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Created by Sarthak Sharma
Date of Creation January 24 2022
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Weight Tracker Description

Weight Tracker. The weight tracker template will help you to record weight daily. Set your goal and start making the change today.

Have a lot to lose or gain , but facing these issue ?

  • Can’t decide how much to lose
  • Don’t know how much you have gained or loose
  • Can’t keep track of your caloric consumption.
  • Unable to maintain weekly notes

This weight tracker notion template will help you to:

  • Break your weight loss or gain into small goals ā›ļø : So you can focus on short-term achievable goals and strike them once they are achieved .
  • Keep track šŸ“ : Of your daily change in weight so that you can see what you are really doing
  • Update your weight daily šŸ‹ļø : This will help you determine whether you are adding some weight or not.
  • Keep track of your caloric consumption šŸ” : So that you can balance your daily calorie intake and achieve your desired goal.
  • List āœ”ļø : Weekly realistic workout plan to get your fitness journey on track

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Weight Tracker.

Weight Tracker.

Weight Tracker.

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