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Date of Creation November 19 2020
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Plasticine Photoshop Toolkit

Plasticine Photoshop Toolkit. Decorative cartoon plasticine style for Photoshop complemented by actions.

It contains realistic textures of clay, volume effects and action. Bonus – speak bubbles and badges for your best designs! The effects can be applied to text and raster images.

Characteristics Value
File type PSD, ATN, ASL, PDF
File size 109 MB
Compability Adobe illustrator

INCLUDED in Plasticine Photoshop Toolkit:

  • 28 speak bubble shapes
  • 30 badge shapes
  • 48 styles colorless, which can be used to color graphics with color keeping
  • 48 styles with a dynamic change in color
  • Softening edge actions for text
  • Softening edge actions for raster
  • Big bumps actions
  • Small bumps acions
  • User Guide

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