
Under the influence of social media, many kids want to have their color dyed in bright colors such as red, green, or purple. This very kit will help your kid make their dreams come true without actually dying their hair.

Dollhouse Accessories, Wooden Toy Pretend Play House with 8 Pcs Dollhouse Furniture, Kids Cottage Uptown Doll House, for 3 + Year Old Girls/Boys

Price: $31.99-$174.99
A dollhouse is perhaps every little girl’s dream, which means that it’s going to be a great back to school present for your daughter, sister, or niece.

LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality (AR) Ghost Train Express

Price: $79.95
Another cool option that pretty much every kid is going to like, so if you want to make your child happy, go ahead and get this Lego set for them.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set, Gift for Kids Age 5+

Price: $24.99
If your kid is into drawing, then this very huge drawing and coloring set is going to be a perfect back to school gift for him or her.

4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit – Easy DIY Stem Toys Lab Experiment Specimens

Price: $18.99
Little scientific experiments at home are always exciting and super fun, which means that this very educational kit is a great option for your kid.

MAN NUO STEM Toy Solar Robot Kit 12-in-1 Learning Science Building Toys

Price: $29.99
Another exciting and at the same time educational activity for many kids is building robots, so why don’t you grab this very set for your child?

UNGLINGA Kids Science Experiment Kit with Lab Coat Scientist Costume Dress Up and Role Play Toys Gift for Boys Girls Kids Age 5 – 11

Price: $27.99
One more cool science experiment kit that pretty much every little boy or girl is going to like.

Pretend Makeup Girls Cosmetic Toys

Price: $22.99
Finally, a cute set of fake makeup that every little girl is going to enjoy playing with.

How to Generate a Perfect Gift Using an Instagram Profile

In case you don’t want to waste your precious time on the search for a perfect back to school present, you can use MasterBundles Select Gifts service and find the right present based on a person’s Instagram profile. All you’ll have to do is to enter the person’s username, set the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a gift, and press the Find A Present button. In less than a second, you’ll get 9 awesome gift ideas, so don’t waste your time any longer and give it a try now!

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Wrapping Up

Looking for a decent present, which a person you are going to give it to will like is a quite and challenging and stressful task. Luckily, you can always rely on various gift ideas articles (just like this one) and find some cool gift ideas in no time. So just take a look at our list one more time, select the presents you liked the best, buy them, and make a surprise for your teacher, kid, or sibling.
Have you already got back to school presents for your teachers, friends, and family members? What have you got for them? Share with our friendly community in the comment section below!

Q&A Session to Sum Up

🎁 Where do I look for gifts?

Perhaps the best place to look for anything (and gifts aren’t an exception) is Amazon. So if you aren’t sure what you are going to get and where to look for that, head to Amazon.

🔍 How much should a good back to school gift cost?

On average, good gift costs about 50 bucks, which is rather affordable.

🎁 Is it appropriate to give money as a present?

It’s better not to give money as a present just because it kind of shows that you don’t care about the person you’re giving such a gift. So in case you don’t know what present a particular person will like, get him or her a gift card.

🔍 Practical or silly gifts?

It depends on the person you’re going to give it to. There are people who like practical stuff as well as those who appreciate silly gifts. So make sure you know a person well enough before purchasing a gift for them.

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