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How to Use Instagram: The Definitive Guide – eBook

By their own nature, emotions form values of life for every one of us. Brightness and memorability of emotions are the same values.

For this reason, people always tended to capture moments when they were happy, inspired, touched, proud or thoughtful.
They were skillfully depicted in books and visualized on pictures. That even helped to get a better understanding of human nature in general.

Today, we haven’t changed a lot. Or?
As people of the digital epoch, we have more tools to collect our feelings easier and oftener. Now, we are also more open than ever.

Countless social networks were created to ensure it. Still, not all of them have reached the finish. With not all of them, we share our personal feed.
Years have passed, and, today, Instagram is known, as one of the most favorite and trusted social networks. And, probably, it’s the best photo-sharing application we can name.

The usage of Instagram has evolved greatly since the first days of its presence on the Web. Today, it has a really enormous and diverse auditory of people. Each of them is driven by so different boundless purposes, tastes, and activities. Moreover, Instagram is a proved place that connects not only friends, like-minded people but, as well, services and clients.

So, starting your account on Instagram or upgrading the old one, don’t deny that one day your page can become your company second name or business by itself.

Table of contents

Why You Should Be on Instagram

History: from the First Days to the Future Updates

  • Instagram. The Beginning
  • The First Collapse
  • The Explosive Start
  • Facebook Buys Instagram
  • Assess the Scope of the Success
  • What’s Next?

Getting Started with Instagram

  • How to Create an Instagram Account
  • Instagram Biov
  • Protect Your Page from Hackers
  • The Best Time for Posting
  • Use Hashtags
  • Where to Find Photos
  • Stories
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Profile Checklist

Instagram Promotion

  • Optimal Posting Freakquency
  • How to Boost Your Account
  • How to Advertise with bloggers. A Short Guide
  • Targeting Briefly
  • Why It’s Toxic to Buy Likes
  • Mass-Like and Mass-Follow
  • Free or Low-Budget Promotion
  • Ready-Made Presets and Templates for Instagram

Ideas for Your Account. Overcome Creative Block on Instagram

Props for Photos

How to Use Instagram: The Definitive Guide - eBook