Instagram Widget WordPress. How to Add Instagram Feed to WordPress with Elementor Page Builder

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  2. eBook: How to Use Instagram
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  4. Top 5 Instagram Templates Bundles
  5. Review of 10 Best Elementor Themes
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Social media is an effective source of new opportunities for any business. With the help of social networks, it is much easier to gain the trust of potential customers, no need to spend time on other means of communication and advertising. Originally created for personal communication, social media platforms are confidently turning into a great support for business.

You can definitely run your business without Instagram today but usually, it means losing a significant part of your audience and potential customers. Modern people are rather active on social media so do not lose your chance to link a website with Instagram, as one of the most popular social networks today.

Elementor page builder allows adding your Instagram feed to WordPress pages with a few clicks. Take a moment to learn how to share your Instagram content feed on your site.

Ok, let’s get down to business.

eBook: How to Use Instagram

Say “Hello” to the World per Instagram. Tell about your hobbies, show your talents. Enjoy pages of other people and share varied funny, useful, cute and other stuff with your friends.

For someone, Instagram is also a tool for a random creative gaze of the world. Watching it you can understand what a person is paying attention to, what ordinary things they consider unusual. Have you ever stopped to watch the sky in an astonishment? Most likely, it was that special moment worthy of your Instagram post.
Check our new eBook How to Use Instagram: The Definitive Guide

How to Use Instagram: The Definitive Guide

How to Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Page with Elementor Page Builder

You will get step-by-step instructions on how to add your Instagram feed to WordPress pages with the help of Elementor page builder. First of all, you will need to install JetElements plugin.


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1. Go to the elements panel and search for Instagram widget.
2. Drag and Drop the element to the editor section.
3. Content tab > Instagram settings allow to choose ‘What to display’ – either Tagged Photos or My Photos (the photos from a certain account). If your choice is Tagged Photos, make sure you will enter a hashtag below. A username should be mentioned in case you choose My Photos option. Cache Timeout offers to set Minute, Hour, Day, Week, None options – it depends on how often you wish your feed to be updated. Photo Size allows to set a proper size of your photo. Number of Instagram Posts option offers to choose the number of posts you want to display. After, you can Enable Linking Photos, Enable Caption (Caption Length), Enable Comments Count, and Enable Likes Count.
4. Navigate to Content tab > Layout Settings and choose Layout Type. Masonry, Grid, and List options are available.
5. Go to Style tab and play with the settings like Item Height and Item Margin, Padding, Border Type and Border Radius.
6. You are welcome to choose Caption settings after.
7. Meta settings allow to set up Likes and Comments.
8. Overlay section allows to choose whether you want an overlay to be shown on hover or you want it to be there all the time. In the Background Type option, you can choose the color of your overlay.
9. Navigate to Content Order and Alignment section to change the order in which the Caption and Meta go.

Top 5 Instagram Templates Bundles

Review of 10 Best Elementor Themes

If you are searching for a perfect solution to build a website, I have already picked up 10 classy Elementor WordPress themes powered by TemplateMonster.

BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

BeClinic is multipurpose medical WordPress theme powered by Elementor. It belongs to the category of the Business & Services WordPress themes. It is another example of the theme which is extremely easy to use and customize. It comes with an elegant and ultra-responsive design and cross-browser compatibility. Your visitors can fully interact with all elements of the site and you can be sure that everything will run smoothly and effectively. Limitless functional is offered to empower your website.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

You will definitely be impressed with Monstroid 2, multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme. Extend your customization opportunities with the world’s most popular Elementor page builder. Be assured to get lifetime updates and round-the-clock support. Dreaming about an online store? Not a problem with WooCommerce module implemented into the theme. Check out a live demo to evaluate all the features and benefits.

Imperion – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Discover a lot of potential in this WordPress theme. The theme offers a wide range of skins for all kinds of business. Do not lose your chance to customize your website with the most hassle-free and effective Elementor page builder. Find Brands, Carousels, Post Sliders, and much more in one powerful JetElements add-on. Check out a live demo to see all the benefits you will get along with this theme option. If something goes wrong, you will be able to contact a professional support team available for you 24/7.

