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Created by Natalia Pokataeva
File type JPG, PDF, PSD
File size 1.72 GB
Date of Creation May 16 2020
Color multicolor
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Vintage Photo Effects Bundle

Vintage Photo Effects. Do you want to get all these awesome photo effects for the authentic aging of photos in different styles and techniques?

File typeJPG, PSD, PDF
File size1.72 GB

Most likely you are inspired by all these old mystical photos just like me, and you want to have in your arsenal a palette of effects for Adobe Photoshop in order to be able to authenticly style your photos. This is a great chance to get 8 tools in one and save $64! So…

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WHAT INCLUDED in Vintage Photo Effects Bundle: (TOTAL WORTH $83)

Colorized Old Photo Effect Photoshop

Colorized Old Photo Actions:

  • Make Old BW
  • Add All Tones
  • Add Skin Tones
  • Add More Skin Tones
  • Add Blue Tones
  • Add Cian Tones
  • Add Green Tones
  • Add Yellow Tones
  • Add Red Tones
  • Add Magenta Tones
  • Add Pink Tones
  • Custom Colorization
  • Add Warm Photo Filter

Smart Layer Mockups:

  • Vintage Postcard Mockup Landscape.psd
  • Vintage Postcard Mockup Portrait.psd
  • Step-By-Step User Guide.pdf

Bad Photocopy Effect ( Original price $8)

  • 28 Bad Photocopy Effect JPG 3500×2500
  • Overlay Actions.atn
  • User Guide.pdf

CYANOTYPE Digital Photoshop Effect (Original price $12)

  • PSD 4000×2667 file for processing photos in the style of cyanotype with a photonegative.
  • PSD 4000×2667 file for processing graphics in silhouette form, plants, objects, fonts.
  • User guide.

Old Photo Effect Overlays + Actions (Original price $9)

  • 24 Dust and Scratches JPG 4000×2700
  • 24 Paper JPG 4000×2700
  • Overlay Actions.atn
  • User Guide.pdf

WET PLATE Photoshop Template PRO (Original price $12)

  • PSD Mini Template 840×1000
  • PSD Template 2100×2500
  • PDF User Guide

Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays (Original price $12)

  • 50 Premium Vintage Backgrounds 4000×2700 px
  • PDF User Guide

Film Burn & Grain Overlay Effect (Original price $9)

  • 52 Film Burn & Grain Overlays JPG 3000×2000
  • Overlay Actions.atn
  • User Guide.pdf

Vintage Old Photo Effect Overlays (Original price $9)

  • 21 Dust and Scratches JPG 3000×2000
  • 23 Paper JPG 3000×2000
  • Overlay Actions.atn
  • User Guide.pdf

Vintage Photo Effects Bundle Preview

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