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Realistic Smoke Overlays Photoshop

Realistic Smoke Overlays Photoshop. A magnificent collection of 56 Realistic Smoke Overlays For Photoshop to ensure that your photos have acquired a new charm, artistry and emotionality.


56 Realistic Smoke Overlays For Photoshop JPG 3500×2333
Overlay Actions.atn
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Suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Excellent results on color and black and white photos. For your convenience, the added actions for selecting and overlaying overlays in the Screen mode. This will work both in Photoshop and in Photoshop Elements. The Realistic Smoke Overlays For Photoshop overlays can be used in any graphics editor, which supports layer overlay in the Screen mode.

If you want to enhance the overlay brightness, for example on a light photo, change the blend mode to Linear Dodge (add)

Realistic Smoke Overlays Photoshop Previews

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