PartyMaker – Halloween Party WordPress Theme

This is a Halloween party WordPress theme powered by Elementor. You do not need to be knowledgeable in any coding modules, with a Drag-and-Drop Elementor page builder. It is a wonderful choice for content-oriented websites such as event blogs, parties, and holidays. The PartyMaker is simple, responsive and stylish. As a result, it makes your content attractive and unique. The only thing left to take care of is the publication of your materials!

Meltony – Minimal Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

If you prefer simplicity, minimalism, and a rich functionality in one theme, Meltony is your perfect solution. You do not need much time and energy to create a fully functional website. If you finally decide to build your web resource on the basis of Meltony, you will benefit from the Elementor page builder and all its advantages included. Forget about profound tech knowledge and skills to edit a layout of your exclusive website. Install it and enjoy a creative customization process.

Soothery – SPA & Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Being an owner of a spa and massage salon, do not skip this beautiful WordPress theme for your business. You will be surprised with a number of stylish and elegant pages for your easy design customization. Enjoy the latest Drag-n-Drop builder with a bunch of pre-designed modules. Your clients will be happy to see a fully responsive layout, which is adaptive to any screen and device. SEO optimized design will guarantee you will have high positions in the searching results.

EcoTech – Environment Saving Technologies WordPress Theme

The next theme, we should stop at, is EcoTech. It has a clean and modern design which works great for any environment project. It is built on WordPress with the fastest Drag-n-Drop page builder included. The template has an amazing SEO optimization and a good number of the customization features. With the theme, you will get tons of images for free. To add more, you will get JetElements plugin included. Are you impressed? I am!

Consor – Business Consulting Elementor WordPress Theme

Choose this Elementor WordPress theme to fuel up your business consulting company. The theme is packed with a bunch of options and customization tools to build your perfect web resource. Its responsive layout allows to browse a website on any modern gadget. Its fully loaded functionality includes 4 blog layouts, SEO-optimized design, valid and clean code, outstanding plugins, detailed documentation, and etc. Check out a live demo to learn more.

Cars WordPress Theme

Promote your car care services with a top-notch WordPress theme. This template will allow you to get your business to the new level. Check out a live demo to evaluate all the advantages of this Elementor WordPress theme. The template uses a material design, which combines a classic design and modern technology. In case any issues appear, you can rely on the detailed guide and round-the-clock support. Save your time and money, no need to build a website from scratch.

OnVacation – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

The last Elementor theme I would like to attract your attention to is OnVacation. The theme includes all the needed functionality to run a successful project. Along with the theme, you will get a 100% responsive design, MegaMenu, 4 blog layouts, and much more. Expand your target audience with the help of a great user experience and intuitive navigation the theme offers.

Instagram Templates

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media

Sometimes you need a few options when it comes to Social Media. And posts can be a good tool for promoting your content. This is why we recommend you to pay attention to this 9 Trendy Instagram Posts Social Media. It includes 9 Instagram templates that will help you to promote your profile. It is simple to use and download. Yet, it doesn’t work with Adobe software and you should visit the product page to see all specificities. However, even with some limits, this set of Instagram post templates is a great addition for any social media profile, from e-commerce stores to photographers.

9 Trendy Instagram Posts Social Media

Sometimes you need a few options when it comes to Social Media. And posts can be a good tool for promoting your content. This is why we recommend you to pay attention to this 9 Trendy Instagram Posts Social Media. It includes 9 Instagram templates that will help you to promote your profile. IT is simple to use and download. Yet, it doesn’t work with Adobe software and you should visit the product page to see all specificities. However, even with some limits, this set of Instagram post templates is a great addition for any social media profile, from e-commerce stores to photographers.

