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Date of Creation June 3 2022
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Photography Lead & Client Management Description

Why did I create this template?

As a photographer, I needed a system to manage my clients and track the leads. So I created this template to first meet my needs. I then thought it could also be useful for photographers who wanted to follow their leads and clients.

What’s inside the template?

In the template, there is a client database to keep track of your clients. A lead database where you can see the status of your lead and add notes to each lead. And finally a calendar including 2 views (current month and coming months). It has

  • Clients management
  • Leads follow-up
  • Monthly view
  • Yearly view
  • Templates based on the type of shooting

How to use the template?

To use this template you’ll first need to duplicate it to your workspace. Then each time you receive a new lead you add it using a predefined template based on the type of shooting.

Use predefined templates to add a new lead. This will avoid you to copy/paste the same content every time.

What are the benefits of the template?

  • Better manage your photography business
  • Never lose track of a lead again
  • Better manage your clients
  • Have an overview of your planning
  • Add meeting notes for each client
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