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Date of Creation June 3 2022
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Health Bundle Description

Health Bundle

The Notion Health Bundle includes your meal, excercise, mental and physical checkers to elevate your fitness levels

Period Tracker

Within this template, you will see toggled list for:

  • Yums šŸ˜‹ – Place to find comfort food.
  • Tunes šŸŽµ – Some tunes from my playlist that may help soothe or entertain you!
  • Tools ā˜” – Items you may need for your collecting your period.
  • Cuddle šŸ“ŗ – A quick list of places to go cuddle up and watch some great stuff!

These items can be changed or added to fit whatever you need them to!

Weight Tracker

This weight tracker notion template will help you to:

āœ… Break your weight loss or gain into small goals ā›ļø : So you can focus on short-term achievable goals and strike them once they are achieved .

āœ… Keep track šŸ“ : Of your daily change in weight so that you can see what you are really doing

āœ… Update your weight daily šŸ‹ļø : This will help you determine whether you are adding some weight or not.

āœ… Keep track of your caloric consumption šŸ” : So that you can balance your daily calorie intake and achieve your desired goal.

āœ… List āœ”ļø : Weekly realistic workout plan to get your fitness journey on track

Daily Workout Planner

The Daily Workout Planner template does away with all of your fitness problems:

In this template, you get:

āœ… Overview Muscle Groups

āœ… 2 Exercises + Description

āœ… Workout Tracker

āœ… Red / Green Light Feedback

Meal Planner

Meal planning has never been easier and more organized! Prototion brings you this amazing Meal Planning Template for Notion, that helps you organize your meals for the day, keep track of the calories and macros present along the freedom to supplement your recipes with pictures – Just adds a special something to the meal planning process!

30 Day Mental Health Challenge

In this template, you get:

āœ… Inbuilt checklist that keeps you motivated

āœ… Motivates you to perform little positive actions

āœ… Helps bring about BIG positive changes

āœ… Helps develop healthy relationships with others

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