>CANVA IG Puzzle Sophia Social Media

Puzzles are very popular in social options. And you can highlight your profile with this trend. All you need is to develop an eye-catchy puzzle design. Yet, if you want to save your time you can simply purchase this CANVA IG Puzzle Sophia Social Media. It is user-friendly and you can create a puzzle with only a few clicks, without Photoshop. Try it and you will not be disappointed. It suits any type of Instagram profile and will be useful for stores, galleries and ordinary users.

CANVA Lifestyle Blogger Kit Social Media

Need soothing to highlight your lifestyle blog and attract users? Well, the most obvious solution is a design change. And we have what you need. This Canva kit is a great choice for any blogger and you can use it without Photoshop. Moreover, it is fully customizable and you can play with design to find a perfect solution. It includes 20 Instagram templates, 10 Pinterest templates, and 10 Facebook templates.

10 Clean Style Instagram Pictures Social Media
This is a perfect solution for your social media account in case you want to create a clean and eye-catchy design. It includes 10 unique Instagram pictures you can use for your business or personal Instagram page. Moreover, it is perfectly optimized and fully editable. You can use Adobe Photoshop to use it. It suits perfectly fashion stores, galleries, portfolios, food stores and restaurants.

10 Fashion Instagram Template PSD Designs Social Media

If you want to develop a flashy and highly attractive design for your Instagram profile then you have to pay attention to this kit. It includes 10 Instagram templates you can use to inform customers about sales or new arrivals in the most eye-catchy way. You can edit these templates with Photoshop. Moreover, it can be used not only for fashion businesses but for any e-commerce projects.

CANVA Infopreneur Insta Stories Social Media

Developed with Canva this product allows you to create a new post in a few minutes. Moreover, you can edit your posts without Photoshop. This kit includes 15 Instagram photo templates with free fonts and free photos. It is an easily customizable and highly responsive tool for the fair price.

Instagram Highlight Iconset Template

This collection includes simple, yet stylish icons that can highlight images and text. It is a great addition to any content. You can use it for many occasions, for example, you can highlight the title of your story or as the first picture for your stories. In this collection, you will find 54 Instagram template files. You can simply edit them to create a unique and perfectly suitable design.

Social Media Presentation – Infographic PowerPoint Template

It is a mistake to think that Social Media is good only for selfies and online conversations. It is also a great tool for advertising and presentations. And if you need a visually attractive template for your presentation we are here to help you. This set includes many attractive slides for most popular Social Media and can be used for Instagram stories or Twitter post. All slides are clean, informative, colorful and easy to edit.

Instagram toolkit After Effects Intro

Nowadays it is important for any business to be online. And when it comes to advertising it is important to have an eye-catchy and informative profiles in social options. Instagram is the most important social media for commercials due to a number of users and accent on visual content. And this is why we present you this After Effects toolkit. It includes 28 Basic Instagram Stories, 19 business stories, 18 sales stories, 40 titles, and many more elements. Moreover, it looks modern and creative. You can find more details on the product page.

Instagram Stories – After Effects Intro

Developed with After Effects this product is highly useful if you want to boost your commercials in Instagram stories. Included templates and elements were developed with modern design and clean style. Moreover, it is easy to customize. It also includes a help file. So download this Instagram Stories After Effects Intro right now and boost your social options on a new level.


Now you should not have any issues while adding your Instagram feed to WordPress pages with the help of Elementor page builder. Make the right choice of your Elementor WordPress theme and take the most of it. I am sure you will choose an outstanding, eye-catching template for your prosperous business and evaluate all the possibilities of Elementor page builder!

Video About Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Page with Elementor Page Builder

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I had an Instagram account, and recently I’ve got a website for my business. As you can understand – the site is on WordPress. And now I’m hitting a brick wall in my efforts to integrate them for a week. I hope this article will end my suffering.


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By the way, this article clearly demonstrates how new media can get along with old-school sites. Such a popular Instagram cannot exist on its own. And if you add an Instagram feed to your site pages, where your services are sold a little better, everyone benefits from this.


It’s a good article for a newbie. A Dummy like me understood how to make the Instagram pictures displayed on the site.

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