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Date of Creation June 3 2022
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Student Bundle Description

Get ultra high grades while maintaining a fun social life with this Notion Student Bundle, makes planning a breeze

Resolution Board

  • Manage Your Reading List šŸ“š
  • Plan your vacations šŸ›«
  • Fitness šŸƒšŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø
  • Content Planner šŸ“
  • Weekly Task manager šŸ—„ļø

Bookshelf Template

Want to make it a habit to read? Or perhaps you want to organize your readings and take notes of what all you have acquired?

Condense your knowledge and keep the learnings handy with the ultimate Notion Book Organizer!

āœ… Pre-configured table and main values like author, or topic.

āœ… Template button within each record to easily take notes from books.

āœ… Comes with multiple views to manage better your reads.

āœ… Master views to see your complete book history, easily edit the book values, and access books and notes.

Notion Gratitude Journal

This minimalist digital journal is designed to provide you with the most efficient and focus-oriented approach towards viewing life from the lens of a grateful being. Take our words for it: Once you start with Gratitude journaling, you won’t stop.

  • Pre-made List to track things you are grateful for
  • Recurring List Feature
  • Archive Feature to save all your Previous Lists
  • Archive Section

Degree Planning For College

This is an easy-to-use, minimalist notion planner for planning out your college courses and add stuff as you progress through the years!

You can enlist the courses you’re enrolled in, for each semester – track subject codes, teacher details, course details, credits details, what classroom/lab are the lessons held in, and anything else you want.

Notion Bullet Journal

We all love bullet Journal because they say that you should always start with something like pen and paper as your Todo to establish the discipline and once that’s done you can move to advance systems like todo manager apps. But what if we can combine two things you love to make an unbeatable system that has goodness of both. So prototion brings you Real Bullet Journal, Notion šŸ“ + Bullet Journal . The goodness of both the system in one.

With this template you will get:

  • Future Log
  • Board View
  • List View
  • Notes Journal
  • Tasks
  • Events

High School Template

This is the very first Notion template I’ve ever created and it is something that I have been using for the past year. It is the ultimate template for organizing your academic life. You can spend the time to personalize and add aesthetic looks to it if you would like, but I have covered the effectiveness part for you. The Academic Dashboard Template is composed of these awesome things:

  • Main Dashboard
  • Courses Database
  • Main Task Database
  • Assessment Database
  • Notes Database
  • Practice Database

Meal Planner

Meal planning has never been easier and more organized! Prototion brings you this amazing Meal Planning Template for Notion, that helps you organize your meals for the day, keep track of the calories and macros present along the freedom to supplement your recipes with pictures – Just adds a special something to the meal planning process!

Book Tracker

āœ”ļø Unique related Database

āœ”ļø Bookshelf (multiple filtered view)

āœ”ļø Book Summary;Quotes section

āœ”ļø Collection by Genre and by Author

Study Space

āœ… The timetable gives you an overview of the whole week from Monday to Sunday.

āœ… Assignments can be organized in a table view to keep track of the work of specific courses with the due date, status, tags, and note

āœ… Tasks can be organised and checked on a daily basis with important tags to categorise them.

āœ… Have a quick to-do list that reminds you of the most important things at hand and never miss out on any deadline.

āœ… Courses organized in gallery views for specific semesters with a template including assignment tracker, task tracker, syllabus, resources, and notes.

3 slides with information about student bundle.